Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hello there again

Sorry I have been lax in my updates, but am back with you all now.

Writing is going well and the world my characters inhabit is growing as we speak. Do any of you know of the genre Steampunk well if you read my book you will get a HUGE chunk of it.

Steampunk is described as a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology."

I hope you are going to embrace my interpretation of this genre and we will explore this new world together. I really believe that the mix I have envisaged will thrill you all, and make this series somewhat apart from others.

A Review of Hybrid by Vanessa Wester 

As promised I have read and reviewed this wonderful book by Vanessa Wester and really can recommend this I gave it a well deserved 5 stars

 This book is introduced with a prologue, which initially I didn't understand, but it really helped once the main story began to unfold

The opening chapter of Hybrid begins with our introduction to one of the main protagonist, Caitlin, and gives a narrative about her first semester at University and attempts to settle in on campus. We also begin to meet quite a few of the other minor characters and these fill out the narrative rather nicely.

Before too long we are then become acquainted with the main protagonist of the piece (and her eventual love interest) Steven.

From the first description we have of Steven it is obvious that he is a very special individual and this draws you in and piqued my interest as a lover of all things paranormal.

The attraction between the two is almost tangible and instantaneous but not at the cost of the storyline in this instance.

They gradually develop into "an item" and then their romance is cut short by the appearance of some of Steven's long lost and also unknown family members, and with that a history that he cannot run away from. The consequence is that all their lives are altered irrevocably and also apparently forever.

This story has a twist in the tale regarding the "vampires" in this story as it takes a refreshing slant on the usual vampire tale, which is ultimately explained extremely well.

I loved this book and especially the detail regarding Freshers week and it took me back to my own memories of that time at University.

I was captivated and finished the book in short shrift and was compelled to immediately download the second in the series "Complications"

A thoroughly well deserved 5* and an author to look out for in the future


I look forward to any views you have for Steampunk, so don't be shy and post some comments here

Bye for now

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  1. Thanks a lot for the review... Really appreciated!

    Steam punk! Cool... Makes me think of Sherlock Holmes... Oh my! Lol

    Speak soon
    Vanessa :) xx


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