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A New Poet and a Short Story - New Writers to look out for

I thought I would treat you to, not one but two new writers in the literary world

The first is a poet who wishes to remain anonymous.

Some feedback for this gentleman would be amazing though, so fire away.

I am going to call him The Dark Lord for now


Step into the darkness
where another world awaits
one step into darkness
one step beyond the gate
step into the darkness
and set the real you free
the one who hides in daylight
the one you want to be
step into the darkness
feel your senses come alive
where spirit reigns above the flesh
and soars on pale moon skies
a thousand years I've waited
never doubting my belief
one step is all it takes
one step and I'm complete
step into the darkness
embrace the shadows calm your fears
place your hand in mine
i am waiting, i am here....
....step into the darkness.

The Vampire Kiss

The vampires kiss
Welcome warm that first soft kiss
promising rapture,lovers bliss
senses reeling, out of place
mouths exploring,tongues embrace
moving snake like neck and chest
desperate still to taste the rest
where twin proud ivory towers are stood
tipped with blushing scarlet buds
on the scented trail i follow
a velvet nest twixt heavens pillows
speaking softly with no sound
lip to lip on Venus mound
to the peak she pushes hard
a honeyed sip a just reward
hands now grab and pull me up
and tear me from the loving cup
embraced by urgent moans and sighs
eager arms and welcome thighs
steely flesh to strike the blow
piercing deep where juices flow
hip to hip we start the race
slowly first then gaining pace
led on by the thing we seek
striving hard toward the peak
senses burning in the rush
feel it build the final push
face contorts mouth open wide
relishing the final stride
shaking in the final throes
then release the psyche lets go
as heart and mind and soul implode....
....time stands still,a final frame
the heat recedes the fire tamed
and in that frozen picture slide
a swan like neck is magnified
as something stirs beneath the skin
a rhythmic pulsing beating thing
harder now it calls my name
and slowly reignites the flame
what once was human starts to fade
animal instincts re awake
a shadow hunter of the night
ivory knives poised to strike
 icy needles make their mark
as life's blood weeps into the dark
swimming in the scarlet lake
in which we give and we both take
sated now i must return
back to my sleep for days sojourn
contented now in heart and mind
for now you are eternally mine...

Now here is a short story by a new writer, one to look out for 

Ally McLaren

Early Friday evening and here I am again. Same routine, different bar. Relationships and I don't mix, so I'm waiting for my playdate to turn up. It's been a long week and I’m in need of release.
He walks into the bar. It's not his usual, but hell, everyone needs a break from home, so this place is as good as any other. As he walks in he scans the room. A few people are scattered about the place but his eyes land on the woman at the bar, me. Dressed in a black suit and heels with red hair and lips, I look like a business woman out for an after work drink. He takes a stool three down from mine and returns my smile with a nod. My smile widens and I know he can see the hunger in my eyes. I hop off my stool and approach him leisurely. I’m in no rush, I’ve got all night.
So, you’re who they’ve sent me to play with?” My voice is low, forcing him to keep his eyes locked on my mouth as I speak. I can almost hear the voices in his head, arguing about how to respond. But the one that’s saying ‘go for it’ wins the battle. I lean in a little closer, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Well plaything, be good and follow me.”
Walking past him I head toward the doors woman out for an after work drink,you take the stool three down from her and return the smile she offers you with a nod,her smile widens and you swear you see a hunger in her eyes......she pops of stool and walks to you"So...your who they have sent for me to play with"her voice is low and your eyes are fixed on her,you nod ,the voices in you head argue but the one saying go for it wins. Your snapped out of your thoughts by her voice"well plaything be good and follow me".. I know he’s checking me out, how could he not? I’m a masterpiece of the female form. I hear his quiet laughter behind me. I know what he’s thinking, ‘play thing? Yeah right, you’re tiny.’ But still he follows, if only for curiosities sake. Before long, we’re standing in an entrance hall. The place is quiet except for the sound of my heels on the hardwood.
Are you coming, or just admiring the paint work?" Of course he follows. My voice is like a sirens call as I leave a trail of clothes in my wake. As he enters the room he stops dead in his tracks. I’m standing in front of him, black bra, panties, stockings and heels. Oh, and a smile. A very wicked smile. He stays rooted to the spot as his eyes travel from the floor up every curve of my body. I can see his cock swell and push against the zip of his jeans as his lips part to draw breath.
"So, tell me what you’re thinking?” I walk toward him and stop, just far enough away that he can't reach me. “Well? I asked you a question. What are you thinking?" The look on his face says it all. ‘I'm in here.’ I shake my head on a seductive smile. "Strip for me.” His eyes widen at the suggestion, but he doesn't move, he just grins a little as I start to walk around him. "I said Strip.” My tone a little more solid. A bit like the bulge pushing against his zip.
He starts to fumble with his button and zip. A sharp crack fills the air as a sting ignites his butt, just as his jeans hit the floor.
"STRIP!" His clothing is removed in a rush of fear and excited disbelief. I appear in his line of vision, stroking a crop through my fingertips. Its short ribbons hanging from one end and a handle resembling? Well, it resembles what at this moment is standing to attention in front of me. "You liked that didn't you? You want more.” My smile is bright like a kid with a new toy. Standing buck naked in front of me, he really is a sight to behold. "Kneel." Of course, he does. “Now hook your thumbs into my panties and remove them. DO NOT TOUCH ME!" Placing his thumbs outwardly, he carefully pulls down my black lace panties, breathing in sharply as they uncover my freshly shaved pussy. I lift my feet, one at a time, stepping out of the scrap of lace and walk around behind him. He glances around and notices the rooms subtle lighting, which means you can't quite see everything, except the large bed with its posts topped off with elaborate black and gold ties.
"Sit up straight and place your hands on your heels." I stand behind him and place my heeled foot against his back, pushing down. The pressure has him bending forward without me saying a word. I sit on his back, letting him feel the heat of my pussy, but then it's gone as my heels click across the floor, then return. This time I straddle him and let him get a feel of how wet I am. He pulls a breath in. My hands caress his shoulders. Up his neck and back, tenderly, softly. Then swiftly a collar goes round his neck and is fastened with the feel of cold metal brushing his skin as it's pulled through the loop. His breathing is deep and shaking. My heat leaves his back as I come round in front of him.
"Follow.” I walk, and as the chain pulls, he places his palms to floor and follows me towards the bed. The only thing in line his line of vision are my heels. He watches as I slip out of them and disappear from view. He doesn't look up. He knows he’s not allowed. I tug on the collar and he follows it to a standing position. A glance either way reveals the chain is secured to the post. He tries to move, but his neck is padlocked through the chain making it impossible.
I stand to one side, playing with the black and gold ties. I reach for his hand and quicker than a Girl Scout his wrist is bound and is being pulled out to side. I bounce across the bed and repeat the action, bouncing onto my knees in front of him. I look at his face then at his cock. A trickle of cum is already making its way down his shaft. Placing my finger at the base. I drag it upwards, wiping the cum onto my finger. Looking up I place it in my mouth, closing my eyes on a hum of pleasure, hmmmm.
With a beaming smile I crawl from the bed. Within minutes his legs are parted and cuffed to a bar. As I secure the last clip I can't help but sink my teeth in his bum. As I stand I run my nails up his thighs and into the crack of his butt, lightly scrapping the tender hole. You clench.
"Ooh.....never been used." I giggle, before the room goes quiet.
The first he knows of my entrance back into the room is when my hands, warm with oil, smoothly caress his back, filling the air around us with the scent of night Jasmine. My hands make their way lower and I begin to caress his butt in gentle round motions, each time edging closer until he feels the pressure at his entrance. No pushing, just pressure from my thumb. I place two fingers on the sensitive skin between his balls and hole and move in circular movements. I can feel his body tense, unsure whether to enjoy it or fight it. I slow my movements and push my body against his. He begins to relax and a subtle moan escapes his lips. As swiftly as it was there, the sensation is gone and he recognizes the sound of the crop just before it lands.
"Did I say you could make a noise?" He doesn’t respond. "Good. But I think I like your butt cheeks pink." I begin to count. One, crack. No sound. Two, crack. No sound. Three, a harder crack. His head lifts but only on a quiet gasp. My hands caress the marks I've just put upon him, with gentleness. I pull my hand away and bounce into view. The sight of his solid cock has me inspired. Reaching back I pull a black ribbon across my knees and bite my lip......I tie it first around the base of his balls, securely but not too tight, then I begin to separate each ball with a loop of its own. Finally I wrap the ribbon around the base of his cock, which is twitching in my hand. I let go of a giggle and pull the tie tighter until I can see a clear separation of his balls as they turn a dark shade of pink, finishing it off with bow at the base. Sitting back I admire my work as his cock bounces in front of me. I can't help myself and suck the pre cum from the tip. His shoulders slump and I laugh.
"Don't worry baby you'll get to fuck me soon.” I move around onto the bed, standing in front of him. My breasts bouncing in his face. I reach up and with a simple tug, he feels the tension release from his arm. "Kneel for me baby." He does as he’s asked and I tie off the rope and chain accordingly. I shuffle down in front of him, my pussy on the edge of the bed. “Now do as you’re told and I won't use the whip.” He nods his understanding. "I'm so horny, so be a good plaything and drink me dry." I push my pussy forward and he begins to lick eagerly at my wetness. I'm so wet it coats his face. I place my hands on his head and begin to gyrate as he probes my sex, pushing his tongue into me, licking upwards. I can't help but moan, he’s fucking great with his tongue. As it lands on my clit, I release a flow of liquid that he laps at, sucking my clit into his mouth, drinking me dry.
I slump down on the bed. “Wow! I may keep you.” I leave the bed and return a few moments later with a warm cloth and softly wipe his face and pull the damp covers away. "Look at me.” He doesn’t. "Please." He lifts his head and our eyes meet. I can't read him. Most of the guys I get sent just look like they're doing a job. But him? No, he looks like something has just been set free. My gaze travels down, jeez, the others are not built like that either. His cock is thick hard and begging to fucked. I release the bar and rub each of his ankles in turn, then bring his arms down gently and rub them, kissing each inner wrist. With a gentle pull the chain is gone, yet he stays at the foot of the bed. I haven't asked his name, so I lift his chin to look at me. “Come lay on the bed with me.” He climbs up and lays beside me on his back. "Don't Move. I'm trusting you.” He watches as I move down the bed and climb between his thighs. "You look so fucking delish.” I wrap my mouth around the head of his cock and pull it in slowly all the way until it hits the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow. He twitches, so I swallow again then pull back before starting again. My mouth is hot and wet as I devour him. Breaking away I suck his balls into mouth twirling my tongue around them. His body goes ridged, so I suck hard one more time before returning to his side. "I want to feel you inside me.” He positions himself between my thighs and slams into me. The feeling is wonderful. His rhythm is measured and forceful. “Wait! Take me from behind.” I turn on my knees and his hands dig into my hips as once again he slams into me, over and over again and the room fills with the sound of raw love making. I reach down and begin to hit my peak. Releasing the ribbon, he pushes on harder as his release roars through us both.
Collapsing on the bed he lands next to me. We’re both shattered, but I turn my back on him to pull a cover over us. I feel him move.
"Stay.” I ask. He turns back toward me and molds himself to me. We don't sleep, just rest as the time passes. "I really need to shower. Joint me?" I get off the bed and put the shower on. He hasn’t joined me as I step under the water and the heat hits me. The door opens and his hands come around me. Taking the soap, his voice is soft.
"Let me.” I hand him the soap and relax as he works me over, my body becoming aroused again as his cock nudges me, finding its mark between my butt cheeks. I push back slowly and his hand pushes me forward as I brace myself against the wall. He pushes a little and I moan, so he eases himself into me, only stilling when he’s totally embedded in my arse, giving me time to adjust. His hands rest on my hips and he begins to set a pace that has us both gasping for air as he pounds into me. Just before he comes his hand begins to tug and play with my clit. “I'm gonna come. Come with me." His words act like magic as we go over the edge together. Now bed is really calling. Both tired and sated we collapse into bed, wrapped around each other.
As morning comes I wake in the other room. I’d had to change rooms after I was awoken by a raging hard on pressing into my back. After turning over and being greeted by such a glorious sight I had no choice but to straddle him. The feeling of being so completely full as my pussy adjusted to his size, was amazing, but morning sex comes with its own complications. I needed to see and so did he. Neither wanting to break the connection we stayed locked together. Hence the bed change. For once the bed felt too big around me, so I retreated to the shower to freshen up before phoning my contact. After said phone call I stood looking out across the street confused. Whoever that was last night, wasn't from my contact. So who was he? And how do I find him?.

My next blog post will outline the evening part of the Manchester Author Event & Gig 2016

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Ready For Flynn Part 3 Release Day by K. L. Shandwick



Ready For Flynn, Part 3
K L Shandwick
*~*~*The concluding part of this 5* series is now live!*~*~*
Contemporary Rockstar Romance for readers over the age of 18


Life had never been easy for Rock God, Flynn Docherty. At a tender age, he'd locked down past personal tragedy, hurt, and pain to make his life bearable when most would have crumbled from what he witnessed. When Valerie Darsin entered into his life their instant attraction later grew into the kind of love that most of us can only dream about, after she'd survived her own traumatic event.
In many ways, they were two hearts that beat as one sharing a love so profound and rare they were destined to be together. Can two damaged people with tragic pasts really be what each other needs?
Unlucky in love, Valerie's trust issues are never far from the surface and with her past full of hurt, and a man like Flynn, can Valerie ever truly accept how he feels? Driven in business Valerie is a ball-breaker but less confident in affairs of the heart. Do values like trust, honesty, love, and commitment really survive in a world where a rock star has millions of followers who are willing to do literally anything for their idol?



As I sat on the bed with her in front of me, I turned her to face me, my eyes feasting on her body. I leaned forward and pulling her closer I sucked a pebbled nipple into my mouth through the thin lace of her bra. My hungry mouth trailed down and kissed from her abdomen to her mound.
Appreciating the garters, I lifted them between my fingers at each thigh and stretched them before letting go. Valerie’s breath hitched in her throat with the sudden sharp slap as they snapped back against her skin and my dick was instantly solid, “Sexy girl,” I groaned, as she bit her bottom lip between her teeth.
One by one, I unhooked each suspender and slowly slipped each stocking down her legs to cascade at her ankles. Holding her ass, I stood up so close she pressed firmly against me.
“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered before turning with her in my arms as I bent down and laid her out on the floor.

Early Reviews:

This was the most amazing and perfect ending to the series. – Passionate Book Blog

Wow,! Ready for Flynn pt 3 is by far my favourite book from KL Shandwick, 5 stars are just not enough for how good this book was. Now I will say I cried my way through most of it, it's beautifully written and a bittersweet ending to Flynn and Valerie's story I was up until 4am to finish it. – Crazy Cajun Book Addicts

If you love a true romance and a sexy rock n roll one then this is the book for you...this 3rd one is also HOT AS HELL very sexy! – Rockstar Book Muse Blog

Ready For Flynn Series Buy Links:

Ready For Flynn Part 1~>
Ready For Flynn Part 2~>
Ready For Flynn Part 3 ~>

About KL Shandwick:

Writing came relatively late in life for KL after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy. She loves creating new characters and story lines. KL has worked in the health and social care sector for most of her adult life, so to have the opportunity to step out of serious roles and create colourful characters is very rewarding. She enjoys where they take her and each character has his or her own voice. KL doesn't use prepared outlines for her stories, preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses.

If you’d like to browse the other Rock Romance novels written by KL please feel free to visit her Amazon page, while you are there, how about clicking that follow button.

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Release Blitz - One Moment by Danielle Dickson


Title: One Moment
Author: Danielle Dickson
Photographer: Zachary Stone Photography

Cover designer: Kari Ayasha of Cover to Cover Designs

Buy link:


All it took to change our lives forever, was one moment. A moment that would define the rest of our lives. Can mistakes of the past be forgiven?


For me to stay in control, I had to keep the memories locked away. Thinking back to when I lost my only lifelines, was too painful. I’d rather shut it all out and go on living my normal day to day life; not connecting, not really feeling.


Every year I go back. Back to the place that haunts my nightmares. It was torture. But seeing her face again, dulls the pain, makes everything that much brighter. I’d never be able to be in her life again; it would bring back too many painful memories. How could she forgive me, when I didn’t even forgive myself.

Only time will tell.

Goodreads Link:

Author Bio:

Danielle has always dreamt about writing a book. With many stories to tell, she finally pulled her finger out one morning when one story screamed at her louder than the rest. When Danielle’s not writing, she can be found painting people’s faces with makeup or watching twenty-minute cat videos late at night, procrastination is strong in this one. If you’re ever short for shoes to match your outfit, she’s the person to go to. With an extensive shoe collection that cost more than your mortgage (although she would insist she doesn’t have a problem), you can take your pick. An avid reader all her life, she gets lost in the magic a book immerses you in and hopes to capture that for her readers.

Author Links:


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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Release - Triple Play by Nia Farrell

Length 20,232 words / 100 pages
Amazon e-book
Amazon paperback
Teasers and Excerpt


Rowena Campbell has always been the naughty twin. After the Viking Raid and her worst walk of shame ever, she recognized that she was misusing sex. In therapy for her sexual addiction, three months celibate, Rowena is better than fine, with a successful erotic blog and book deal by her alter ego, ginger-wigged Regina Wright. When Scottish billionaire Micheil MacDonald wants Regina at his brother’s birthday party, she agrees to attend three scenes as an observer only. A triple play in Imperial Rome, Prohibition Chicago, and Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, no kink, no sex – and no lies, per his terms, with half a million dollars riding on the line. Surely she can manage that?
Micheil MacDonald is a widower with a child recovering from the fatal accident that claimed his wife. He sweeps into Rowena’s life like a force of nature, brushing aside her protests, determined to be the exception to her rules. But Rowena has scars that no one can see. Secrets that have never been shared – not even with her twin. Telling the truth was never supposed to be this hard.

This story touches on the subject of child abuse and may contain triggers. It is written for ages 18+.


If you like your kink with period reenactment, then you may enjoy Farrell's Replay series. While Rowena's twin starred in Book 1's Viking Raid, this second book features Rowena the naughty twin. Rowena can be a brat, especially since she can don on different identities and chance upon the handsome Dom in question (Micheil, in this case) in the least expected places. Her quirky attitude is endearing and had me turning the pages. Since the loss of his wife, Micheil is finally in a good place and ready for Rowena by the time she appears. Great storyline. Captivating read. Highly recommended.
If you like your novellas with a good story, really really hot sex and a Dom with an brogue I sometimes had a hard time understanding, but when I listened to him in my head it was a bit easier, then you will want to read this book!! Rowena, who actually has three identities (the vixen and author too) meets a Dom she has a hard time saying no to and the story unfolds, and what a story it is!! Rowena has recovered from the Viking Raid and isn't looking for anymore "play" but Micheil has other plans. That's all I'm going to divulge so if you want to know more then I recommend you buy this book. But don't read it outside or in front of anyone like I did. You will want to be all by yourself to experience it all, or maybe with someone else, that's up to you!! Enjoy!!!”


Why me?”
One corner of his mouth curved upwards. “Yer book,” he said. “I wanted tae meet ye and was willing tae pay for the privilege.”
Um. Thank you. I think.” She wondered if he had a sub who’d benefitted from the experiences and research that she shared online. She had let her followers know that a book was coming, had kept them updated on her progress. The manuscript was done, but only her publisher had seen it.
Micheil dipped his head at the Replay owner, who was ordering punishment for a slave girl. “St. Leger told me that ye command a hefty appearance fee. My offer was purely a guess. Since ye agreed tae the terms, I take it that the contract met yer expectations.”
Yes,” she said simply, following his gaze when it failed to return. The slave was stripped and bound to a column. Tiberius Piers snapped his fingers and a tray of floggers appeared. He picked one of softest leather and introduced her to it, stroking her sides, rubbing her back, tracing her cheek, then stepping back and laying on the first set of stripes.
Rowena clamped her thighs together, cursing her traitorous body, feeling the creamy moisture between her legs.
He must have heard her breath catch. “Ye like it.”
Do ye wish it for yerself?”
Yes,” she breathed. “And no.”
His blue eyes considered her, a lambency in their depths that she could not fail to recognize. “Explain.”
I wish it were me,” she admitted, “but not with Piers.”
Don’t make me say it. Don’t.
He stepped closer, not touching except for the breath that fanned her hair and bathed her in his heat. “If not St. Leger, lass, with whom?”
You, Sir.” Her voice was the barest whisper. “But we can’t. I can’t.”
The Dom came out, full force, and he was not happy. “Why not?” he rumbled, his voice rolling like thunder while his eyes sparked St. Elmo’s fire.
The contract?” She lowered her gaze, fighting the urge to drop to her knees in a submissive’s pose.
He blew out harshly. “And if I said, damn the contract. Tear it up and I’ll give ye half a million anyway?”
Her chin came up as she threw her head back far enough to meet his gaze. Humorless. Not even a hint of irony.
You’d do that?” she asked. “Seriously? For one night of play without sex? Remember, my rule is one time. You punish me tonight, and you won’t touch me for the rest of the weekend.” Why was that so hard to say? Damn him. Damn her body, begging her to reconsider.
He smiled darkly. “Make an exception,” he said. “Ye tried tae top me in the bookstore. Ye knew exactly what ye’d done and pretended ye did nae understand. For that alone, ye need a spanking. Two spankings. I should be the one tae give them. It’s only fair.”
If she wore panties, they’d be sopping wet. The Vestal Virgin was yearning for the path to ruination.
It would be fair,” she agreed, “but it can also wait. I gave my word. Three nights. No kink. No sex. I’m not a liar. Don’t try to make me one.”
Exceptions tae the rule,” he reminded her. “Ye said ye’d observe the scenes. Nothing was said aboot wha’ happens outside them. When the play winds down and they shuffle us out in the wee hours of the morning, what happens next is up tae us, aye?”
Tempting. My god, he was so tempting.
And he was right. Outside Replay, anything goes. Except…
Then we’re back to one time. Once. No repeats. Is that what you want?”
She thought she sounded unshakeable. He smiled as if she’d just agreed to his terms. “I want tae feel that fine arse of yers under my hand. Forget yer rules. Do what’s right.”
His voice had dropped to a rumble that pushed every button she had. She whimpered, as if she could already feel herself bent over his lap, panties around her knees, his large hand exploring the landscape of her posterior as he familiarized himself with the terrain, deciding how he wanted to change it for his pleasure.
I could tie ye up. Ye’d be beautiful, bound tae my bed. I might just have tae keep ye there.”
Once,” she said weakly.
Lass,” he murmured, his Scottish burr thickening. “Ye ken ye owe me times three. Once for trying tae top me. Once for playing innocent aboot it. Once for nae letting me ken who ye were. We have three nights of scenes tae get through. I’ll give ye time tae consider yer sins against me. At the end of each night, ye will present yerself tae me. Ye will submit. Ye will suffer, but I’ll give ye what you need. Three punishments and aftercare. I promise ye, I am verra good at both.”

ISBN 10: 1536939528 / ISBN 13: 978-1536939521

Nia Farrell is one of Mr. Blackthorne’s Wicked Pen Writers and a multi-genre author who is published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children’s books, with one documentary screenplay under her literary belt. She’s an old soul and a period reenactor who’s been into corsets for centuries, although she wears them more to Civil War events these days.

Nia has been involved in the metaphysical community for over twenty-five years. She is a Reiki Master and crystal healer whose work encompasses this and other lifetimes. In her book Something More, a 2016 Golden Flogger Awards Finalist, BDSM and submission are tools for healing post-rape PTSD, earning a nomination for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category.

Her debut books from The Three Graces Series, Something More, Something Different, and Something More, have been called new age erotic romance – kink with a paranormal twist. Soul mates, reincarnation, karmic fallout, shamanism, and psychic abilities come into play. Personal experience and extensive research go into crafting her characters, but it's her sense of whimsy that has made fictional Posey, Minnesota, the ménage capital of the United States with a Monty-Python-themed diner that's central to the plotlines.

Nia was fortunate enough to meet her soul mate early on. She married her high school sweetheart, raised two children, and began writing at her husband's suggestion. She has been published in erotic romance since 2015.

Nia Farrell’s webpage

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Nia Farrell’s Amazon author page

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Nia Farrell Titles:

The Three Graces Series
SOMETHING ELSE August 25, 2015 e-book or
SOMETHING DIFFERENT September 29, 2015 e-book or
SOMETHING MORE October 15, 2015 e-book or
THE THREE GRACES TRILOGY paperback April 2, 2016 or

DARK MOONS RISING e-book March 10, 2016 or; paperback April 2, 2016 or

REPLAY BOOK 1: VIKING RAID July 1, 2016 ebook; paperback

AS WICKED AS YOU WANT (Forever Ours Book 1) August 1, 2016 ebook

By Nia Farrell and Jane Austen

Upcoming releases:
REPLAY BOOK 2: TRIPLE PLAY September 1, 2016
RIDE THE WIND (w/a Erinn Ellender Quinn) October 1, 2016
REPLAY BOOK 3: HONOUR BOUND November 1, 2016
TOUCH THE WIND (w/a Erinn Ellender Quinn) December 1, 2016

ALL are 99p /99c from 18 - 25th May and #FREE on #KU #Kinky #Quarantine

ALL are 99p /99c from 18 - 25th May and  # FREE  on  # KU ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*✰  ❣ ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆ A Valentine's Bind: Mancheste...