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FREE with KindleUnlimited Bound for Passion:Erotic Love Stories plus NEWSUPDATES

BOUND for PASSION; Erotic Love Stories

This book is available to download FREE with KindleUnlimited

Top 100 book selling author of paranormal erotica on Amazon - 

I am so proud to be able to say this at last

For a new writer Ms Flame appears to have a good knowledge of her subject, and imparts this to her readers in a well paced and accessible way. The little asides, and flashes of humor give the narrative a lift, punctuating the rapid sexual action and adding a true and human sense of realism to her story lines.

For lovers of BDSM based erotica that is not too heavy or extreme these 3 stories give easy but intelligently written entertainment, with a variety of sexual action. I hope Ms Flame erotic writing skills will continue to develop; I suspect she is a writer to watch.

 Sizzling! 5* Review

This is three stories under one cover. They are all unique erotica, each more sizzling than the last. Vivienne’s was all about other worldly encounter. The second story, Sarah gets to live her darkest fantasy when she inadvertently spills the bean to her new lover, and finally, there’s a young woman’s journey into the land of BDSM. Lovers of Erotica will have a fun time.

"Warning sensations over load while reading this book!"  5* review

This is an amazing BDSM Romance!. Each story line in these stories are incredible! The characters are awesome! This collection of stories have such a wonderful UK flair to them :) .
Like the First story with Paul and Sarah they meet on the internet and the sparks IGNITE! One amazing weekend of BDSM lead to many more :). Paul and Sarah make such a awesome couple!.
Each story takes you on a BDSM journey like no other! Each and every story will have your girly parts tingling lol.
Scarlett Flame is a fantastic writer and you will find this book to be a 5-star plus book! I look forward to reading more works wrote by Scarlett Flame in the future!

I also have a short story appearing in a medley of stories with an eclectic set of genres, so something for everyone.

This year some of the wonderful authors featured at Look 4 Books have decided to put together a book of short stories, all the proceeds from this book will be going to the Alzheimer's Society, and the Autistic Society. This book will is available to buy from the Look 4 Books website, and Amazon 

Finally I am pleased to confirm I will be attending five book signing events in the UK next year, and will be participating in the five minute book slam event at SMUT Manchester 

Taking place at Bangkok Bar & Restaurant, 40 Princess St, Manchester, M1 6DD
on Saturday, 24th Oct 2015 from 10am to 6pm

The first will be in Leeds on Saturday the 5th of March from 10.00 am to 5 pm at the Leeds Marriott Hotel and hosted by Hourglass Events Their website is here.

Tickets are NOW on sale via this link

Tickets for the masquerade ball and the day time are now available to buy

Two weeks after will find me closer to home here with the Book Pimpers event at Aintree on Saturday 19th of March Details are here on Facebook and also check here

I will be attending Cardiff next September 17th 2016 hosted by

In 2017 ( yes I have got an event booked for then too!) I am going to be in Chester, Cheshire on the 8th Of April 

A good author friend of mine Isobelle Cate has a new book 

Here is her latest release

My Haven, My MidnightMainstream excerpt:

“Where are you?” Colin moved away from the group even as he opened his telepathic link with his men. He left the security room and made a beeline for the alleyway.
Keep Seth and the rest occupied.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.”
There was an angry growl. “I’m not Mackenzie. I haven’t been for a very long time.”
“Then why call me brother?” Colin knew he was goading Mackenzie. He could not help it. The need to know if his brother was still inside that Scatha shell was overpowering. He was desperate. He wanted his brother back. He wanted his fellow Cynn Cruor returned. Mack had always been a bit short tempered, ever since their parents died. Colin pushed the fire door and walked into the alley.
“Fuck you!”
Colin’s hand rested on his hip and he looked up at the sky framed by the buildings’ rooftops. Yup, his brother was still there. A humourless smile crossed Colin’s mouth. “That’s quite a unique name you’ve given me.” When he heard a moan in the background, Colin lowered his head, his eyes narrowing at the brick wall in front of him. “Where are you Mackenzie?”
“I’m not—”
“No matter what you think or do or say, you’re still brΓ thair to me.”
A painful moan.
“What the bloody hell did you do now?” Colin asked, his voice furious. He paced the alley.
“Always my fault, isn’t it?” Mackenzie accused. “I didn’t want to be a Scatha. You made it happen but it will always be my fault. Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that you’re to blame?”
Colin’s chest tightened with the guilt that never left him since Mackenzie’s transformation. Now was not the time or place to dwell on it. “Where is she? I swear to God if you hurt her—”
“I’m the worse Scatha there is. I’ve got a fucking bloody conscience! I hate it!” His brother snapped before muttering, “I don’t know why the fuck I’m doing this.”
Colin kept quiet, his empty hand curling. “Where are you?” He repeated. “Let her go. Leave her in a place where we can pick her up. I won’t chase after you tonight.”
“No. I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?” Colin blazed, pacing the narrow alley. He bluffed. “We know where the Scatha lair is.”
“I’m sure you do, but I’m not there.”
“We’re just running in circles, Mackenzie.”
“I’m here. At the Faesten.”
“What?” Colin stopped dead. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want the Scathas to know about her.” He sighed, resigned. “She needs the Cynn Cruors’ protection.”


“Mack nicked you.” He reached out. Amaryllis flinched at the soreness on the side of her throat.
“It’s not that bad,” she spoke softly, more aware of the fiery trail of his thumb against her skin. She turned her head slightly, her eyes never leaving his until she opened her mouth and sucked his thumb tasting the coppery taste of her blood on his skin.
Colin’s breath hissed.
As though she were in a trance, her right leg lifted, her knee slowly hitching up his waist. She moved her arms, planting her palms on the sides of his huge shoulders. Blood thundered in her ears, sound rushing around her like a bullet train. Her breath turned to quick pants. Colin angled his right leg underneath her to raise her left leg and widen the gap at the apex of her thighs. He moved his hips and Amaryllis sucked in her breath, closing her eyes when his erection brushed against her sweet spot. She felt her core coat her knickers with her liquid heat and her nipples bud against the cups of her bra. She lifted her legs further until she was straddling him, her thighs holding her sex tantalizingly above him. Her hands moved from the hard rug covered floor to glide against his shoulders, feeling the heat of his body underneath his clothes until her palms planted themselves on his chest. Their gazes locked, immobile while their bodies moved. Her body reacted in goosebumps, as Colin trailed his hand up her upper thigh before settling on her hip. His other hand moved further upwards and Amaryllis’ stomach tensed at the fire from his palm, her skin coming alive at his touch until his hand slowly made its way to cup her breast. She moaned and closed her eyes as his thumb rubbed her painfully hard nipple through her thin T-shirt, making it ache for his mouth. She hovered just an inch above his erection, her thighs straining, her body aching for the contact.
“Ride me,” he rasped. “Hard.”
Amaryllis did not need further prodding. Her sex was slick and wet inside her jeans and when she grazed her core against Colin’s arousal, he hissed. She closed her eyes, air leaving her in a moan. Her clit felt engorged against his hardness, and the more she rubbed, the more the ache grew.
“I…need,” she breathed.
In an instant, Colin unzipped her jeans and his hand dipped inside her panties.
“Oh God,” she whimpered when Colin’s finger found the centre of her arousal, swirling it lazily. She kept dry humping him, his length heating her opening. Then his finger slid inside her. She gazed down at him and saw that his eyes had more gold than green. Her breathing became erratic, soft sounds coming out of her as he finger-fucked her.
“Yes.” She closed her eyes when Colin placed two fingers inside her.
“You’re wet. I like that. I like wet pussy,” he murmured. “Makes me want to taste you and fuck you with my tongue.”
She moaned. His dirty words made her feel wanton. She lifted her hips and opened his fly. Dear Lord, he was not wearing anything! He bucked his hips and Amaryllis closed her hand around his thick hot shaft, the skin like velvet, the rod like steel. It was Colin’s turn to groan, his eyelids closing over his unusual eyes. Amaryllis firmly moved her hand up and down his erection before circling her palm over the head slick with pre-cum.
“Ancients!” Colin pressed himself against her hand. “Yes, Violet, give me that hand job.”
Amaryllis complied eagerly. The harder Colin finger-fucked her, the firmer her grip became, jerking him while her other hand went down to cup his balls. She fell beside him on the floor, each one heavily petting the other. Amaryllis licked her lips when she looked down at his cock’s glistening head.
“Sweet Jesus!” Colin growled.
Amaryllis’ eyes snapped back to his. Their gazes locked, refusing to let go while their hands pleasured each other. Colin kept his fingers inside her while his thumb teased her clit, then he moved his fingers in a come-hither action.
“Oh…” Amaryllis could feel her orgasm building, intense pleasure coiling tightly inside her pelvic area, the sensation rising towards her belly and her centre, her sex clenching against his digits. Colin moved faster inside her and she could feel the heat starting to burn her, delicious tremors making her clench her thighs. Her hips undulated against his hand while her hands kept up the pace on his granite hard shaft.
“That’s it,” Colin growled. “I’m going to fuck you soon enough. I will have my cock inside your pussy and I will ride you hard. Oh yeah, jerk me, baby. I love your hand on my cock. Make me come.”
They matched each stroke, every touch, every hard caress taking them higher.
“Yes!” Amaryllis felt her orgasm overpower her, catching her unawares at the last minute, her vagina clamping against Colin’s fingers. Two more strokes and she heard Colin growl, the warmth of his seed spurting and flowing against her hand. She continued her strokes until he became semi-flaccid. Her eyes, half lidded flared with lust when Colin placed his fingers inside his mouth.
“You taste good.” His tongue swiped between his fingers and Amaryllis felt an answering twitch on her clit. With mischief in her eyes, she slid her fingers along Colin’s cock, wet from his spurts. She watched his eyes flare gold again, tracking her fingers before they disappeared into her mouth. Amaryllis moaned in appreciation, the salty tang of his essence bursting on her tongue.
“So do you,” she said against her digits, sucking them as they went in and out of her mouth.
Colin chuckled, his eyes turning back to green. “You still can’t leave.”
Amaryllis felt as though she had been slapped. She shoved off him. “Damn you.”
Colin stood up and fixed himself. His smile did not reach his eyes. “I already am.”
He pivoted to the door. “Stay here,” he ordered again. “If you attempt to escape, I’ll put you on my knee and spank that sweet ass until it becomes pussy red.”
“Ugh!” Amaryllis gasped, anger making her blood boil. In a fit, she looked around and saw a glass vase by the side of the bed. She sprinted for it and hurled it like a cricket ball at Colin’s back before it shattered on the floor. She gasped, fear suddenly spiking her heart rate.
Oh shit.
Heart in her throat, Amaryllis stared wide eyed at him when he turned around. Instead of ranting, Colin laughed softly before closing the door.

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From the Shadows by Line F. Nielsen Book Release




Line is the kind of  young woman who is HSP and pretty Introverted which to tell you the truth, she tells me  can be pretty hard at time but she also sees it as a blessing because it means she is  Multi creative: She sings, Writes songs,also writing romance as well as poetry and she actually also draws She used to draw portraits and when she began singing it kind of got pushed to the background..

She is an English BA student and in August 2014 I got married to the love of her life.

She is a huge believer in using what talents you were gifted with and in always being yourself.
Hmm what else... well she is also a really caring and fun person when you get to know her and I has a wicked perverted sense of humour


you grew up in an alcoholic home..
Dated guys as evil as your drunken dad..
And never heard a kind word from the people who SHOULD love you..
Could you change your path?

My name is Nikki Rosso and I am scarred, I am shy and I am no one but I am about to start a fight against my past in hopes of finding myself but if I will ever win is a question not even I dare to ask.

He had been my rock, my only friend but would he stand by me even when I had to take a stand against his best mate?
Nathan Mathews had a past, he was talented, he was tattooed and he was every woman's dream but though every woman wanted into his pants none ever stayed around for long.
I was soon to learn why.

You can find Line on twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and tsu. 

The links to this latest release are below

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Book Reviews BOOK REVIEWS Book Reviews


As promised here are some more book reviews and recommendations for reading matter

The HitcherThe Hitcher by Charming Man
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved reading this book, as it took me back in time to when people still hitchhiked, sticking their thumb's out for a passing car, with no qualms about doing so.

Memorable hits from the late seventies thread through the story, adding authenticity to this sensual tale.

This story evolves around the two main protagonists,mainly Steve, who is on his way to open up his family seaside cottage ready for the summer rentals. The other main character is Faye, a hitchhiker Steve acquires on his journey. The story tell of how their friendship evolves with them eventually becoming lovers. With an unexpected ending leaving an opening for further stories.

Beautifully written sensual story of a bygone era. Excellent and a well deserved 5*'s. I look forward to reading more of Charming Man's work

Sting Of PleasureSting Of Pleasure by Mallory West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The main protagonist in this book is a young dancer called Lucinda Valentine, and this is the story of how she is introduced to a lifestyle of dark BDSM.

Lucinda is befriended by a fellow dancer Claire and the story follows their journey on a tour around the world. Not just a dance journey, but a journey that takes Lucy into the darkest depths of BDSM. Lucinda meets with a sexual dominant and sadist Stephen Foxworthy, introduced by Claire who already knows the depths Stephen can make a submissive person sink to.

This novel is dark and threatening which reminded me of the Marquis de Sarde, and also is reminiscent of The Story of O. I found this a book that was hard to put down, and am anticipating reading more by this author

The Odor of VioletThe Odor of Violet by Ju Ephraime
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This romance is steamy and evocative and will have you flying between extreme emotions

The main protagonists are Damien who is blind, and Lisa a nurse who has applied to fill a position as his personal assistant. The problem being that Damien does not believe a woman could fulfil this role, that is until he meets Lisa and smells the scent of violets - his Achilles heel.

With twists and turn aplenty Ju Ephraine keeps you glued to the page with this utterly compulsive read

A well deserved 5 stars.

The Heiress of Santorini (The Greek Isles Series, #3)The Heiress of Santorini by Angel Sefer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a heartfelt and thrilling romance mystery that takes us on a journey via spills and thrills from America to the beautiful Isle of Santorini in Greece. There is romance and steamy scenes that take us on this journey with twists and turns involving our two main protagonists.

This book is well paced and I found myself hard pressed to put it down, with well developed and intriguing characters, this book just draws you in

A well deserved 5* for this book by Angel Sefer

The Inquiry (DykeLove Quickies #3)The Inquiry by Jacintha Topaz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first writing that I have read by this author, and be assured it won't be the last.

Taylor has just transferred from junior College to University, but is already tiring of the hour long trek she has to make each day to and fro, and her patience is frayed. Just as she is about to give up looking for somewhere near campus to stay, she finds an advert that sounds bang on.

This is a fresh and outstanding piece of writing that nails you right from the get go. A stand alone story, yet part of a series involving a group of feisty females that have no qualms about their sexuality, and their experimentation with bondage to that end.Plenty of steamy scenes.

Sexy, and steamy, and well worth a read.

I look forward to reading more of Jacintha Topaz's novels very soon

The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot MysteryThe Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery by Alan Hardy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After seeing so many fabulous reviews for this book, and also falling in love with the title, I had to download and read this.

Oh what a brilliant read. This book had me in stitches with the innuendo, and one liners that I love so much.His total comic disrespect for the Police was fabulous. Especially the quest to find a missing tattoo from buttocks.

Not only with witty repartee, but with a storyline that holds so many twists and turns it leaves you dizzy, and holding your breath in anticipation, waiting for the other shoe to drop. This alongside of the in-depth, larger than life character, and a healthy dose of witty banter.It reminded me of Death on the Nile. What a fantastic read and I will be seeking out more from Mr Hardy.

His Marriage DemandHis Marriage Demand by Fiona Murphy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a HUGE lover of alpha males, so this book was recommended to me by some friends and I downloaded it in a heartbeat.

A steamy romantic read about a hot blooded alpha male, Drake Hawthorne demanding that the focus of his attention submit and marry him. Taking no prisoners he sets out to get what his heart desires regardless of the bogus ring Ria is wearing. The ring is to deter suitors as Ria is providing support for her young brother Justin, who is very gifted academically.

Will love win out? No spoilers from me, you will have to read this yourself to find that out.

A well deserved 5*

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The Work in Progress (WIP) Tour

The Work in Progress (WIP) Tour....first of all perhaps I need to explain terminology. A WIP is a writer talking about their Work In Progress....

I was nominated, (declared one of his next victims ), by Aaron David a fellow writer, and HE had been nominated by another author friend Christoph Fischer. We are all members of the same writers guild ASMSG. Aaron has an author page, twiiter, and facebook  I am sure Aaron would love you to visit him.

My WIP at this current time is an ongoing project that is taking far longer than I initially anticipated, so I am hoping to get this published before Summer, well anything this side of this century would be good as I have a proofreader ready to roll, and a number of beta readers chomping on the bit too.

 Do not fear I am on it like stink now and actually organising a work schedule to be sure that it will get published soon. I have a number of other projects waiting in the wings including a sequel to Bound for Passion my debut novel, telling more of the tales about Sarah and the other characters in this anthology of short stories. Then more in the new series that I will give you a morsel or two from, are also beginning to form around the synopsis I have already written, so don't despair.

Bound for Passion is also due to be on promotion from the 23 - 29th of April 2015, selling at 99 p or 99 cents in the UK & US. Maybe, for less than a pound you could check out some of my writing.

I also have to nominate two other victims....... ahem, authors and bloggers to tell everyone about their current WIP.

The title of my WIP is The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen), and is the first in a series of books that are set on the Steampunk world of Syros.

The story revolves around the main female protagonist Alexandra and her journey to another world where she begins to fulfil her destiny and become the Dragon Queen they have waited over 200 years to arrive. This journey is full of pitfalls, epic fights and where she discovers that she can become more than she ever imagined.

This magical world is inhabited by dragons and their dragon riders, werewolves, and magicians, to name but a few of the mystical people and creatures that live within it's magical realms. We discover creatures from myth and legend within the pages of this first, and subsequent volumes.

You will discover a steamy, romantic fantasy where Alexandra begins to experience what she only ever dreamt of back on Earth.

Where Alex discovers not one, or two, but many alpha males wanting to keep her as their own.

Follow Alex on her journeys across time and space as she learns to wield her newly acquired magical skills and fight to free the golden dragon she will ultimately bond with.


Finally, my life was getting back on track following a worrisome number of months.

I had had a great deal of trouble sleeping lately as I had been continually disturbed by dreams I could only describe as nightmares! 

These dreams always included the same shadowy characters with obscure faces. The one recurring theme, was that I became intimate with every one of them. To say this wasn't in my usual nature would be an understatement.

 In all my relationships I had always been monogamous.  Basically, I am a one man girl, and wouldn't dream of being unfaithful. Perhaps, because of this, these dreams proved highly disturbing and included sexual acts that I'd heard of, but would never think of participating in.  I little suspected that these dreams would prove to be the precursor to an amazing series of adventures

This story proper, began one day driving through the beautiful Welsh countryside on my way to check out some accommodation that I had secured. This was intended to act as a base to work from Monday to Friday, at my new job 

Previously, I had been working in a general hospital close to my family home, but decided to spread my wings after ending a long term relationship with my childhood sweetheart,  Paul.
I decided that I now needed some space to develop new friendships and to put my love life on the back burner. My career would become my first priority. So, this was part of that plan. I had taken a contract as a Children's Nurse for an Agency in a hospital situated near to Bangor in North Wales. 

On that day I had been driving through the Snowdonia National Park where pine trees crowded either side of the road. I had spotted a little picnic area to one side, flanked by a small car park. It was beautiful sunny day and as I had brought along a packed lunch. I decided to park up and take advantage of the glorious weather. I parked my car and then realised that mine was the only car, but thought no more about it. I had no problem eating here at the edge of the forest.

I retrieved my sandwich, carton of orange and the book I had just started and wandered over to the farthest table. From here I could watch the squirrels and birds as they searched amongst the bins for crumbs.

I'd sat there enjoying my book for about ten minutes when two things happened. Firstly, I became aware that a hush had suddenly descended on the forest, and I could no longer hear the scampering of the squirrels or the birds singing. When I looked up I could no longer see any of them around the area they had occupied only a few minutes earlier.

The second thing was the sound I did hear. I can only compare that to the sound barrier being broken, a whoosh and a slight popping noise. Yet  immediately after this, the birds and squirrels were back, chirping and moving through the grass once again.

I shrugged, went back  to the page in my book and continued  to eat. However, after a while a feeling of uneasiness descended on me. I raised my head to find myself being watched.

The watcher  was a tall, broad -shouldered man with dirty blonde hair tied at the nape and vivid blue eyes. I estimated him to be about 25-30 years old. He was regarding me silently, and with intensity.  His odd clothing caught my eye. Old fashioned garments, dark trousers laced up the front, a long-sleeved suede jacket of a similar material, and leather boots

I turned my head to look for any cars or vans on the car park, and jumped as I spotted two more men- one to my left and one I could see in my peripheral vision to the right. The man on the left was dressed similar to the first, but had sandy hair and sea green eyes. 

In contrast he wasn't quite as broad, although equally tall (all three were over six foot tall) The last had dark hair to his shoulders that hung loose, and the most amazing violet eyes.
The appearance of these men with no noise and staring at me in rapt fascination, not uttering a word, spooked me. My heart was beating so loud and fast I thought that I was having some kind of heart attack.

But the most unnerving thing of all was all three men looked familiar, a deja vu sort of moment. I had dreamt about these three men for so long. I knew immediately these were the shady characters from my dreams.  Dreams that repeatedly haunted my sleep.

I decided that sitting still was stupid, so made a grab for my bag and shot through to the right, I then ran toward one of the many footpaths I had spotted earlier.

My flight or fight response gave me swift feet (or so I thought), but obviously not swift enough. Before I had got ten yards down the path two of the three had already moved and appeared in front of me. They moved so fast I could hardly believe my eyes. I turned to head  back to where I'd come from.  Hoping I could make it back to my car.

Fate once again took charge, I turned and ran straight into the third man, the blonde. It was like running into a brick wall,as he ensnared me in his very muscular arms. My heart stuttered and I thought I felt the zing of an electric current run through my body. I never claimed to be a particularly brave person and I started to hyperventilate, gasping , trying to catch my breath.
One of them began to stroke my hair, saying “Calm down Alex, calm down. Breath slowly we won't hurt you” but, at that point my knees gave way and I collapsed into darkness, terrified. How did that man know my name was Alex?............

And now to nominating my victims....errr other authors with a WIP...

First up is Charming Man who has numerous books published, and is from the UK (like myself). Here is a little information from his bio on his website.....

Charming Man has been writing erotica for over fifteen years.  It all started quite by accident, following the tragic death of his wife in 1998, when he was left with two small children to bring up alone, as well as manage his own software consultancy.

While still in a state of shock and running on auto-pilot, he settled into a daily routine of dropping the kids off at day care, fulfilling his nine to five obligations, collecting the kids in the evening, feeding them, bathing them and putting them to bed with a night time story, before collapsing in front of the television and crying into a large glass of red.

He neither had the opportunity nor desire to meet anyone new, yet he craved companionship.  He began to trawl online chat rooms, striking up conversations with anonymous individuals who may or may not have been who they said they were; it made little difference to him.
Charming Man wears his heart on his sleeve and it soon became apparent he was able to engage openly with people from all walks of life, be they male or female; but mostly female it has to be said.  Many of his early conversations on the net were innocent in content; he would pour his heart out to anyone who would listen and in return he would provide a shoulder to those who were equally going through difficult times.  He found the process very therapeutic and saved him a fortune in counselling!

Before too long, these intimate exchanges left him wanting more, such is the nature of making a new acquaintance.  However, charming by name and charming by nature, he chose never to cross the line until encouraged to do so by others.  This led to many a cat and mouse war of words with many a like-minded soul, which both intrigued and excited him.  It was during this time that Charming Man wrote his first short story, Night Vision, detailing his longing for the next love to enter his life.

The more he chatted, the more he became obsessed with the notion of sexual encounters between strangers.  Still not in a position to embark on a new relationship in the real world, he continued to engage women in cyberspace and together they would contrive a variety of scenarios from the respective comfort of their laptops.  Many of these scenarios were later to become short stories; Beach Encounter, Mid Air Collusion, Ariana, A Greek Tragedy and The Hitcher, to name a few.

Charming Man is also the drummer in, not one, but two bands. Multi-talented as a lot of us writists are. The first band is  called The Synthetix and they recreate the sound of the new wave/punk era of ‘77-‘82… As some of you know, this era of music is dear to his heart and is the backdrop to his novella The Hitcher.

Here is the website for Synthetix, their facebook and twitter.

The other band he plays with is Waiting For Katherine, a fab four of ageing rockers dishing out indie punk! Andy feels that this is so relevant to where he is in his life at the moment… This is one of their anthems, Lying About My Age… "And yes, it’s very personal!" he says. 

Here is the website for Waiting for Katherine  Facebook and Twitter 

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and also his website. So don't be shy and go and follow and take a look at his books. There is a review of The Hitcher here on my blog.There is also an author page on Amazon for you you to peruse.

My second victim an author and  blogger and  is a pretty prolific author at that,  and a good friend of mine. He is Jonathan Fletcher. 

Jon was born and brought up in Bramhall, near Stockport, England. and grew up with science fiction, right from sitting on his Dad’s knee watching Doctor Who starring Tom Baker in the seventies. He was a huge fan of Star Wars and also loved Blake’s 7, Space 1999, Knight Rider, Star Trek... If it was vaguely sci-fi related, he watched it. He says "I guess it’s the complete fantasy that appealed to me. I would spend hours in my bedroom making Lego models of Airwolf or Daleks and acting out scenes with them."

After studying Art & Design at school, John went on to study a Foundation Course at Stockport College, later opting for a Media Degree.

John has been working on the “Unity” universe on and off since he started his degree (Media Production including Animation BA/Hons) in 1992 at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He first started working on the story ideas for the Unity story arc when he was in his first year. . 

After leaving the North-East when the degree finished, he found his first full time job working in the animation industry. He was hired by Producer Jackie Cockle and he became an assistant prop maker working at Cosgrove Hall Films in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester. The first show that he worked on was “Brambly Hedge” for which he made endless tiny plates, bottles, blackcurrants and all manner of food for the mice to feast on.

After about a year heleft Cosgrove Hall Films with a group of other people who were setting up a brand new animation company called Hot Animation. He was offered the job as head of the props department and given the opportunity to design and build my own model workshop. His first job was working on the second series of “Brambly Hedge” and then the pilot for a brand new show “Bob the Builder”. He built the first cardboard prototype for Scoop the JCB and most of Bob’s tools, traffic cones, piles of dirt and so on. He didn’t know at the time how big a part Bob was going to play in his life. 

He finally opted for the “good life”, became a professional gardener and married Louise, who was the only one that would put up with his nonsense. He's been working as a gardener now for nearly ten years. Recently, he moved from Manchester up to the beautiful Northumberland countryside which is where he now does his rounds. Jon says "Gardening gives me the time to think and a break in the winter to write my books."

There is much more detail on Jon's website about his career in animation. He has produced numerous books in The Josiah Trenchard Series.

Check out Jon on twitter, Amazon, his blog on Goodreads and of course his website

Jon and myself have a lot in common, both from the North West of the England for one, and we both love sci-fi. I remember hiding behind the settee when I was little watching Docotor Who.

My next blog post is going to be reviews for others books. So keep an eye out for it


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ALL are 99p /99c from 18 - 25th May and  # FREE  on  # KU ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*✰  ❣ ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆ A Valentine's Bind: Mancheste...