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New Release Suave by C.A.Bell On offer for .99

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Suave by C.A.Bell

Pick up your copy now while it's on offer for just .99:

Max Harper
I make sexy, sexier.
When a woman is on my arm, you can bet your life she suddenly becomes a hundred times more appealing to everyone else around. Why? Because I’m shit hot and I make them look shit hot, too.
There’s no doubt about it, I’m an arrogant hunk with an impressive six-pack.
I’m not looking for love. I’m not looking for money. I’m just looking for a hot woman to stroke a few things—my ego being one of them.
I choose my women like I choose my wine—if she doesn’t smell fruity or look rich, she’s got no chance.
Brooke Knight
I make sexy, sexier.
When a man or woman is on my arm, you can bet your arse they suddenly become a hundred times more appealing to everyone else around. Why? Because I’m sexy as shit and I make them look sexy as shit, too.
There’s no doubt about it, I’m a sexy, powerful woman with an impressive pair of legs.
I’m not looking for love. I’m not looking for money. I’m just looking for a hot man or woman to stroke a few things—my ego being one of them.
I choose my prey like I choose my perfume—if they don’t smell sweet or look expensive, they’ve got no chance.
They’re both egotistical, powerful people with uncontrollably intense sexual appetites.
But, what happens when two forces collide because they want the same thing, the same woman? I’ll tell you what happens—mighty, sexy things.


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Thursday, 10 August 2017

New Release - Immortal Flame by JF Holland - Now LIVE

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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.• Immoral Flame is now available from here, in several formats including, Kindle, kobo, nook, apple and also paperback :-

What happens when your friend signs you up to a dating site? You end up with a date, one who’s a little more than you expected.

That’s what happens to Jill Henderson when her best friend Amanda Nolan signs her up with Eternal Mates, not understanding that it’s for immortals.
All Jill wants is a man with whom she has something in common… a faithful and not too good looking man… A man that isn’t too young or over the hill. What she gets is something a whole lot more and drop dead gorgeous to boot.
Leonard Smyth has been duped by Luc Beauregard, his once best friend. Now he’s got to date a woman he’s never met… not only that, but he must take her on five dates, and not sleep with her.
It should be easy, right? Wrong. Especially when the woman he’s now dating is not only a human, but also has no idea that he is, in fact, a vampire. What’s worse, his glamour is working too well and women are throwing themselves at him… Well, apart from Jill.
The women he can handle, but Jill, now she’s an enigma. Leonard is shocked to find that Jill is a woman he would actually be happy to spend time with… and not just for a bang and bail. Now all he needs to do is keep his promise – and his hands to himself - or he forfeits the chance to heal the rift in his friendship with Luc.
Surely it’s an absolute doddle for a man who’s nearly five-hundred- years old? Well, it would be if he wasn’t trying to prove to Jill that he did, in fact, find her more attractive than the ones he’d turned away.
Contains profanity, humour and adult sex scenes.


I still live in the small town in Manchester, UK, where I was born at home on January 10th 1968.  I was raised and attended school here. Now a wife and mother, I live with my husband and 6 children, and a small menagerie of animals.

I've always loved the underdog, the fighter. But let's face it, we all want to believe in a happily ever after. As a huge fan of books (book nerd is the endearing term, my children use). I have an immense romance collection which also includes paranormal romance. If I'm not writing, I've got my head stuck in a good book. 

You can't beat reading, watching the plot and characters come to life in your imagination. It's so much better than television. When I was younger, I tended to re-write books and fairy-tales where I wasn't completely happy with the ending. It confused the hell out of my children once they learned to read. None of the books matched the stories I'd read them growing up.

I had a varied career including Admin, Customer Service, and Teaching unemployed adults IT and customer service skills. Well, until I became ill a few years ago.  I'm now at home full time, classed as disabled (neuro fog can make life, and writing fun sometimes).  So instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to do something I'd always wanted to do and loved with my life.  I began to write my own stories (as I'd done as a child) and as well as keeping my mind active it's fun too.  I'm now ready to share them and happy to receive feedback about my books (stories). 

You can find her on:

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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Katie's Broken Trust Cover Reveal - Due to be published August 15th 2017

Book Blurb: If Katie's trust is battered and broken, will her glimmer of hope be lost? Will she need to rebuild her relationship, or move to find another? Is there another?

Katie's Journey Into Submission
 (Flames of Submission Book 1)

Have you ever journeyed into the deepest recesses of the mind – deep in the darkest shadows where the cracks and crevices reside – where passion, desire, need and fantasy meet? Do you like what you see? That is where we met Katie on her Journey into Submission. She has these desires, needs, wants and fantasies and doesn’t know how to appease them. Her remedy while in pursuit of these ideas is to research BDSM on the internet when she is not taking care of her daughter and working at the local restaurant. She is a pretty blonde with beautiful blue eyes that reach into one’s soul, and if one looks, hers is bare for all to see. 
She moved from her hometown after a fall out with her family and set up her and her daughter’s life in Florida. She has been working as a waitress, has a nice apartment, a small car, and is happy on the outside. At night and in her dreams, she lives out her fantasies. She is kidnapped, tied up, and spanked or…..well you can guess. But by day and after work she begins reading everything she can get her hands on about the lifestyle called BDSM. She purchases tape, ropes…and other things and learns how to self-tie – but it just isn’t living up to her fantasies. 
Then in walks ‘the one that got away’. Of course, he doesn’t know that he got away, but it is when she notices his bracelet that shows he is in the lifestyle that things get interesting. Her fantasies take an even more personal flight into the realm of bondage and punishments with him as her training DOM, and guess what his business is that he is setting up in her small town? Well you will have to read the story – yes there is drama, angst, pain and pleasure as well as a vicious Domme. Will Katie’s dreams become reality, or will the regular life drama take away any chance of happiness.
‘In her bed, Katie tries to stop thinking about bondage and spankings. Tossing and turning, she flips her sheets on and off. Finally, drifting off to sleep, she is startled when a young man walks over to her and pulls her quickly to the edge of the bed. Pushing her wrists behind her back and holding both of them tightly, she realizes her struggles are useless; he’s just too strong. Her nakedness makes her feel very vulnerable while he wraps white cotton rope around her wrists, binding them tightly together. She pulls and yanks on the bonds, but he has tied them too tight. She struggles against him and moans, but it is useless as he ties her elbows, until they are touching, fusing her arms as one. 

Katie's excitement is obvious to the intruder as her cheeks turn bright red. Smiling to himself as he attaches a spreader bar to each ankle pulling them about shoulder width apart. She moans as her desire to be bound increases, while her mind is in turmoil. Katie tries to figure out if she wants to be tied and fight her intruder, or is she frightened and needs to get away, before something bad happens. She feels the tight rope around her wrists, making her groin tingle like never before. What was happening to her? Is she really enjoying this feeling of helplessness or did she need to fight against her bonds and her attacker. She has to get free, or did she…..’

Flames of submission series, book 1 link below, book 2 cover reveal, seen below and will be ready August 15th.

You can find Tom Speed on Twitter HERE
And on Facebook HERE

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ALL are 99p /99c from 18 - 25th May and  # FREE  on  # KU ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*✰  ❣ ✰♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆♡*•˛  ❤ ˛•*☆ A Valentine's Bind: Mancheste...