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Fabulous #FREE Giveaway - inc. signed books, swag, posters, etc. from authors at Chapter.con, London 2017

I recently attended a fantastic conference and book signing in London. This was the inaugural event of Chapter.con, that was held at St Mary's University College in Twikenham, London.

The event was attended by a bevy of authors from across the globe and covering a multitude of genre.

I arrived with my good friend, and fellow author Bella Settarra, in Twikenham on the Thursday afternoon. We were both staying in the halls of residence. Although, this would take us both back to times at University, neither of us had actually lived in the halls of residence. So, a chance to see how the other half lived.  Being one a perpetual student I had attended the University of Salford, University of Bolton and Liverpool John Moores in sucession. See I have brains as well as beauty. Well, brains in any case!

The event was a fairly long one and the first night was a meet and greet with authors and a few readers in a local pub.A great way to get to know authors that we had never met before.

We were pretty noisy and as the pub was having a charity pub quiz, a number of us meandered out to the beer garden. The evening was pretty balmy so it was no hardship to do so.

Friday morning was the day that we set up our stalls ready for the Saturday signing. Welcome speech by Katie M. John followed by a Key Note speech by Samantha Young in the  Lecture Theatre.

Samantha had a number one bestseller with On Dublin Street, then went on to find success with other writing after this. This was a very emotional and inspiring key note speech.

Throughout the morning and afternoon there were a number of panels discussing numerous subject related to writing. My self, Zak Jane Keir, LA Cotton and Anna Bloom sat on one of these. Ours was covered the topics of  - What's the difference between Romance and Erotica - or have the lines blurred? Post 50 Shades phenomenon. How much sex is too much sex? What makes a good romance story? and Pet peeves in Romance? Marketing Romance and keeping Romance readers Satisfied.This proved to be a very interesting panel with lots of input from the audience.

The evening entertainment was to be the UK premier of  The Lovely Witches Club, once again in one of the many Lecture Theatres. Although a few snuck off to the pub for a few drinks and something to eat.

Saturday arrived and the signing opened after a key note speeches by Catherine Stine, who very kindly stepped up to the plate after the original speaker was unable to attend at the last minute.

The morning session began at 10.30 am as live reading were taking place in the  The Dolce Vita Starbucks Coffee Shop, and the Student Union Bar.

The Saturday evening ended with a bang with a Butterfly Ball in the very beautiful surroundings of the Waldergrave Rooms. Cheese, biscuits and red wine was provided, courtesy of Frayed Fairy Tales. Alongside of this was a Silent Disco in the party room. Something for everyone it seems.

 The Waldegrave Drawing Room was built around 1855 when Frances Braham, the wife of the 7th Earl of Waldegrave, extended the Gothic villa "Strawberry Hill".

The authors present have donated a vast array of lovely swag and there is a copy of my latest book From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive signed by ALL of the attending authors. To add to this there is a signed copy of  The Saturday Sub by Bella Settarra, and a signed copy of War and Pieces a  Frayed Fairy Tale by The Ferocious 5, which is the OFFICIAL Fan Group for the authors who brought you Fractured Glass: A Novel Anthology, and 7: The Seven Deadly Sins. Casey L. Bond, N. L. Greene, Kelly Risser, Tia Silverthorne Bach, and Jo Michaels.

As you can see this is a brilliant prize and there will be only one winner. So, who wants this amazing prize?

To be in it to win it I would like you to head over to the facebook pages of the authors below via the links in their names, and like them. Then put #giveaway in the comments. Then, come back and comment in the comments section of my blog. 

I would also love you to sign up to my newsletter. I promise NOT to spam you. I will only inform you of upcoming releases, competitions and giveaways. You can sign you for my newsletter on here or head on over to my website.

A winner will be chosen in two weeks time at random, from those that enter here.

The authors attending at were

Good luck everybody

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*****Competition is now closed and the winner is Clare Roden****

Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition that is being set up right now


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For Sparrow Series: The Dream Dominant Collection (Book 3) Release Date: October 3, 2017 Pre-Order it now for only 99¢.

The Basics:
Title: For Sparrow
Series: The Dream Dominant Collection (Book 3)
Release Date: October 3, 2017
Genres: Erotic Romance
Heat Level: Erotic
Word count: 96,433
Author: Pandora Spocks
Cover Design: Linzi Basset
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER at this Universal Link:

When Jessi Crenshaw’s husband Graham dies unexpectedly, she’s devastated. He’s the only man she’s ever loved. Just eighteen when she met him, she’s been married to him for twenty-five years. Now she’s lost her friend, her lover…and her Dominant.
But as it turns out, Graham had an inkling that his health was in decline, and he tapped his friend and protΓ©gΓ© in the Lifestyle, firefighter and paramedic Judd Farris, to be Jessi’s Dominant until she gets back on her feet.
Judd is determined to fulfill his promise to his friend. But it’s a damn odd arrangement—a platonic Dom/sub relationship. With her fiery auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and audacious spirit, Jessi captured his attention the first time he ever saw her. At her husband’s funeral.
A man could go to hell for the things he’s been thinking. But they’ve drawn a line, and he’s going to stick to it.
Judd’s sexy good looks and his gentle confidence aren’t lost on Jessi. She’s torn between loyalty to the man she loved, and desire for the man increasingly in her fantasies. In the letter Graham left for her, he mentioned that she might find Judd attractive. But that’s simply ridiculous. He’s five years younger than she is. He couldn’t possibly be interested in her. Could he?
Judd’s a Dom without a sub, and Jessi’s a sub without a Dom. It’s perfect for the time being. Could it be that Graham had more in mind than merely a temporary solution?
And could it all end at the hands of a madman?
FOR SPARROW is a contemporary erotic romance novel with a light BDSM theme. It’s the third book in the Dream Dominant Collection.

FOR SPARROW launches on October 3, 2017.
Pre-Order it now for only 99¢.
After launch day, the regular price will be $2.99.

Author Bio:
Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida.

Pandora has had stories pinballing around in her head for years. At one point, she spent hours daydreaming in Mrs. Howe's ninth grade algebra class. She didn't learn much algebra, but she had some really good ideas. Recently she decided to try her hand at sharing those stories with others.

She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance. She is the author of the three-novel epic romance
Rannigan’s Redemption, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night. For Sparrow joins Luke & Bella and Lost & Bound as the third book in The Dream Dominant Collection, a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels.

Pandora is currently at work on her next spicy romance.

Connect with Pandora:


Flickering candlelight greeted them as they entered the bedroom, and Jessi saw various implements lined up on the bed. She looked to Judd.
“I wanted to create the right mood, Angel. Candles seemed the way to go.”
Slowly she approached the bed and lightly fingered what she saw there--a black leather crop, a rectangular paddle also of black leather, a black suede flogger, and a wooden spoon. Judd stepped beside her and slid off his black leather belt, adding it to the assortment.
When she turned to him, his expression was bemused. “Told you I went shopping,” he laughed. “Now, you’ve been such a good girl, I’m going to let you choose what I’m using to spank you with tonight. So what will it be?” He stepped back and folded his arms across his chest, waiting to see her response.
Jessi blinked and looked back to the items on the bed. Her head spun with possibilities, but suddenly she knew the answer. Dropping to her knees, she grasped her wrists behind her back and bowed her head. “Whichever one would please you, Sir.”
“Angel, you please me more than I can say.” He stroked her hair lovingly, then removed his shirt, tossing it into the bathroom.
I think…” He reached down to help her stand, tugging at the dress gathered around her waist to pull it the rest of the way down. “I think we’ll get the biggest bang for our buck…or your butt,” he grinned, “with the paddle. I want you to stand at the end of the bed and lean over.”
Jessi complied, resting her torso on the bed, her head turned toward the slider overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond. In the dim light, she could also see herself, naked and bent over the end of the bed, reflected in the white sheer-shrouded glass. Her expression was wanton, needy. And she felt immensely happy.
Judd smoothed his hand over her bare bottom, pausing to tweak the plug. Jessi gasped at the sensation and felt the need in her core grow. She yelped when the first smack surprised her, but after that, she gave herself over to the sensations, the whack on her cheeks, the vibration in her ass, the tingle in her pussy.
At some point, Judd put down the paddle and used his hands to smooth away the sting. “Up on the bed and on your knees, Angel.”
Jessi complied, and he turned her to face the bank of glass. “Head up. I want you to watch as I fuck your cunt.”
She gasped, her eyes meeting his in the reflection as he impaled her with no further preamble. He pounded into her, all the while fidgeting with the red-jeweled flange of the butt plug. Jessi felt a release of fluid she was powerless to stop.
“Come when you’re ready, Angel. You’ve earned it,” Judd coaxed.
Needing no further encouragement, Jessi cried out as ecstasy overtook her, starting in her drenched core and radiating throughout her body.
“Good girl,” Judd murmured as her shuddering subsided. He leaned forward to kiss her shoulder. “But we’re not done quite yet. I’m still taking your ass tonight.”
Gently, he helped her down to her belly and slid her to the edge of the bed so that her feet rested on the floor. Using his foot, he pushed her feet wide, and he carefully removed the butt plug, wrapping it in a waiting towel. “What’s your color, Angel?”
She heard concern in his voice. “Um, green, Sir. I’m good.”
“Good. Very good.”
Next, Jessi felt a cool dollop of lube at the top of her crack and Judd massaged it around the hole the plug had vacated. That was followed by the pressure of Judd’s cock pushing at her entrance. “Breathe, Angel. Just relax and breathe.”
Jessi did just that, closing her eyes and focusing on the renewed sensation in her pussy as Judd pushed his way into her back hole. When his head pushed past her taut ring, he stopped, giving her a chance to acclimate before he pushed forward.
Jessi raised her head, seeking out his eyes in the glass door. She watched as he slowly pushed himself in to the root, and she saw his chest hitch as he forced himself to hold still again. At the question in his eyes, she nodded, and he gave her the full force of him, withdrawing abruptly, then slamming back into her, pounding her tight passage. He pulled her to her knees to gain better purchase, his balls slapping against her clit with every charge, and she felt her moment building again.
Come with me, Jessi. I want us to come together,” he grunted, as he released himself for the second time that night.
Jessi saw sparks and screamed out her pleasure, continuing to shake as he slid from her grasp and collapsed onto the bed. Judd gathered her to himself, wrapping her in his arms as they both gasped for air. She snuggled in to his chest and he lightly kissed her temple. “I’m yours,” she whispered.
Yes, you are. You’re mine, Jessi.”

Excerpt Choice Two

Jessi’s hands shook. With her index finger, she traced the writing on the front of the envelope. She glanced out the back door to see Judd kick off his shoes and sit on the edge of the pool, sinking his feet in the water. Buddy flopped down beside him and rolled over, wanting his tummy scratched, and Judd obliged.
She turned her attention back to the envelope. Her irrational self told her that if she didn’t open it, somehow everything could go back to normal. But curiosity won the moment, and she slid her thumb under the flap and carefully opened the letter.
My dearest Sparrow,
I’m so sorry I’m not there with you. I can feel my heart beginning to wear out. Please don’t be angry with me for not telling you, I know how you worry about things. We’ve had a good life together. I’ve told you before and I’m telling you again, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. The fact that you are the mother of my children amazes the hell out of me. What did I ever do to deserve such a terrific family?
Jessi reached up to wipe a silent tear from her cheek. Self-consciously, she flicked her eyes out to the pool deck to find that Judd was watching her intently, and he flashed a sympathetic smile. Sniffing, she read on.
It would be pointless, I suppose, to tell you not to mourn. Just don’t do it too long. And don’t you dare wear black. God, I hate all that maudlin bullshit. Now Sparrow, you and I know that you are a natural submissive. I don’t want you to feel lost without a Dominant in your life. I want you to find one, a true Gentleman who will cherish you in the way you deserve. One who will nurture the sexy, sensual woman you truly are. Don’t you go back to some kind of vanilla half-existence. That would really piss me off.
Tears still streaming, she laughed because she could almost hear Graham’s voice.
If you have this letter, you’ve met Judd. I’ve known him for several years now, and he’s a solid Dominant. I’ve asked him to check in on you and to take care of some things around the house. I’ve also asked him to help you out until you find a Dominant of your own. Judd is willing to give you knee time, Sparrow, to help you settle your mind and find peace. I don’t mean sex and kink. He would be a sort of ‘emotional Dominant,’ just until you get back on your feet.
On the other hand, if you found yourself attracted to Judd, it would make me happy knowing that you’d be in good hands. He’s a good man, Jessi, a gentle man and a Gentleman. He would be a perfect sexual Dominant for you. I worry thinking about the dangers out there, Sparrow. You and Judd could make your own way.
Mortified, Jessi glanced out the back door. Thankfully, Judd was staring out across the pool. “I can’t believe you’re telling me these things,” she murmured to herself.
Anyway, I trust you, Sparrow. You’re smart and strong, and I’m so proud of you. Never forget that you are absolutely the love of my life. I’m forever grateful to you for taking my hard, stuffy heart and helping me to be a better man than I ever dreamed about being. Be sure the kids know how much I love them. I love you, my Sparrow, with all my heart. Live happy. Find love and cherish it.
Your loving husband and Master, G.
Jessi was completely undone. Sobbing, she folded her arms on the counter and rested her head on them. She cried until she felt she had no tears left. Moments passed and she raised her head. It hurt and her eyes felt puffy. With a glance at Judd and Buddy still sitting by the pool, she went into the powder room and splashed water on her face.
Taking a deep breath, she forced her feet out the back door and across the pool deck. Judd smiled up at her kindly. “How are you holding up?”
Jessi shrugged as she stepped out of her sandals and sat beside him, slipping her feet into the cool water. They sat without speaking, each gently sliding feet through the water, watching the ripples cross the pool and return to them. Judd moved his foot under her leg and raised her foot to the surface. The fuchsia nail polish was chipped and peeling.
How long since you had a pedicure, Jessi?” he asked gently.
She moved her foot away and looked at him sharply. “What exactly did your letter say, Judd?”
He exhaled forcefully. “Like I said, he was worried about you. He said that you’re submissive and that you might need somebody in your life until you find your way.” He glanced at her knowingly. “When was the last time your mind was quiet, little one?”
A tear slid down Jessi’s cheek and she swiped at it roughly. “So, you’re my appointed Dominant, is that it?” she asked testily.
“It’s not like that.” Judd looked at her steadily. “Graham and I were friends. We talked about Dominance and submission for hours over the years. He trusted me. Trusted me with the one thing that meant the most to him in the world.”
He paused, gazing at her thoughtfully. “He didn’t want you to run into the wrong kind of man while you’re looking to ease your mind, to fill that emptiness that I see in your eyes.” Jessi stubbornly looked away and swiped at her cheek again.
“You know, it’s entirely up to you. I’m going to complete the list of things around your house. I promised him I would. But whether you accept me as a surrogate Dominant? Only you can decide that.”
He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “You miss knee time, I know you do,” he said softly. “A chance to just let go of all the concerns that weigh you down.” Jessi turned back to look at him, her expression softer. “I’m not talking about kinky sex, tying you up and all that. I’m offering you a chance to clear your mind of everything, let me carry your burdens for a while.”
“Why? Why would you do that?” Her voice was strained.
Judd shrugged. “I’m Dominant. It’s what I crave, to be needed, to take care of a submissive.” He laughed lightly. “I’m a Dominant without a submissive, and you’re a submissive without a Dominant. For the time being, it works out well.”
He gazed at her steadily, kindness in his brown eyes. “Just say the word. Do you want knee time, little one?”
Another tear rolled down her cheek. And she nodded. “Yes,” she whispered. “I want knee time.”
He smiled patiently. “Yes, what, little one?”
“Yes, Master.”
Judd shook his head. “I’m not your Master, little one. Yes, Sir will do.”
Unconsciously, Jessi bowed her head submissively. “Yes, Sir, may I please have knee time?”
“Yes, you may,” he responded gently. “There is a big leather chair in your den. Be kneeling beside the chair in two minutes. Your eyes will be closed and you will clear your mind. Do you understand, little one?”
“Yes, Sir.” Jessi stood and started to walk away, but then turned and looked at him anxiously. “My clothes, Sir?”
“Your clothes are fine the way they are,” he answered. “Hurry. I’ll come to you shortly.”
“Yes, Sir,” she said, and she hurried into the house.

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Signed Paperback Giveaway on Goodreads for "From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive"

In celebration of the release of the paperback version of 
"From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive"
Six signed paperback copies of my latest book are available on Goodreads to win
on the 10th September 2017

The Blurb:

After discovering her submissive nature, Suzie Foster finds a Dom who she believes can give her everything she needs. 
But after a time, his attitude and treatment begin to change. 
Even with her limited experience in the Lifestyle, Suzie knows she has to end their Dom/sub relationship. 
Then, just when things seem to be going right for Suzie, she is taken from her life and held captive. 
Will Suzie ever get to experience the true Dom/sub relationship she seeks? 
Or is the life of an enslaved captive; at the hands of a cruel Dom, the last thing she will ever know?

**BE WARNED: Some descriptions are vivid and can be a trigger for sensitive readers.

**Sexual Content
**Suitable for ages 18 and over

For further details of the giveaway head over to my website 

Keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic giveaway and details of my attendance to Chapter.con in London, at St Mary's University College recently on my blog and website.

Prizes include signed books, swag, posters, etc.

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Book signing in WH Smiths, Trafford Centre, Manchester 28th April 2019

I am proud to announce that I will be doing my very first solo book signing in the Trafford Centre in Manchester on the 28th o...