Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello there

and a good morning to all my friends out there.

As you can see I now have a new Avi, this ties in with my Twitter feed over on

  and I would love you to visit and perhaps we can chat sometime.

Each week I will be adding reviews and recommendation of the various books that I have read, so please look out for them.

I read a wide variety of books as I am a multi-faceted individual (much as yourselves), so expect to see anything from fact to fiction and from thriller to sci fi.

There so many marvellous genres such as fantasy, sci fi, thrillers, erotica, historical romance (I could go on).

I hope to entertain you and persuade you to try something different from your usual fare (variety after all is purported to be the spice of life)

Meanwhile plans are moving forward for the cover artwork of my first book, and as such a photo shoot is being arranged of myself posing as the heroine. The artwork will either be one of the actual shots or artwork to be produced based on those shots themselves. The issue is still open for debate.

I am hoping to commission some artwork on this basis. This in turn will mean it may become available at a later date to the public as prints

Of course I will retain the original and hope to display this in my home.

From time to time I will be recommending a Blog or two, so keep your eyes peeled.

Today I have two Blogs to recommend to you.

The first Blog is by Vanessa Wester, a published author and the writer of Hybrid,The Evolution Trilogy

This charts the journey taken by Steven Thorn when he discovers he is a member of the next evolutionary stage of mankind. The difference being that he is a Hybrid - half new breed, half human.
Throughout the Trilogy we meet and find out about this new community of individuals.  These special people have vampiric tendencies and are exceptional in many ways.  They are a family, they look out for each other, they keep to themselves, and they care for one another.  Generally, they stay away from humanity, but this is all set to change.
The next stage of evolution is complete, and the new members of humanity will come face to face with their ancestors.
In Hybrid, Caitlin Chance and Steven Thorn's meet at University and fall in love at first sight. However, when Steven is discovered they are forced to separate. Steve is taken to the community and his fate is sealed. He is not normal and his choices are restricted. An accident will change this, his life is about to get complicated...
In Complications, Steven gets to know his grandparents and comes face to face with the reality of his mother's internal struggle. His mum, Emily, has a dark side that once exposed reveals her true nature. It turn out she is the main reason they can not live amongst humanity. However, when Steven manages to convince his grandparents to return to England, he is reunited with Caitlin, and then events take a further twist. It makes the return to the community imminent...

In Return (to be published in 2013) the future for the community, Caitlin and Steven is revealed... 

 I am currently reading this fantastic book and will be sharing my review with you soon (I am loving this book)

The second Blog is The Grumbling Gargoyle which is Gothic horror, their latest Blog includes an intriguing short story about Valentine's day. So go and visit these and bookmark them for future visits (you know you want to

Here's hoping that you all have a satisfying and wonderful day.

See you soon and bye for now.

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