Monday, 23 September 2013

Blog Hop Interview - Tag You're It

First off I have to thank the very sexy Mr John Satisfy for the opportunity to take part in this Blog Hop.

Last week, I didn't run quite fast enough and so he tagged me.

Last week was his turn to post on his Blog where ( as we all get to do), he answered the same questions as I am about to do today.

Please do go and check out John's Blog as he is a very sexy, sensual writer and you will notice comments from myself there, as I do frequent and read his posts.

Thanks a bunch John for allowing me to join this fantastic Blog Hop and for thinking of me when hunting for new victims........oops authors to entice aboard.

Hopefully the authors I tag at the bottom of this post will participate on Monday the 30th September 2013 Here's hoping this will continue for a few weeks more.

There are links on John's Blog to the other authors participating in this Blog Hop go check them out too.

So here we go to our first question of the day

1) What are you working on right now?

Well, I am actually working on two novels at the moment. The first one to be published (hopefully before Christmas ) is The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen). This novel is a paranormal erotic romance set on a Steampunk world and will be published as an ebook initially but will also appear in print.

This book includes a full cast of colourful, dark characters, set on the planet of Syros. There are fantastical beings on this world, including dragons, werewolves and magicians to mention but a few.

The world of Syros as a Steampunk world abounds with dirigibles, automatons and huge mechanical dragonflies. The story begins with the kidnap and capture of the main protagonist Alex, and the sexy adventures she finds herself caught up in in the process.

The second book is an anthology of short erotic stories (as yet untitled), that will be released sometime after Christmas.

This is alongside of writing for my Blog, interviews on both my Blog and for the site Skelat, gig reviews and much, much more.

2) How does it differ from other works in it's genre?

The series of books are all set in the first person, sharing Alex's perspective of her on going situation. There is some tongue in cheek humour, at the situations she finds herself in.

The compilation of genre, and sub genre that involves paranormal, erotica, romance and Steampunk , although, not unknown is an unusual combination in itself.

Steampunk has a growing fan base and a more in depth explanation of what is known as Steampunk can be found in an interview I did for Casey Ryan on his Blog entitled  Brass, Leather, and Ingenuity: A Steampunk primer by guest: Scarlett Flame.

3) Why do you write what you do?

I actually write in a number of genre under my own name, as well as under my pen name of Scarlett Flame (you didn't really think that was my real name did you?) Including writing children's stories.

I write about the characters such as dragons, dragon riders, werewolves and magicians etc. as in the main this is what I like to read myself. That, and erotica I love James Lusarde, Cole Browning, John Satisfy, and of course the ladies too.  The ladies in question being Suzy Ayers, Molly Wishlade amongst others too many to mention. I love to convey a scene and set the mood and pace in order to draw the reader in and carry them along.

If in the  process of reading my stories it evokes a response, then my job is well done. It should also move the writer too, which is a good test especially with erotic fiction.

I also like other genres too such as horror, Sci fi and suspense thrillers too.

4) How does your writing process work?

I decide where I want the story to go, but sometimes the characters in the story take over and lead me a merry dance first. So the story may vary a little but I know the general direction that I want it to take.

I love the use of different words to describe and convey textures, feelings, aromas and atmospheres All that goes in to setting a scene.  I also love to collect words. By nature I am a word collector and have a notebook to prove it.

Should anyone ever find this notebook they may wonder what they have discovered as it is in the main an erotic thesaurus of sorts. I may be reading another author's work and see a word or phrase that grabs my attention, and it is added to the book.

I hand write the first draft as I feel the work flows easier for me that way. Then it is typed on to my computer and edited and proofread as I type.

On my hand written draft I will put words I know I want to add to help set the scene in the margins ready to use. This helps me add emotion or set the pace to the story. I then insert these in order to vary the scenes too so that hopefully they don't become too repetitive.

I also dream parts of my stories (as you can imagine I have pretty erotic vivid dreams) especially after writing a particularly racy part of a story as they remain fixed in my brain. I have a notebook and pen next to the bed then jot them down as best I can upon awakening. He he wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in some of my dreams?

All in all I am very happy with my musings so far, and readers have very kindly left very lovely comments regarding how well written they are. An especial accolade when most are left by fellow authors.

Thank you once again John for giving me the opportunity to share this story of my WIP (Work in Progress )

The three victims... oops sorry I mean to say author's I am tagging are;

I have another Blog almost complete so you get the joy of two in one week you lucky people
See you soon

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