Sunday, 3 February 2013

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I was recently asked to expand on the subject of Steampunk and to explain a little bit more about what is meant by this term. Therefore after giving this some thought I believe that some examples of this genre may be useful.

The first novels (that I am aware of) to include what is now considered to be Steampunk are those of Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and those of H. G. Wells such as The Time Machine. These are now considered the epitome of this genre.

Steampunk has in general terms been described as modern technology i.e. Computers but powered by steam and also set in the 1800's

The genre intimates that this happened due to an alternate time line pertaining to the Industrial Revolution, resulting in the overall use of steam as an energy source.

Keep in your mind's eye the machines used in the film The Wild, Wild West from 1999      
With imagination it is possible to imagine these machines to include analog computers, air ships and other machines such as these.
A good example is also the train that could be used in time travel from Back to the Future Part 3
There are also sub genre to this which includes clothing (goggles being popular!), music, comics, the list goes on and is worth exploring.
I hope our little discussion assists in your understanding the genre that will be described in this new world my books are set in
Now I promised you a review of a book I read quite recently by the amazing James Lusarde so as promised I will share it with you here

The Train of Arousal
The use of imagery in this book is so beautiful and sensual and unexpected.

Oh my goodness James Lusarde is truly a very gifted wordsmith, this beautifully written piece of erotic prose quickly drew me in and delighted me.

His scintillating narrative was such a pleasure to read and the clever imagery kept me reading. Who knew erotic fiction could be so beautiful and left me wanting more.

Congratulations James you have just acquired a new fan.

Next time I board a train it will be with a knowing smile

Well I'm sure you will agree that this would make an excellent choice of reading on a train!!

I hope you will make some time to visit James's Blog here for more information

I can thoroughly recommend a visit to this Blog and also to purchase his wonderfully sensuous books.

Bye for now and see you all soon

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