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My interview with the gorgeous David Geftakys

I have recently had the extreme pleasure of conducting an interview with David Geftakys. David is a singer based in Los Angeles Here is his Bio

David Geftakys is a new artist/songwriter from Los Angeles. His first big splash in the music world came with the release of his first music video and single "Games We Play" which has been spreading all over social networks.
He has several releases already under his belt. His first EP, 'Lines In My Hands', was met with strong reviews from both critics and fans. His single 'And You' was rated in the top 1% of song reviews by SoundOut, a partner of Fontana music, and his single 'Say It All' Was rated in the top 5%. David's songs have become a favourite with online Radio DJ's and fans alike, earning him several features as Artists of the Month, Artists of the Year, and Best Music Video (Artists In Music Awards) nominations. David appeared on the late-night style show, 'Live Taping with David Valdez' at Universal Studios, and was a guest on KCLA's 'The In Show'. But by far David's biggest hit with his fans has been 'Games We Play' and the music video that accompanied the release.

So sit yourselves down grab a glass of something cool and here we go.

My first question for David

1) I did some research on you and your career and wanted to ask you about your involvement with "Music for a cure", I'm not sure whether you are aware but I am a qualified Children's Nurse and have worked extensively with critically ill children. Will you be participating in any future events such as this?
Yes, a few years back I was asked to play at a small charity event in support of "Music for a Cure". I think Music for a Cure is a great organization and of course I would love to be there to support them and organizations like them in anyway I can. So many people and their families have been impacted by cancer in ways that I think are hard to imagine unless you've gone through it. I would encourage anyone you has an opportunity to support organizations which are searching for a cure to definitely get involved.

2) As you know I do play your music and am a fan. A particular favourite of mine is "Games we play". Have you a favourite song or cover of your own? Is there any particular reason why this is a favourite?

  I have a lot of favorites, probably to be expected as a musician. :-) And my favorite as far as other people's music would go probably changes every week, or at least every month. =) A few weeks ago I actually covered a song at one of my acoustic performances. I performed Skyfall by Adelle and was joined halfway to the performance by Casey Abrams from American Idol. But I do have a few all-time favorites like Name by The Google Dolls or Message in a Bottle by The Police. I can't see myself getting tired of those classics.

3) You worked in collaboration on another favourite song of mine "You're Alive" with David Gielan. Can we expect to see any future collaborations with either David or another artist? I have this one on my cloud and love the words.

 Yes. Although I don't have a collaboration scheduled right now I do love collaborating with other artists and I'm sure something else is in the works in the near future. The lyrics on that song were fun to write and we wanted to give a feeling of hope to some of those who feel alone or powerless. We wanted to remind people they have so much possibility within themselves.

4) Who wrote "You're Alive" and is there a tale to tell behind the words?

 I guess my last answer kind of answers this question. I wrote this song with David Gielan. We just wanted to put together a song that made people feel good, full of energy, and most importantly remind people that they're important.

5) I know your favourite film is "Rear Window". Have you ever considered acting as a profession?

 Yeah, I love that movie along with quite a few other offered Hitchcock films. When I first moved to Los Angeles, before I was approached by an opportunity in music I was acting at Playhouse West, an acting school in North Hollywood. I guess I just love creativity in general. And though music is my lifelong passion, ever since I can remember, performing as an actor could be another very exciting and rewarding vocation.

6) This is one question that all your UK and Irish fans may be interested in (myself included!). Will you be coming to the UK to perform either live or in concert in the near future?
  I love knowing that my UK and Irish fans are excited to see me come to the UK, but you're not alone. In fact I bet I'm more excited about getting a chance to tour there than you are. Ha ha ha I don't have this tour scheduled as of yet, but I'm making the connections on the business side to try to make that happen. And of course, the only real way it's ever going to happen is if my UK and Ireland fans keep sharing my music aggressively with everyone they can find there, including radio & TV stations. With your help I know I'll be there before long.
7) If you did come to the UK have you a dream venue to perform at?
  I've always seen myself playing somewhat more intimate venues all around the UK and Ireland. Of course who wouldn't love to play at renowned concert halls like The Royal Albert Hall? But for me I am equally as eager to get a chance to connect directly with my fans (as you all know) and smaller venues definitely give an artist that opportunity.
8) I know that you play piano and guitar(acoustic and electric), are there any other instruments you would like to play?
  I would love to play something like the clarinet or trumpet, and of course I love the drums. In fact, I have held off from getting myself a set of drums specifically because I know once I have I get a set I will do nothing but play them. Ha ha ha
9) Have you ever managed to meet any of your favourite performers in real life? If so can you let us know who they were?
 Yes, I have. Several actually. I met the guitar player from Alice In Chains and the drummer Stewart Copeland from The Police. Both of those musicians are from bands I have loved my whole life. Sum41 partied with me and my hotel room in Tokyo which was kind of nuts. And I've also met downs like Blue Γ–yster Cult and Foghat who are big classic rock bands. That was pretty cool. For me I'd really rather connect with people as "people", not really into the celebrity thing. In my personal opinion it is very dehumanizing.

My grateful thanks to David for his insights and lovely responses to my interview questions.

You can find David on Twitter and on Facebook too so please do me (and David) a favour and follow this amazing and gorgeous young man and support him in his future career, as I do.
I had a 10th question but you will have to visit Skelat to see the answer as I will be sharing this post with them I am one of the interviewers for Skelat and currently researching my next victim (oops interviewee!)
For all of you waiting for the final part of my three part story,  that will be published this week.

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Rhodes review and List of recommended Blogs and Bio's and a couple of book reviews Phew!! *wipes brow*

Coralli Restaurant and Apartments

As many of you know I have recently been on holiday to the beautiful Island of Rhodes. Therefore, I
feel this is the ideal opportunity to review some of the places I visited whilst there.

I stay at a lovely apartment complex called Coralli Restaurant and Apartments 

Coralli is situated between Lardos and Pefkos and boasts stunning vistas. Famous for it's traditional Greek cuisine and also sporting a large pool (including an area for toddlers). There is also an area where there are computers that are pay as you go for a small charge and free Wi-Fi available.

This was my 2nd visit to Coralli and a large number of their visitors are on their 5th, 6th and sometimes more visits. The place, and the people are addictive.

The complex was opened in 1992 and attracts visitors from around the world.

The owners are Tsambika and Yannis, husband and wife team.  They are very gracious and welcoming hosts. Their son Nikos also works at the complex. The bar staff, waiters, if fact all the staff are so obliging and try to give you the best time (and succeed too!) I have to give a mention to Pete, George, Nikos, Andreas and Angela they are fabulous and unforgettable too.

Fabulous food, a fabulous vista and fabulous people too.

The food at the Coralli is mouth watering and sure to pack on the pounds! but who cares? This was my breakfast dish of yogurt and fruit prepared by the gorgeous George. Also a fantastic selection of cocktails are available invariably served by Pete.



As a group we also ate at a newly managed restaurant Lambis. This is situated just off the main thoroughfare in Pefkos (on the road to the beach near the resort centre) Nine of us ladies landed in the roof top restaurant and were quickly seated and drinks ordered.

I must admit we waited a little nervously for our food, as there weren't too many people eating there, at that particular time. We need not have been anxious because the food was glorious with more than ample portions. We also received two large platters of fresh fruit for dessert - gratis.

Very reasonably priced, this was a wonderful meal served by efficient and friendly staff. I recommend a visit should you ever find yourself in Pefkos


The final place I will mention in Pefkos is a place called Eclipse. Which is an amazing venue with a large pool area with waterfalls all along the back wall adjacent to the large pool. You can dive into the pool from the top as many times as you want for 2 Euros! Needless to say sex in lifts - maybe! Jump off a high rocky plinth into a pool - maybe not!

As it was the start of the season the place was quite quiet but I believe it is a popular venue. There are numerous videos on YouTube showing people diving into the pool.


One of our evening trips out was a trip to a pretty and enthralling village called Gennadi. Clusters of little white painted villas of all shapes and sizes were set amongst a jumble of winding streets. Bougainvillea's trailing and rambling over the walls. Everyone acknowledges you, nodding and saying "hello".


Firstly we had a drink in a little bar located at Effie's Dreams Holiday studios. We sat drinking in the shade of an ancient mulberry tree reputed to be over a thousand years old. Here we were warmly greeted by Barbara the manager. We sat in this tranquil spot with music and the sound of  gently lapping water evident from the natural spring flowing nearby.

We then headed to Sergio's, a restaurant a pleasant stroll away across the other side of the village The food here was bountiful and tasted equally wonderful. The owner Popy came and sat with us and regaled us with jokes, chatting about another restaurant worth a visit! There were twelve ladies for this, and despite our large number we had a wonderful evening.

Good food, good friends and good cheer.

Although we didn't visit the beach ( it was evening when we visited), I am led to believe it to be the
nicest beach on Rhodes.;    



This week I will be reviewing two books by the same author Cole Browning.

They are Lone House and Second Nature.

Product Description for Lone House on Amazon

Sometimes a job offer can lead you in a new and wonderful direction, sometimes it can leave you screaming in the dark. Is there such a thing as an offer that is too good to be true? Or is it merely that one needs to adapt and look for the pleasures it may bring.
Kate is a single woman in a dead end job; she dreams of changing her life’s direction, but until now she has done nothing about it. When she finally does, her desire to switch paths brings her to Lone House. Its name does this building no justice at all - only ‘Lone’ is accurate. The house stands isolated and empty; no one remembers ever seeing the owners and they have arranged for house sitters to live there. But these house sitters never seem to stay very long.
What secrets does the house shelter within its grounds? Will the next sitter go the way of the previous ones, where-ever that was?
Kate is to be the next resident at Lone House and soon finds things are not always as they seem. Some things are even better. The old house harbours secrets and lustful desires of its own. The question is: Will Kate adapt to her new life, taking advantage of what it offers, or will she flee back to the life she had before? One thing is for sure; everyone in contact with Kate and Lone House will find their lives changed for ever.


I read this book on my holidays in Rhodes, and it certainly got me HOT under the collar.

Lone House is a mysterious house and it doesn't take you long to find out why!

I won't give a spoiler because I hate when people do that. Suffice to say that this was an extremely entertaining and very sexy read. So much so, that I downloaded Second Nature (another book written by Cole) immediately after.  I couldn't wait to review this book too.  If you love erotica (as I do!) especially well written erotica and,  if you love a little *fantasy* with your erotica. This is the one for you.

A well deserved 5 stars! Well done Mr Browning I loved it

Product Description for Second Nature on Amazon

Nature it’s all about us. There is the common stuff we see every day and thus hardly notice and then once in a while from somewhere, a new form of nature springs up. It is this latest new form that by a very personal introduction enters the lives of a number of ladies, for example Jasmine and Michelle; life throws them together as nature arrives unbidden and only by adapting can they hope ride out the adventure. One thing is very certain no one that comes in contact with Second Nature will ever be the same again.


I downloaded this book after first reading Lone House, on Kindle. I enjoyed the first book so much I wanted to read more by this author.

I wasn't sure quite what to expect! as there was no review available as yet for this title. But, I needn't have been worried because I loved it!

This is an extremely unusual erotic book but it is also another very HOT one too. I won't *spoil* the book with a spoilers I hate them. But this has a lot of twists and turns you don't expect.

Although I wasn't sure at first whether is was fantasy or Sci-Fi. Ultimately it appears to combine the two in an unusual way.

 Needless to say a big pat on the back Mr Browning.

Once again you have impressed me with your erotic storytelling. Write faster so that I can read more.

Another 5 stars well deserved.

I will shortly be adding to this Blog a list of Bio's and links to other Blogs and pages

So keep your eyes peeled

Bye for now



   Blog List

Shaun Allan

 A creator of many prize winning short stories and poems, Shaun Allan has written for more years than he would perhaps care to remember. Having once run an online poetry and prose magazine, he has appeared on Sky television to debate, against a major literary agent, the pros and cons of internet publishing as opposed to the more traditional method. Many of his personal experiences and memories are woven into the point of view and sense of humour of Sin, the main character in his best-selling novel of the same name, although he can’t, at this point, teleport.
A writer of multiple genres, including horror, humour and children’s fiction, Shaun goes where the Muse takes him – even if that is kicking and screaming.
Shaun lives with his wife, daughters, cats and fish!  Oh and a manic dog.  Though his life might, at times, seem crazy, he is not.
 Francis Potts
Francis Potts has worked on a farm, as a teacher in a school, as a software engineer, and as a masseur. He now lives and works near Land's End, in West Cornwall.

Seumas Gallacher

Seumas Gallacher was born in the Cradle of the Govan Shipyards in Glasgow in the so-called "bad old days", which were really the greatest of days, where everybody was a true character of note.

An early career as a trainee banker led to a spell in London, where his pretence to be a missionary converting the English fell on deaf ears

Escape to the Far East in 1980 opened up access to cultures and societies on a global scale, eventually bringing the realisation that the world is simply one large, extended village.

The lifelong desire to write resulted in THE VIOLIN MAN'S LEGACY, the first in a planned series. Seumas' sequel novel. VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK was launched early July 2012. The third, SAVAGE PAYBACK, will be released in the late 2013 with at least two other books to follow in the same vein. Ebook downloads of his novels exceed 67,500 to date.

Seumas lives in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.


Blog                 :
Twitter              : @seumasgallacher
Facebook         :
Email               :

John Satisfy is an erotica author that specializes in fulfilling fantasies with words. His stories are written specifically with the woman's perspective in mind, but are enjoyed by both genders. Often what starts out as a simple or straightforward scene morphs into something slightly unexpected which is where part of the fun lies. Sex should not be completely predictable, neither should erotica. While some of his works may play with BDSM themes, come across in a more playful manner.
After spending his younger years traveling and living through the United States, he is currently living in the Midwest with his new wife. In his free time he loves to bake, listen to music, and take photos, finding ways to express himself with food, song, and images.

Jonathon Fletcher

Jonathon Fletcher was born and brought up in Bramhall, near Stockport, England. After studying Art & Design at school, he went on to complete a Foundation course in Art at Stockport College and then completed three years as a film student in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He graduated after making a short science fiction film entitled "Unity" with his mates Mark, Paul and Pete (and so many others too numerous to name, thank-you all!). After leaving the North-East, he became a prop maker, set builder and art director working at Cosgrove Hall Films in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy and Hot Animation in Altrincham. He worked on several shows that included "Brambly Hedge", "Lavender Castle", "Rocky and the Dodos" and the first fourteen series of "Bob the Builder". Among his most noteworthy creations were the first cardboard prototype for Scoop the JCB, Bob the Builder's (voiced by Neil Morrissey) mobile phone and tool kit, and the Gibson Les Paul guitar for Lennie Lazenby (voiced by Chris Evans). He finally opted for the "good life" and became a professional gardener and married Louise, who was the only one that would put up with his sh!t. He is now working as a gardener back up in the beautiful Northumberland countryside. The one thing that remained constant throughout was his love for science fiction and for writing. This has reached its conclusion in the writing of the forthcoming "Unity" series, based on the idea for his short film, which starts here with the "Josiah Trenchard" short stories. he's on Twitter as "JonGardener" and on YouTube as "Evilgenius1972"

Blakely Bennett

Blakely Bennett, author of the My Body Trilogy (My Body-His, My Body-His Marcello, & My Body-Mine) grew up in Southeast Florida and has been residing in the great Northwest for over eight years. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in psychology, which accounts for her particular interest in crafting the personalities, struggles, and motivations of her characters. She is an avid reader of many genres of fiction, but especially erotica and romance. Writing has always been her bliss. She is attracted to stories of self-struggle and ultimate recovery.
Blakely's trilogy can be found in the US on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble  and Smashwords  Her books are also available on Amazon in Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.
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