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Mog Stanley - Album review for ROLAND

Mog Stanley - Album review for ROLAND

Released 2nd August 2015 

Mog Stanley is an Indie musician from Preston in Lancashire. Who is described, on his Bandcamp profile as "Song singing guitar playing foot tapping blues folk indie musician residing in the northern quarter of beautiful England. Armed with only a vintage guitar and home-made percussion box to keep him company, Mog Stanley’s old-school, DIY set-up has made him stand out like the proverbial sore thumb with catchy blues fuelled, melody driven songs." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Mog Stanley is a multi-instrumentalist from Preston, Lancashire. A one man band, noise making musician with an ear for melody. - - - - ---- ------ A guitar playing, foot tapping blues rock musician. His melodic and haunting vocals are beautiful and touching. Creating Blues style riffs, accompanied by his modern day and thought provoking lyrics this is serious "Gut-thumping Northern Blues."

Mog delivers a blend of electric, rhythm and blues rock, essentially a one man band extraordinaire.

I was recently asked to review his latest album ROLAND, which was an absolute pleasure for me.

There are 13 tracks on the album

1)   -26 +25
2)   Future House
3)   Spinning Plates
4)   Lalala lala la la ( Bone Collector)
5)   U-Turn
6)   Red Yella Blues
7)   Bombscare
8)   Enigma
9)   Paperthin
10) Like You Do
11) Tricky Mouth Blues
12) Running in the Dark
13) Closer to Jesus

Roland is the result of 18 months of work, which Mog is now happy to present to the World. Mog says that most of the work was recorded in one bedroom, and finished off in another - AMAZING!

Mog is an Indie artist with fantastic skills, composing, mixing and playing guitar along with clever use of his home- made percussion box, with the accompanying skills of Lee Anthony Calpee.

The first track -26 +25, is really only a little snippet of his guitar skills to whet your appetite leading in to Future House, which I feel has a distinctive Dystopian feel to it.

Spinning Plates, which I loved and is one of my favourite tracks on this album has a rock & roll edginess to a bluesy renditioning. Definitely making me want to get up and dance. This is also where I feel the title of the album came from - Roland.

Lalala lala la la ( Bone Collector) is up next, with a haunting, ghostly melody running throughout.

U-Turn is another foot tapping, Blues / Indie/ pop rock number.

Red Yella Blues - this track particularly makes you wonder how Mog manages to make sounds like this , as it emulates what you would expect to hear from to a four piece band! Yet is basically a one-man show. A mix of rhythm, blues, finger picking, indie pop and rock with beautiful haunting harmonies running smoothly through. This one left me wanting more- another 
of my favourite tracks.

Enigma has a different feel again. Beautiful guitar playing, slower, very chilled with pretty lyrics. This one made me think of Golden Brown by the Stranglers.

Paperthin , an upbeat, faster rendition with numerous tempo changes. This one feels like it takes you on a journey.

Like You Do - Lovely harmonising vocals on this one, amazingly smooth - vocals  like melted chocolate.

Tricky Mouth Blues - oh yes a rockabilly, rock & roll track for sure.

Running in the Dark takes it up a notch, a faster track for you to get your dancing shoes on to, with very spooky sounds and lyrics. Final track Closer to Jesus is a rock & roll track.

Loved this album and especially Spinning Plates, Red Yella Blues and Enigma.

You can find Mog's album on Bandcamp

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