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Smut in the City, the city of Manchester that is

I attended my second reading slam event ever, on Saturday 24th October in Manchester. The day began at the Bangkok Bar & Restaurant at  40 - 44 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD, then on to Chapter One Bookshop Cafe, for the evening event.

The event was organised by Victoria Blisse and her husband Kev, and it was a pleasure to attend as everyone is so welcoming.

Chapter One is situated in the Northern Quarter of Manchester on Lever Street at Chatsworth House, 19 Lever Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 1BY

To say I was a tad nervous is a major understatement. I, of course had a large glass of red wine for Dutch courage, prior to reading my piece. Although I know I wasn't the only nervous one that day.

More about Smut

Smut Manchester is a fun day of smutty entertainment arranged by Smut.UK & Jw Creative networker and sponsored by taking place on Saturday, 24th Oct 2015 at Bangkok Bar & Restaurant (40 Princess St, M1 6DD) from 11am to 6pm – plus – A Dr Sketchy Manchester After Party at Chapter One Books (19 Lever Street, M1 1BY) from 6:30pm

What is Smut Manchester?
Smut Events are fun, safe, inclusive days out where our community of Erotica Writers, Sex Bloggers, Talented Performers, Consensual Sluts, Geeks & Those that love them get together to socialise, exchange ideas and inspire one another.

With Interactive Workshops, Reading Slams, Kink Craft teaching folks how to make a “Mini Flogger”, A BDSM Dungeon from Roissy Workshops - RWN, Club Lash telling you about their monthly alternative & fetish club night plus an Erotic Market with naughty treats on sale, and the World Famous Smut.UK Erotic Tombola with some sensational prizes for you to win and the Dr Sketchy Manchester After Party with Wild Performances that are sure to entertain it’ll be a fun packed day we are sure you’ll enjoy.

Why should you visit a smut event?
Aural Pleasure! That’s why! It’s a wonderful way to stimulate your mind. Our Reading Slams feature incredibly talented writers from the world of Erotica and Erotic Romance reading out short excerpts from their published stories to tease, inspire and delight you. You never know quite what you might hear next and where that might lead you, it’s a fabulous way to discover new authors, new books and maybe even new genres for you to explore.

Visual Pleasure! We'll have fabulous performances to tease, inspire and delight you. Watching a partners reaction to whats being performed can be a stimulating experience all of it’s own, and could lead to maybe discovering a new kink or way to tease which can be incredibly exciting and is highly recommended.

Educational Pleasure! With informative workshops and demonstrations, you'll not only experience but you'll learn as well. Coming away with new ideas and new skills.

Fabulous Goodie Bags were be provided to the first 50 guests who arrive on the day.

They had  delicious food & snacks and various drinks offers available at the bar throughout the day.

The day began proper at 11.25 with a welcome from the Queen of Smut Victoria Blisse.

Next up at 11.30am was a teaching session from Liv Honeywell and Ashley R Lister. This was a session with instruction on how to write, and also with instruction of how to go about reading in public. The two as you can well imagine are very different things. This was an interactive workshop and very informative. A boon before I myself had to perform also.

Lunch was 12.15 until 1.15 pm, and a chance for people to meet and greet a little more, and reconnect with others that I had met at Sexibition in August. Sexibition was the first time I had read a piece from my books in public.

There were three reading slams in total, and I was rather glad that I was in the first one, but not the first performer. That way I could then chill with another large glass of red wine and enjoy the other performances.

Those performing in the three reading slams were Bella SettarraKay JaybeeScarlett Flame, Zak Jane KeirVictoria BlisseK D GraceLiv Honeywell Erotica, Ashley R Lister, Helen J Perry, Deana CarrollJanine Ashbless - author pageAnna Sky EroticaLucy Felthouse and Slave Nano. 

The time limit for the readings was 5 mins and if you went over your allotted time, you gort spanked. Needless to say I DID go over - Bad girl.

The event was also attended by a number of bloggers including Just_Indecerous , Horny GeekGirl, Lola Sparkles, and Anna Sky. Check out their blogs please.

Unfortunately Jennifer Denny who was due to read but couldn't attend the event, so graciously, she has allowed me to post the reading slam she would have read out at the event. Enjoy.

This is from a story I have out at Christmas, called Naughty Christmas Wishes. The setting for this story is that Fay, an old fairy from the top of the Christmas Tree, has been discarded in favour of a brand new angel (ahhhh!). She goes to a paranormal bar to drown her sorrows and sees four hunky elves. Closing her eyes she makes a wish…

I wish, for once, that a young, handsome elf would be interested, and not see me as an ageing fairy, ready for the scrapheap…
A hand fondled her neck and Fay jumped.
As she turned to see who was touching her she nearly fell out of her seat when she saw it was King, one of the elves.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”
“I saw you sitting here by yourself. No-one should be on their own at Christmas. Can I get you a drink?” 
For a few moments, Fay couldn’t talk—unable to believe her ears. Was the most beautiful, and sexy, creature in the room really talking to her?
King smiled down at her and her pussy flooded. “Of course, if you are waiting for someone else, I’ll leave you alone.”
She clutched his arm to steady herself—well, to stop him leaving, in actual fact.
The elf wrapped an arm around her waist.
Holy Christmas! That is soooo good.
She leaned in toward him.
“Join us?” he said, nodding at his friends who were all waving her eagerly to come to their table.
“Sure.” Fay’s voice was very husky as King led her over.
Part of her mind was flabbergasted wondering if her wish had been granted.
Surely not? Her wishes never get answered. But just in case the wish fairy was working extra time this Christmas, Fay quickly made another one.
Please, please, can I have sex with at least one of these gorgeous hunks tonight?
“So, Fay, what’s a lovely fairy like you doing in a joint like this?”
As she raised her eyes to the ceiling, the other elves all hooted and slapped Ringo on the head.
He looked incredulously at them. “Well, I meant, it’s Christmas Eve. We rarely see any fairies in here at this time of year.”
Everyone turned to look at Fay with matching expressions of curiosity.
Fay shifted uneasily. “Umm. Well, I kinda lost my job.”
King rubbed her back. It felt marvellous. “Kind of? Or for real?” he asked in a quiet, soothing voice.
She shrugged. “For real, I guess. They took me down off the tree and put a shiny new angel in my place.”
Elliott swiftly stood up, the legs of his chair screeching as he propelled it backwards. “How dare they throw you out in the street?”
Fay flushed. “Actually, they didn’t throw me out. Just shoved me in a corner. I’m the one that left home.”
King wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly against his body. She could feel his cock. It was large and hard and she wanted him badly.
“I could be corny like Ringo and say, no-one puts baby in the corner, but I think baby made her own way out of the corner.”
She giggled and hugged him back, pressing her pelvis into his. Meanwhile, Elliott came around the table to cuddle her from behind. Fay didn’t know whether to push into King or press back into Elliott.
Then Ringo stood and moved to stroke her hair, dipping his head to nibble her earlobe. Fay was unable to breathe as waves of lust came over her. Taking a shuddering breath, she glanced over to Harvey, who gave her an incredibly sexy grin that made her legs start to fold.
“Whoa. Are you tired or something?” asked King in worry.
Fay held tightly onto King’s strong arms as he stepped back to check her out. “I’m fine, really. Just a little overwhelmed with all the attention.”
Ringo crossed his arms and leaned back against the table. “Seems to me some ‘attention’ is exactly what you need.” He smirked and dipped his head on one side. “How about it, King? You can attend to one part of our Fay. I can attend to another. E.T and Harve can do their thing, too.”
Their thing? What exactly is that, Fay wondered, as her breathing started to accelerate to racing car speed at the thought of having not one elf, but all four?
King cupped her face. “Sounds good to me, if Fay is up for it?”
She couldn’t talk, just nodded her head vigorously.
As they led her to the hotel rooms upstairs, Fay gave a final wish.

Please let me keep up with all of them. Or keep them up, at the very least…


A number of stalls were at the Bangkok Bar & Restaurant including Kink Craft, Nippleicious, Dark Rose Desires, Karen Stockton, Ian THE Smut Peddlar (and Lucy Felthouse his glamorous assistant) Roissy Workshops - RWN, Mistress Cara Sutra and Crafts on caffeine. The whole day was a huge success, and well worth attending.

I made myself a very fetching flogger in purple and black, with the able assistance of Kinkcraft, and it was mine to keep for free.

We were treated to a burlesque performance from Blue Belle Burlesque and also had a workshop with Zak Jane Keir about "Word Building" in regard to Historical/paranormal/Sci-fi/Steampunk wrirting. A very valuable one for myself as my next book has all those genres and sub-genres in it.

Of course there was the ubiquitous Dungeon that gave me both a thrill and some trepidation.

Also attending this event were a number of bloggers, including Justin Decorous, 

The event wrapped up about 6pm and we were led crocodile style through Manchester to the next venue, and after party in the Northern Quarter by Dr Sketchy himself.

The Chapter One bookstore is an utterly amazing venue, and much bigger than I expected. I was very pleased to visit as I am there in January next year for a pop-up book signing event.

The evening performances were ably supplied by the two gorgeous gals from Monster Cirque. They were Bea Noir and Kitty Retsnom.  Bea opened with an amazing, sensual  pole dance, after which we had the opportunity to sketch a picture of her. Needless to say my sketching abilities to not match my writing abilities and I failed to win any prizes, but had a lot of fun taking part.

We were then entertained by an exotic belly dance, reminiscent of the 
dance of the seven veils, performed  by Kitty Retsnom. We then did two sketches of Kitty, one of her upper torso and anther of her, beautifully posed. There were some very professional sketches produced by members of the audience.

The final act was provided once more by Bea, dressed as a very sexy clown and dancing and posing ( scarily) on a bed of nails. We once again attempted to capture her likeness as she posed, on said bed of nails.

All in all a fantastic enjoyable day and evening was had by all. Can't wait to meet up with all these amazing folk again very soon.  Photos from a variety of sources included D N Photography Manchester 

This is the pop-up book signing event I am attending in January at Chapter One, Manchester.

                           Tickets will be made available closer to the date itself

                              Love n stuff



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New Release - Pretty Things..........erotic romance by Donna Alam

 photo Donna-Banner_zpshwneyh2z.jpg

Pretty Things
Series: The Pretty Series #3
Author: Donna Alam
Genre: Erotic Romance
Hosted By: Francessca’s Romance Reviews


 photo 3dpretty-things_zpsi55sunzt.png

If a little trouble only makes for a good time, Kate and Kai should be having a blast . . .

Kate Saunders didn’t believe in happy endings, especially after finding her fiancΓ© between another woman’s thighs. So when she met Kai, she was sure he’d be nothing more than a hot one night stand. Charismatic, dominant and dirty mouthed, Kai wasn’t supposed to be her Prince Charming. Maybe more her Mr Right Now. Against her better instincts, she’d fallen in love.

Kai makes a little wrong look a whole lot of right, but he’s learning that good looks, charm and a talented tongue don’t always get you what you want. Wealth, privilege and family are sometimes their own bonds. It’s not a forbidden love, but it’s a troubled one. One that might force Kai to reveal his not so pretty side . . .

Join Kate and Kai in Australia as they embark on the final leg of their journey in the heart-pounding, seat squirming, and hilarious conclusion to the trilogy. Lies, secrets and shocking truths will be revealed as they discover the destination isn’t always the most important part of the journey. Sometimes the best bits are just where you get off.

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 photo Teaser 2_zps9uvqehl4.jpg


‘This pussy is mine,’ he growls above me. ‘And I’m going to eat it.’

My breath halts as he moves my underwear aside, his fingers dipping into my wetness and parting me. His mouth is like an arrow, and my centre its bullseye; one brush of his tongue against the swollen point of my clit and I’m ready to come undone, almost immediately.

Soft words blow over my heated centre as he whispers how good I look, splayed out, all twisted with need. How delicious I taste. How he can’t wait for me to come on his tongue.

Kai slides my legs wide as he lifts me to straddle him, my hand slipping between our bodies to direct my descent. His eyes close as my body accepts him, and as he fills me, my moan is long and soft, as though the presence of him inside has expelled all the air from my chest. Kai’s hands are against my hips and he’s completely still, his expression one of agony and ecstasy: a look that’s almost bittersweet.

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Amazon Smart Link

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What Others Are Saying

5 HOT Stars
Ooh la la! I have been dying to read this book and I was not disappointed. I was so excited to be sitting reading this book. This is book 3 in The Pretty Trilogy and a definite must read
. ~ Goodreads Review

What I love about all three books is the way the author writes. You get the feel of the lifestyle and wealth, the exotic location(s) and the characters created. The Epilogue is perfect for Kai and Kate and I am hoping it is not the last we see of them as I am sure there is more to tell. ~ Goodreads Review

This is one thing I look for in a book. I want to be spellbound. I want to sink my teeth into the characters & take myself into their world. To feel this kind of emotion is phenomenal & not something I can feel with every book I read. The author did that with the 3 books in this trilogy. I look forward to future books by this author. ~ Goodreads Review


There will be lots of giveaway's over the next month be sure not to miss it:

<3 Pretty Things Giveaway <3 Tomorrow brings the release of the final book in the Pretty Trilogy - Pretty...
Posted by Donna Alam on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

About The Author

 photo Author-pic_zpsgilgzn4s.jpg

Donna Alam writes about exotic locations and the men you aren't married to, but wish you were. Escapism reads with heart and humour and, of course, plenty of steam.

Hailing from the North of England, she's a nomad at heart moving houses and continents more times than she cares to recall. She once worked at a school like the one described in her Pretty Trilogy. Alas, there were no handsome male protagonists hanging around there.

An Eclectic reader and part-time perv, she's a huge fan of smart men, as well as protagonists with a fair measure of inappropriateness.

Stalker Links

Other Books In the Series

 photo Sale image_zpsyqjlohgr.jpg

Pretty Hot Only .99

Pretty Liar

 photo FullJacket_zpsqhh5n9i3.jpg

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YET more reviews, LOTS of reviews.

Interview with a Porn StarInterview with a Porn Star by Jason Luke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book threw me a curve ball because I expected it to be like Interview with A master and In Love with a Master, and it wasn't quite like that at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and did so in short shrift too.

It was a mixture of erotic, and steamy encounters. Very hot.

The story evolves around the two main protagonists - Rick Cassidy and Connie Wright. It details how they get to know the *real* Rick and Connie and there is also a twist in the tale with the ending too.

I don't do spoilers in fact I HATE them because they spoil it for others.

Once again I gave this a well deserved five stars. Bravo Mr Luke - another brilliant read

Saving Grace (Katie & Annalise #1)Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I downloaded this as a free read, and was so pleasantly suprised by what I read. This book kept my interest throughout and I read it in almost in a single sitting.

This story leads you down many paths,leaving you wondering what will happen next. I could hardly put it down.

I loved the gorgeous, colourful descriptions of San Marcos and the people there. I also grew to love the many colourful, characters therein, especially Ava and Rashidi.

The two main stars of the piece though are Katie and Annalies

No spoilers for you here, but I couldn't wait to download the next in the series.

An author I will add to my list of -Authors I love to read.

Leaving Annalise (Katie & Annalise, #2)Leaving Annalise by Pamela Fagan Hutchins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second of Pamela Fagan Hutchins' books I have read, in as many days, which shouuld tell you a lot.

I loved the first book so much, I immediately downloaded the second, (thank goodness for the half-term holidays.)

Once again this book kept me glued to the page, wanting to see what would happen next. This is a fairly complicated tale of romance and suspense, with thrilling aspects to it throughout.

Extremely well paced novel that makes you want to keep on reading. It also made me want to visit the setting of the story - San Marcos.

I have downloaded the final book in the series " Finding Harmony", but will have to wait a little while to read this one. I will savour it with delight.

Cara's TwelveCara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this story Cara becomes the heir to a throne she is fated to rule over, but wants nothing to do with. She has no real option but to go on tour with her 12 consorts, in order to choose who she will rule alongside.
The consorts themselves are a mixed bunch, and add to the depth of the story well. Although they are meant to be loyal and true to Cara, she finds that not all of them are loyal, or good people. In fact some are downright evil, and will go to any lengths to take Cara for their own, and ultimately seize the power for themselves.
The world that Cara inhabits is an extremely well crafted one, and the settings seemed believable. You see Cara's character develop over the length of the story and the ending was quite unexpected.
I loved this fantasy story and can't wait to read more from Chantel Seabrook. I eagerly anticipate her next offering.

More reviews very soon

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Joanne Shaw Taylor Gig with Federal Charm at The Waterside, Sale.

This is the first time I have been to a gig at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, Greater Manchester1 Waterside, Sale M33 7ZF

. The venue was brilliant. Being both intimate, with the addition of great acoustics. Definitely a venue I want to visit again.

Top of the bill was Joanne Shaw Taylor, and back up was a Manchester band called Federal Charm. I have albums, and have been following Joanne Shaw Taylor with interest for some time, but never heard of, or heard Federal Charm until last night.

Federal Charm

The night opened up at about 8 pm with Federal Charm, and I was blown away. What amazing vocals, the band grabbed the audience from the get-go. How have I not heard of this band? I don't know, but I am looking forward to watching them perform again, and bringing others with me.

I personally wondered about their name, then came across this, explaining all from 
Wire-Soundwho they are their booking agents. From co-founder member Paul Bowe; “The name came from a Eureka moment in a Manchester bar, I really liked the idea of being called ‘Federation’ or ‘The Federation’. I liked the hard togetherness of it and Nick wanted to quirk it up. He liked the word ‘Charm’ and we put it together and the rest is history. We also thought no one on earth would have the name. It’s got a nice ring to it and looks great on merch (laughs).”

The band were tight and appeared to perform with absolute ease. The band were only formed originally in 2009, but play as if they have been together far longer. The line up in the band is Nick Bowden, on  vocals, guitar and Harmonica. Paul Bowe on Guitar, L.D. Morawski on bass guitar, and finally, last, but not least, Danny Rigg on drums.

This is another band set to hit the music scene by storm, one to watch.The set list for the evening was:

1  Any Other Day
2  Guess What
3  Hercules
4  No Money Down
5  Reconsider
6  Silhouette
7  Reaction

 A big favourite of mine was this one - Hercules

Their self titled debut album was released in  May 2013  by Mystic Records and is full of melodic twists and turns, twin guitar riffs and stop-start rhythms.

Last night, at the gig I bought this album, and their latest one "Across The Divide"  which was released only yesterday.

The band played a number of tracks from the new album, and blew us all out of the water. They were unlike any other rock /blues band I have heard before, but I could not pin down why?  They slipped easily between the different styles of rock, from soulful melodic numbers to the upbeat, blast your ears type, with absolute ease. Future top of the bill band material.

Joanne Shaw Taylor

Now for the main event, which was the fabulous Joanne Shaw Taylor and her band. Joanne performed songs from her recently critically acclaimed album The Dirty Truth, as well as songs from her previous three albums White Sugar, Diamonds in the Dirt and Almost Always Never. 

Her inimitable style of soulful blues - rock music takes you on a journey. Opening the show with a gutsy Love Honey, taking the stage by storm. Her total absorption, and innate love of the guitar comes through in her performance, leaving me enthralled. I have never seen anyone be so absorbed and delighted to play, laughing and smiling as she did so. 

She dedicated a heartfelt song to her mother Almost Always Never , blowing us all away with an amazing acoustic guitar version, taking to the stage for a solo performance.

When listening to Joanne on her albums I get a vibe of Tina Turner, but the live performance, less so. Her gorgeous gravelly voice lends guts to her songwriting talents. Her exceptional guitar playing sets her apart, and the hoots of pleasure from the audience, and whilstles told me I was not alone in my awe. 
Beauty and talent too.

"An exceptional talent, her formidable guitar playing and stunning soulful vocals are there or us all to adore when seen live. What makes her a cut above all the rest is her superb and heartfelt songwriting"
Planet Rock

"Who said white gals can’t play guitar? Killer licks, soaring solos and heart-wrenching vocals"
The Sunday Times

                                                    Photo Credit: © Stephen Brinkman

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Biography

Sold out concerts.  Screaming fans. Her name in lights. Joanne Shaw Taylor never anticipated any of that at the start. Back then, she was just an ordinary Black Country schoolgirl, bored with the disposable pop she heard on late 90s radio, rifling her father’s record collection for sunken treasure, and falling for albums by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix.

At 13 she played her first electric guitar. “Guitars were always lying around the house,” says Joanne.  At 14, she defied her teachers to play The Marquee and Ronnie Scott’s, and began to overcome insecurity about her voice.

“I never set out to be a singer,” she modestly told Classic Rock. “I’ve always had a deep voice. I think it came from my influences as a kid.

When I was singing to records, I was listening to Albert Collins and Freddie King. When I was a teenager, I became a big rock fan: Glenn Hughes, Skin, Doug Pinnick. I wouldn’t get far on The X Factor.”

Joanne left school at 16 and ran straight into her big break, as a twist of fate directed her demo into the hands of Eurythmics icon Dave Stewart after a charity gig.

Reflecting on his first impressions, Stewart recalls that “she made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.” His call the following day proved the start of a lasting friendship, with Joanne seeking his advice on the industry and accompanying his DUP supergroup across Europe in 2002.

Stewart gave Joanne her first deal, but when the label ran into financial trouble, it gave her a chance to regroup and work on her songwriting. Until then, original material had perhaps been a neglected side of her talent.

“I never really wrote songs until I was 21.” Suddenly the dam broke. In 2008, Ruf won the rush for Joanne’s signature, and soon she was working with veteran producer Jim Gaines (Carlos Santana, Johnny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughan), bassist Dave Smith and drummer Steve Potts on the songs that became debut album White Sugar. “We recorded it in this little backwater town in Tennessee,” she recalls, “and if we needed a break, we’d walk to the shop and buy root beer.”

When White Sugar dropped the following year, taking in gems like Bones and Kiss the Ground Goodbye, it turned out the press had a sweet tooth, with Classic Rock crowning it Blues Album of the Month and Guitarist noting “she plays with more attitude and flair than most – massive potential here”.

Soon enough, the buzz was building, with Joanne both raising her profile supporting Black Country Communion, and honing her craft on 2010’s Diamonds in the Dirt. This second album was another step up, from the explosive lead breaks on Can’t Keep Living Like This to the heavier influence of her adopted Detroit hometown on the crunching country-blues of Dead and Gone. Not bad, considering she had written the material in just two days and recorded it in less than a fortnight: “It’s the dreaded second album curse. You have ten years to do the first one, and ten days to do the second!”

By then, she was unstoppable, with Diamonds in the Dirt proving not only a classic record, but also a skeleton key to every door in the industry. Having received a nomination for Best New Artist Debut at the auspicious British Blues Awards for White Sugar, Joanne scooped consecutive wins in the Best British Female Vocalist bracket at both the 2010/2011 events: a haul that cements her position, as Blues Matters put it, as “the new face of the blues.”

Since then, it’s gone stratospheric, with Joanne breaking into the notoriously hard-to-crack US market, beating the stereotypes of her age and gender, and being watched by 17 million viewers as she played an angel-winged solo during Annie Lennox’s set at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Concert.

That same summer gave us Almost Always Never; a bar-raising third album that found Joanne dodging expectations, writing the songs her muse dictated, and diving in at the deep end with just her talent to keep her afloat.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, these twelve cuts moved from the savage Les Paul solos of Soul Station and the strutting hooks of Standing To Fall, to the failed relationship achingly depicted on You Should Stay, I Should Go and the title track’s refrain of “You crash, you burn/you live, you learn”. She’d never sounded more open and honest. “I’ve loved every album I’ve made for many different reasons,” reflects Joanne. “But I’m so proud of these songs. It’s the perfect and truest example of who I am as an artist to date.”

Maybe so, but if you only know Joanne Shaw Taylor as the songwriter and studio magician, then it’s time you heard Songs from the Road. Released November 2013 on Ruf Records, it’s a candid snapshot from the road that makes your front room feel like the front row. “That night was just really good fun,” she reflects. “And I think that translates on the album.”

In May 2014, Joanne reunited with her White Sugar album producer Jim Gaines, and recorded her new studio album in Memphis. The new studio album entitled The Dirty Truth is a return to Joanne’s original sound that mixes rock riffs with blues influences.  The album was released in the UK on September 22nd 2014 on Joanne’s own independent boutique label Axehouse Records. Joanne supported the album by an extensive UK tour with special guest Bernie Marsden that received rapturous reviews.

Earlier this year, Joanne joined forces with Joe Bonamassa on his Blues Cruise and also toured the UK with legendary blues guitarist Robin Trower.

Wicked Soul is available to download free here 

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Book signing in WH Smiths, Trafford Centre, Manchester 28th April 2019

I am proud to announce that I will be doing my very first solo book signing in the Trafford Centre in Manchester on the 28th o...