Exciting News this week and things to come

I have been SO excited recently. I learnt earlier  that I have had a set of jewellery named after me :) I have to admit I do feel very honoured by this.

This delightful Gothic inspired choker and earrings were famously seen worn around London at the turn of the 19th century, Legend has it the wearer was an Author of some repute who took her fiction too far and became a notorious Lady killer, using this alluring Jewellery set to entrap her victims!
Made from Tibetan Silver, finished with Ruby gemstones!
Beware of the Lady that buys this!
So I couldn't resist ordering them for myself. They are beautiful.
I had already received some earrings especially made for me from Steam Retro. These are Steampunk Dragonflies (the world in my books Syros, has huge Dragonflies that fly around the planet) I  was again honoured when I was asked to name these earrings. I named them Emerald Odonata.
Odonata, is the order of carnivorous insects to which Dragonflies belong. I felt therefore,
that this would be an appropriate name for these very pretty earrings.

Coming Soon
 I have agreed to produce a Blog post for Casey Ryan's Blog.  This will attempt to describe and outline all aspects of Steampunk. I will also be discussing my upcoming first novel due to be published in 2013 with a working title of  "The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen)."
Nate Smith, Director, Producer, Writer and Editor of  the Boutique Production Company Robotic Rabbit Au. based in Perth, Western Australia.  The company aims to bring the very best in thought-provoking entertainment. Has agreed to write a Guest Liebster Award Blog for publication on my site. I look forward to this Blog as Nate is an extremely talented writer and also a good friend of mine


Better Than Your Average Pop Culture Referencing, Comic Book Devouring, Literary Aware, Bifocal Word Slinger and Filmmaker. Owner of
Perth, Australia

There have been problems with Nate's Twitter feed and you need to re-follow him because the old account is blocked now - So GO FOLLOW NOW PLEASE
Cover photo for my first book

This shot will be used as the basis and a cave surrounding me looking out into a starry sky Hope you like it Do you approve??


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Malcolm it is coming along nicely at the moment.
      Thanks once again for naming the beautiful jewellery after me too :)

  2. A very beautiful picture to grace the cover of your first book.

  3. Hey, when this one gets publish i wouldn't expect anything less then a signed copy from the writer herself, okay? Okay!!!
    Ahahaha.....Love the jewelery and book cover is cool and sexy art :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Malc xX

  5. Replies
    1. Ha ha I think I'm glad you think so Kitty xX

  6. I hoped you'd choose that pic. Best of th ebunch :)


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