Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Burlesque Show at Matt & Phreds starring Cherie Bebe

Another new escapade for me the other weekend, as I attended a Burlesque show at Matt & Phreds in Manchester. Not the first time I have seen Burlesque I might add, as I am a fan myself. I am also looking forward to participating in some classes very soon. Although how good I will be at swinging those tassel's I don't know!

This show was on Sunday the 13th of April at Matt & Phreds in town and starred Cherie Bebe,and Jonathan Major was the very entertaining, and able host. His comedic style kept us entertained between the various acts that appeared on stage. Therefore, please read more, as for your delectation here is the show.

The opening act was Boom Boom Bonita who sang for us in her inimitable style, the only items she disrobed were her gloves, which she removed very sensually too. Although I think Trust A Fox the photographer was pleasantly surprised when she shimmied over and sat on his lap. Her rendition of All that Jazz was particularly memorable.

We were also treated to a little bit of a double act as Jonathan and Bonita danced together on the stage.

The next act up was the cheeky lady that performs under the name of Lily La Fox, Lily entertained us with a balloon pop performance, as large pieces of shiny confetti sailed through the air, after she has pushed her way gently through the crowd despite her cumbersome outfit adorned with balloons. 

For her final act Lily used the large black feather fans that are so indicative of burlesque as we know it

Lily wil next be appearing at Recycled Theatre, Academy, Venue & Mcr Shakespeare Co in Manchester's Afflecks M1 1JG Box Office 0161 834 4517 on the 14th of May 2014 with Bea Noir Pole Dance performer and Dr Sketchy  an anti art school! The alternative life drawing and cabaret session. A wicked night full of great games, choice music and sketching shenanigans for all abilities!

Raven Noir is a Gothic/rock style Burlesque dancer who also has the most amazing tattoos, and a familial link to dancing burlesque. Her grandmother was also a burlesque dancer, and Raven duly dedicated her second dance to her. Raven was a very sensual and exotic dancer and I wish I knew how she managed to get her stocking to stay on the end of her toes, and look so sexy as she removed them.

These dancers all had their own style and approach to burlesque, showing their very ranging talents and different qualities to this artform. They also used a variety of props to show off their abilities also.

Throughout the performance we were entertained by the antics and banter between the compere and host Jonathan Mayor, and, Paula Surtees who very ably and lusciously maided the show. 

Of course the piece de resistance of the show was the very gorgeous, and shapely Cherie Bebe. Her first appearance on stage was in the guise of a Japanese Geisha complete with her Chinese parasol, and some fans that were put to good use in the piece she performed. Cherie Bebe is the epitome of grace, and kept everyone mesmerised during her performance.

In her second performance on stage she appeared in a beautiful feathered mask that hid her facial features therefore we saw no expression, forcing us to instead observe her dancing and movements instead.

The next event is Sunday 8th June, Matt and Phreds

All in all, a fantastic evening that was enjoyed by all present.

The event was sponsored by Vintage Twists.

You can find them on Twitter

Vintage Twists is an emporium of beautiful retro-style fashions, rockabilly and tattoo wear at 54 Port Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter. You can also view their website.

All of the fantabulous images for this show were supplied by 

Trust A Fox 

You will find him here on

More reviews are in the offing

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gig Review for Jackson's Pit, Oldham, featuring The Moods, The Joint, JB Barrington, Explicit and Porter's Forces......good line up or what?

I travelled up the M62, and beyond the other day, to see some bands that I had never seen before, and a poet extraordinaire. Well, my journey wasn't wasted, because I had a brilliant night listening to some spectacular music, in a what felt like a cellar in Oldham. The gig was back in March, Saturday the 22nd to be precise and after winding my way down a ginnel I got drawn in by the music that I could hear from the cellar, below my feet. The venue was Jackson's Pit which is off Barn Street,  Oldham.

The band that opened was Porter's Forces, and a very impressive opening it was too. An eclectic mix of music was the supplied by all the bands and performers that evening, in bucket fulls.

The band were playing in their hometown of Oldham, Manchester.

Porter's Forces are a four piece band and describe themselves as Brit rock.

The front man is Niall Buckley, lead guitarist - James Fearns, James Ashurst - bassist and last, but not least, the drummer in the line up is Paul Limer.

You can find the band on Twitter,   Facebook,  YouTube, Soundcloud,  and their website

There was an amazing set where both The Moods and The Joint joined forces, and there were three drummers drumming. Two on full drum sets, whilst the third played what to my eyes was a bongo. The result of this combination was an electric set that made you hold your breath. It was also a pretty tight number considering how many band members had an input in to it. The number that they played together is one of The Joint's called The Flow of the River.

You can find The Joint on Twitter, and   Facebook  

The Moods are a five piece band from Manchester, and the band was originally formed in early 2000. Since that time the line up changed a little, but has been the same since 2009, and consists of Mark Cunningham on vocals, Paul Holmes on drums and keyboards, Philip Horrocks on drums and keyboards,  Chris Barrett drums and finally Dave O'Rourke on bass.

Once again they provided an eclectic range of music from reggae, dance, indie and beyond. They certainly had me tapping my feet and dancing around, and I wasn't alone either.

I particularly loved the piece Kids Carry Guns, and look forward to hearing this band again very soon.

You can find them on Twitter,  Facebook, and  reverbnation 

If you get the chance, go and see these lads play, they are amazing.

The Joint were the other headliner band at this event, and once again they had everyone rocking and dancing where they stood, sign of a good night in my books. Another band with an eclectic style. The band are a three piece band from, ( yes, you guessed it - Manchester), that set up in 2009. Their line up is John Horrocks on guitar and vocals, Gary Horrocks on bass, and finally, Adam Cunningham on the drums. They site their influences as being - everything! Once again they had us up and dancing, till our feet hurt, well mine did as I couldn't keep still.

One of the very different performers on this night was Explicit, Explicit is a Hip - Hop /Rap artist from Manchester ( sensing a theme here!), with a hard hitting line of rap, that needs to be heard.

You can find Explicit here on Facebook,  and also on reverbnation

As poets go JB Barrington is a poet extraordinaire and well worth listening to, with his insightful poems about issues in day to day living. He is described as a performance poet and hails from Salford ( as do I). He is also an Amnesty International Poetry Slam winner, and after listening to him I know why. He can pull at your heart strings or make you laugh out loud, a proper Salford lad. He is a working class lad with a heart and a bloody brilliant sense of humour too.

JB Barrington AKA Words Escape Me can be found on Twitter,  Facebook,  on his website. His poem about Barton Moss is pretty important to me as I live close by Barton Moss. Get over to his website and read The Battle of Barton Moss.

Once again I have to thank the amazing photographer Trust A Fox for the absolutely fabulous photographs

You can find Foxy here on

and his website here

My next review will be a little different as it will be a review of a Burlesque Show I attended in Manchester recently so keep your eyes peeled



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