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News of Manchester Author Event 13th August 2016 plus updates

BOUND for PASSION; Erotic Love Stories

This book is available to download FREE with KindleUnlimited

Bound for Passion book linkBound for Passion Book link

Top 100 book selling author of paranormal erotica on Amazon - 

I am so proud to be able to say this at last

For a new writer Ms Flame appears to have a good knowledge of her subject, and imparts this to her readers in a well paced and accessible way. The little asides, and flashes of humor give the narrative a lift, punctuating the rapid sexual action and adding a true and human sense of realism to her story lines.

For lovers of BDSM based erotica that is not too heavy or extreme these 3 stories give easy but intelligently written entertainment, with a variety of sexual action. I hope Ms Flame erotic writing skills will continue to develop; I suspect she is a writer to watch.

 Sizzling! 5* Review

This is three stories under one cover. They are all unique erotica, each more sizzling than the last. Vivienne’s was all about other worldly encounter. The second story, Sarah gets to live her darkest fantasy when she inadvertently spills the bean to her new lover, and finally, there’s a young woman’s journey into the land of BDSM. Lovers of Erotica will have a fun time.

"Warning sensations over load while reading this book!"  5* review

This is an amazing BDSM Romance!. Each story line in these stories are incredible! The characters are awesome! This collection of stories have such a wonderful UK flair to them :) .
Like the First story with Paul and Sarah they meet on the internet and the sparks IGNITE! One amazing weekend of BDSM lead to many more :). Paul and Sarah make such a awesome couple!.
Each story takes you on a BDSM journey like no other! Each and every story will have your girly parts tingling lol.
Scarlett Flame is a fantastic writer and you will find this book to be a 5-star plus book! I look forward to reading more works wrote by Scarlett Flame in the future!

I also have a short story appearing in a medley of stories with an eclectic set of genres, so something for everyone.

This year some of the wonderful authors featured at Look 4 Books have decided to put together a book of short stories, all the proceeds from this book will be going to the Alzheimer's Society, and the Autistic Society. This book will is available to buy from the Look 4 Books website, and Amazon 

Tease to Please is available to download for free

Just click on the book

The first book signing event I will be attending in the New Year is in my home town of Manchester, at the extraordinary venue of Chapter One Bookstore , Northern Quarter of Manchester.

There are two more authors being added to this line up, so I will provide an update very soon.

 Leeds event is on Saturday the 5th of March from 10.00 am to 5 pm at the Leeds Marriott Hotel and hosted by Hourglass Events Their website is here.

Tickets are NOW on sale via this link

Tickets for the masquerade ball and the day time are now available to buy

Two weeks after will find me closer to home here with the Book Pimpers event at Aintree on Saturday 19th of March Details are here on Facebook and also check here

I will be attending Cardiff next September 17th 2016 hosted by

In 2017 ( yes I have got an event booked for then!) I am going to be in Chester, Cheshire on the 8th Of April 

I am really proud to announce that I am also in the throes of putting together an amazing line up of authors for an event to be staged in Manchester next year

Through the day there will be an author event in the grounds of The Red Rose Steam Society Ltd mining museum on the outskirts of Manchester, just off the A580.

Easily accessed via the network of motorways close by.

The evening event will be a music event, we are still in the process of organising which bands and artists will be there

Food and drink, including a beer tent will supply refreshments within the grounds

Readers and authors can join our Facebook group here 

Hope to see you soon

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Chad Lindberg - Actor Interview


Chad Lindberg was born in Mount Vernon, WA on November 1st 1976 and lives in Los Angeles. He is an actor, producer and is extremely popular with his fans. He has been in the film The Fast & The Furious, I Spit on Your Grave, various TV shows, movies and played Ash in Supernatural. His character Ash was SO popular he returned to the show after lobbying by his fans on Twitter.

In any of the films you have appeared in, was there ever a part you particularly coveted? One that really made you think "I could have really got my teeth into this part!" Or if not is there any character in other films you would have loved to play? 
One of the Films I'm most proud of is "I Spit on Your Grave." It gave me a chance to do a Character I've never done before and also be apart of such a controversial Film. I rode a fine line playing someone with a Mental Handicap. I wanted to portray him honestly and respectably.  It was one of those Acting experiences I will never forget. The hairs on the back of my neck would stand up on end during filming certain scenes. My fellow Cast mates and I would just look at each other in disbelief.
Talking about "MY Big Break" you stressed that making a documentary like this had had such a big impact on your life! Are you still in close contact with the other *stars* of this documentary? Can you tell us a little about the impact it made? 
Yes that Movie is a huge part of my Life. I feel very thankful that Tony, the Director, was able to have the perseverance and the passion to see it to it's end. Over ten years in the making.  I think it needs to be required viewing for anyone who's looking to get into Acting or the Film Business. Watch this Movie and then ask yourself if you really want to pursue it. It's a very raw and honest look into Hollywood. Yeah I keep in touch with most of my former Roommates from time to time.  Every person in that house was very impactful on making me who I am today. Here's the Movie's Website.
I noticed you talk about your family quite a lot on Twitter. Do you think they ground you? You seem so *normal* if you don't mind me saying that? 
Haha!! I appreciate that. I don't feel normal most of the time but I know what you mean. Yeah my family is the most important thing to me. They keep me grounded and have been extremely supportive over the years. I go back to WA to visit and ground myself as much as I can.  
I see that you have worked on a huge amount of my favourite programmes and genres from supernatural to fantasy. Have you a particular favourite genre amongst these? 
I don't have any particular genre that I aim for as an Actor or that I tend to favor.  It seems that my Career has pulled me into the "Supernatural" Genre which I'm really thankful for. I'm a huge fan of the Paranormal in my own life so it makes sense. Also I think the "Supernatural" genre has the BEST Fanbase.
You say you would like to play an alien such as Starman or KPax. Have you looked at any scripts or books with a view to finding your ideal role? 
I haven't seen or read anything that suits that particular role yet. The role of an Alien coming to this World and adjusting to human Life has always fascinated me.  Cried like a little baby when I was younger and saw E.T. It really had an impact on me. I'm remember my parents having to take me out of the back of the Theater because I was crying so hard. Haha!!  The Movie "Starman" with Jeff Bridges is one of my all time favorite Movies of all time. That's something I want to do. A movie like that.  I'm pretty weird so I think playing an Alien has got to be in the cards for me at some point. Or it's quite possible that I'll be an evil Alien with tons of make up and spend 6 hours in a make-up chair. Either'll happen.
Have you earmarked any future films or programmes you would like to produce? 
Yeah I have a few ideas now that I'm producing with friends. ;) I definitely have ideas rolling around my head that I'd like to see happen.
Have you a particular favourite television programme that you follow? One that you record and watch at leisure? 
I'm a huge fan of "Ghost Adventures". I never miss an episode and my DVR is full of them. I'm also a huge fan of "Sons of Anarchy". That show is truly Badass. I also love "Trailer Park Boys". Hands down one of the funniest TV Shows of all time in my opinion.
Your latest film is Becker Farm that is due for release in 2014. Can you let us know anything about your part in this production? 
I play "Adam Becker" who is a recluse Farmer during "World War 2" set in Nebraska. It's an adaption from a Book by William Timmons and we start production very soon.
I see that you are coming to London for Asylum 11 between 1st - 3rd November 2013 The Renaissance Hotel Heathrow. Are you looking forward to the visit and will you be doing anything like sight seeing whilst you are here in the UK? 
It sounds like a fantastic event. Yes I'm very excited to come to London to hang out with my fans. It's always an absolute blast when traveling over Seas. It's extra special because it will be on my Birthday Nov. 1!! I'm hoping to spend an extra few days in London so I can see some of the Sites and not have to travel back home so fast.  I try to make it where I don't have such a quick turn around.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?Just enjoying Life with family and friends. Continuing to work and grow in this crazy place called "Hollywood."

This is an interview I undertook for Skelat  but just wanted to share it again.

Great guy to interview 

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Book signing in WH Smiths, Trafford Centre, Manchester 28th April 2019

I am proud to announce that I will be doing my very first solo book signing in the Trafford Centre in Manchester on the 28th o...