Monday, 26 May 2014

The launch of Touchstone Forever the concluding part of the Touchstone Trilogy

Title: TouchStone for ever
Series: The Story of Us Trilogy (Book 3) Author: Sydney Jamesson Release Date: May 23, 2013 Published By: SJ Publishing, United Kingdom Tour Sponsor: Social Butterfly  

Welcome to the concluding part of the Touchstone Trilogy that has been eagerly anticipated

These are the main characters in the trilogy

and here for your eyes to feast upon is a synopsis of the book

What would you give to save the one you love? Ayden Stone and Elizabeth Parker are soul mates. They have played at love, succumbed to the magnetic pull of destiny, and forgiven themselves and each other for misadventures in life and love. Now they must look to the future and forever, bearing the scars of battles they have fought and won, together. To keep a promise, one of these fateful lovers must make an agonizing choice and commit to an impossible task; to embark upon an adventure filled with magical moments and unforgivable acts of personal sacrifice. But...with great self-sacrifice comes betrayal. TouchStone for ever is the culmination of an epic love story written in the stars, involving a contemporary Princess and her charming Prince. Readers will experience blazing passion, the anguish of a broken heart and every emotion in between as Beth Parker shares her thoughts and feelings about love, life, and a desperate wish for her happy ever after. Sleeping Beauty has awakened from a great sleep but, sadly, not all fairy tales have a happy ending...not even when you belong together for ever, and you're prepared to give... Everything!

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  1. Thanks so much, Miss Scarlett, for this beautiful post and for being one of our Tour Partners for this launch. We appreciate it very much. Love your blog - very nicely organised.


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