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My Writing Process Blog Tour

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Well I didn't run fast enough in the playground (again!), so got tagged by Shaun Allan of Flip and Catch Blog. Shaun has asked me to undertake a blog post and answer some questions about "My Writing Process"! I agreed, (I could only take the Chinese burns on my wrists for so long before I caved!), so here we go.

I possibly use a very different approach to a lot of my fellow authors, but that is okay, as I believe it is the results that matter, more than the process used.

All the same, I am always rather intrigued to learn others methods, with a view to maybe using some of their ideas myself. Sometimes, it can help to focus and learn if there is possibly a better, or easier way to approach anything in life, be it writing or anything to be honest.

Off we go then

1) What am I working on?

Currently I am working on the first book I began, over eighteen months ago now. This WIP (or work in progress as we writers like to call this!),is  called "The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen) and happens to be a big part of my life just now too. 

I am also in the process of organising crowd funding for another venture of mine in my own name. A series of children's books. I can't tell you anymore about them though as, (as I have said) they are in my own name so I can't reveal any details.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think maybe it differs because of the intricacy of the detail I am currently trying to incorporate into this book. I want this to be able to keep a readers' attention and interest, and leave them wanting more. I have so many aspects that I want to cover in this book from the fight scenes to the Steampunk aspects.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I believe I write what I do, because I write about what I love. I love science fiction, Steampunk, paranormal romance, erotica, fantasy so many different genre. I love the use of words to paint a picture and help someone feel what I feel, or maybe what I would like to feel. I want to take the reader (and myself), on a journey through the pages of my books. Teach them a little of what I know to exist in the corners of my mind. Let everyone glimpse the worlds I dream of, of the people that populate my imagination and the animals too.

4) How does my writing process work?

Well as Shaun said in his post, I am not sure it is a process as such! I have changed the way I write a little over the last eighteen months, and I am still learning, so, I expect it will change again.

In my mind's eye I have an idea, or a synopsis of what, and who, I want to write about, and it evolves from there. I have an idea of where I want the story to take me, and who I want to lead the way but sometimes the characters just take over, and change some of the details. It is as if they have a life of their own. 

I start by just sitting and putting pen to paper, and when it flows, it flows. I will just continue to write by hand for as long as I am able or until I tire and need to sleep. I frequently dream about the characters in my stories so keep a notepad next to my bed on the bedside table. I then jot down anything I manage to remember about the scenes I dream of, as best I can. Sometimes they are sketchy, other times I remember lots of details.

I also like to keep list of words that evoke a response in me. That describe tactile things, such as the touch of a hand or a whispered request.I then go back to my original manuscript and place these words in the margins. I read through what I have written, editing as I go and adding these words where I think they will help the story to become more realistic, tactile, exciting or just emotional. 

Generally I then type up what I have written editing this even further. Once I am happy with what I have written then finally, I will ask others to read and comment on my writing. As a nurse I was very used to someone critiquing my work, and pointing out where it could be improved.Constructive criticism can be a good thing, but ultimately what I decide I will keep in, or leave out will lie with me.

Finally I read my work out loud to myself and see how it sounds to me.

This may not be the way writers are taught to do this, but this is "MY" writing process, not others

I now have to run very fast once more to tag my next three victims.....errr authors that I hope to nominate, so that they too may share their very own writing process with you all. 

So here we go and here they are........

Peter Jones, who is the author of The True Confessions Of A London Spank Daddy is my first victim.....erm author. 

Peter is now a friend of mine, and I for one will be pretty interested in reading his writing process!! Maybe you will be too! 

This is his Blog

 Peter Jones is on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook too and of course Amazon.

This bio is from his book 

Discover an underworld of sex, spanking and submission. A world where high-powered executives and cuddly mums go to be spanked, caned and disciplined. 

In this powerful and compelling book Peter reveals how his fetish was kindled by corporal punishment while still at school. How he struggled to contain it until, eventually, he discovered he was far from alone in London's vibrant, active sex scene. What he learnt on the scene helped him to understand the psychology of women who wanted to submit to submissive discipline. Many were professional women, often juggling a demanding job and family. They needed to occasionally relinquish all control, to submit totally to the will of another. Others sought a father figure who could offer them the firm security they remembered from their childhood when Daddy had been very much in control. 

Chapter by chapter he reveals his clients; stories as he turns their fantasies into reality. The writing is powerful, the stories graphic and compelling.

Next up is Neil Winnington, a good friend and fellow writer and blogger

Neil writes across numerous genre, including erotica

Neil Winnington lives on the Wirral in England.

He worked in the car industry for ten years before moving into Television, where he produced motoring programmes including Kits 'n' Cruisin for the Men and Motors channel (Now back on Men and Motor's own Youtube channel), before working as a motoring journalist for various publications.

After another brief return to industry, Neil has been working on his novels and other writing projects including penning the lyrics to Emily's Song by Sam Blue, a charity song raising money and awareness for Reunite International, the lyrics a message to his own abducted daughter.

He continues to write, and raises money for Reunite to try and help other parents living with the nightmare of having a child abducted.

He writes in many genres including novels, short stories and poems, with Emily's Star being turned into an animation at the time of writing. He continues to direct both music videos and is working on plans for a new TV Series.

You can find Neil on Twitter, Amazon and at his blog here too.

Last , but no means least, my next author is E.Doug Brown, who has been working in the movies over 10 years; script writer, fiction writer, producer, director: check out THE CHOSEN ONE

Book Description

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if beings from another planet controlled human dreams? No? Then you are in for a treat. Enter the world of the Nightmares and the Dream Weavers, two groups of aliens at constant war with one another, aliens with the power to influence what we see in our nightly visions. 

Come to a world where the Nightmares are locked in an eternal struggle with the Dream Weavers, a world where darkness grows with each Nightmare victory. Defeat seems certain when the Nightmares discover an element that will make them rulers of the cosmos. 

All that stands in their way are two unsuspecting humans on Earth, one of whom holds the key to the ancient conflict, but who refuses to recognize the awesome power he holds over the aliens. Can the Dream Weavers be saved, and with them, Earth?

You can find E. Doug Brown on Twitter , Facebook and his blog here

A heads up to all my readers and fellow authors

I am now co-hosting interviews, discussion and games on podcast radio 
with my co-presenter Nathan Chandler

The site is called The Intertainment Hub and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook



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