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Salford City Radio gig at Salford Crescent The Moods, the Joint, JB Barrington and tons more.........

On Easter Sunday, the 20th of April I attended a gig to raise funds and awareness of the local treasure that is Salford City Radio 94.4 

Salford City Radio is a non profit and multi-award winning community radio station, brought to you by more than two-hundred local people every week. They  cover everything from local sport, news, unsigned bands to specialist music shows, talk programmes and much more. No two days are the same on 94.4FM Salford City Radio and that's one of the reasons why this radio station is so exciting! Visit their schedule page to find out what’s on when and sign-up to their weekly newsletter on their homepage. They  also love getting local musicians into the studio for interviews and acoustic sessions for more information visit their unsigned page. 

Through the day I had been on a Scavenger Hunt / Easter Egg Hunt throughout the afternoon at a friends house, then headed off to watch and support the bands, and a fantastic eloquent poet at this amazing gig.

As a student I attended the local Salford University but,strangely never, ever went in to The Crescent pub. This was to be put right this evening as I stayed until gone 1.30 a.m.

The original running order for the show is below but went a bit awry throughout the course of the evening, but  The Moods were well worth waiting for,so I stayed right until the end.

The afternoon kicked off at approximately 3.15 pm with the acts outlined although I only got there as J B Barrington began to perform.He opened up by telling the crowd how he was enjoying his celebratory weekend, not because of Easter but because he bought his Mam a mobile phone 4 years ago and yesterday was the first time she sent a text....... then he did the first poem....

The running order for J B Barrington went like this;

1: Me Mam Dunt Like To Text
2: Things Me Mam Used To Say
3: Grapes Of Wrath
4:Hotel Costa Five Euros (new one never performed before all about the ridiculous extra charges when you get on your holiday)
5: The Blistering Sun
6: Spanish Dolls
7: Chinese Copper
8: When I've Gone
9: The Boy Wonder (a new one never performed before ........ its about Paul Weller)
10: The Battle Of Barton Moss (new one never performed before)
11: Motosave

As some of you know I am a Salford lass myself, and both my parents were Salford folk and I still call mum, mam lol, so this poetry is like going home for me. I was so pleased when I won a copy of   J B's book and a CD of his poetry too, which he very kindly signed to Scarlett, for me.

A lot of talented people have come from Salford including Albert Finney (the actor, who lived near my mam and dad, who's own dad was a bookies runner), and Shelagh Delaney who wrote the amazing Taste of Honey. She went on to write for Broadway, and she also incidentally used to babysit for me, and put my hair in rags as a child. 

The only aspect that wound me up was the noisy drunks at the back, but the audience let them know in short shrift of their displeasure at the din, and of course J B took it all in his stride and carried on regardless, a consummate professional.

You can find JB here on Twitter, Facebook and his very own website here.

Next up was Blue Zen an acoustic duo from Salford (see I told you we had some talented folk from Salford didn't I?) Vocals by Danielle "MzDee" Carter and accompanied by Justin "Jay" Nuttall. Who entertained us all with some haunting melodies. They cite their influences to be as far ranging as Joni Mitchell to Black Sabbath. I caught them at The Walrus in Manchester at one of their open mic night a while back. Well worth a listen.

You can find them on Facebook

Next up was a brilliant band from Liverpool who put up with a LOT of banter from the audience. But went on to win over the audience in no time at all. They were Joe Symes and the Loving Kind.

These lads are a five piece band who describe themselves as an acoustic rock group. 
Joe Symes, lead Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica, Colin White on Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals,
Paul Hetherington on Guitar/Synth Guitar, Chris Giblin on Bass Guitar and finally Dave Skilling on Keyboards

Also not every band gets the privilege to play at Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds Official After Show Party but Joe Symes & The Loving  Kind did, and a very talented band they are. JS&TLK have also been invited to be the support act for Steve Cradock (Paul Weller / Ocean Colour Scene) at the 02 Academy, Liverpool as well as The Blockheads at the iconic Erics in Liverpool. At the Scala, London they shared the stage with Bloc Party, ALT J and XFM.  JS&TLK's Their brilliant debut album came to the attention of the legendary Alan McGee, who immediately booked them onto his 359 Records night at District, Liverpool.

This is their debut album

You can find Joe Symes and the Loving Kind here at their website, YouTube, Facebook, Reverb Nation, and finally Twitter.

Following this was a band I saw for the first times at Jackson's Pit in Oldham. The fabulous band The Joint.
Once again took the audience by storm and had us tapping our feet and dancing too. The band are a three piece band, that set up in 2009. Their line up is John Horrocks on guitar and vocals, Gary Horrocks on bass, and finally, Adam Cunningham on the drums. They cite their influences as being everything! I love an eclectic mix so have absolutely no problem with that.

You can find The joint here on Twitter,  and Facebook. 

Now was time to see another band I had heard of, but never seen at a gig, Death to the
Strange. The line up of the band is as follows. Daniel Clarke on guitar and vocals, John Lowndes on guitar/vocals, Paul Sewell on bass, Sam Toro on guitar, and finally Jamie Wilson on the drums. The band hail from Salford and Manchester, and I have to admit theirs was one of the liveliest performances of the evening. I loved the way the lead singer kept breaking out spontaneously in to song. Kept us, and his bandmates on their toes too. Although I think this may be par for the course. 

Fronted by their two songwriters, Death to the Strange's distinct and complementary voices certainly engage social and philosophical issues over sounds ranging from indie, to psychedelia, to skiffle. Death to the Strange have a growing list of high profile supports including Babyshambles, Gomez, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, James Walsh of Starsailor and Mark Morriss of the Bluetones. Their successful debut single 'Sign On' was accompained by a music video directed by Emmerdale's Jason Merrells and featuring actors Sammy Winward and Dominic Brunt. Sold-out headline events in Manchester announced the release of the 'Sign On' EP and single Another amazing band to watch. See, I told you there was talent in them there hills, well in Salford and Manchester (and as it would seem Liverpool), in any case.

 The band will be off touring; 
16th// Live Lounge, Blackburn
25th// Audlem Festival, Audlem
26// Lowry Outlet Food Festival, Salford
31// South Sea Live, Sheffield
Go and check them out if you can You will not be dissapoiinted

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Last, but by no means least up were the amazing Moods who I saw alongside of The Joint and
J B, at Oldham. When some of the lads invited me to this gig, how could I resist (despite my sore feet from dancing at Oldham!) They never let me down either, another amazing set from this fantastic foot stamping, get up dancing, band. I loved the rabbit ears. Although, to be honest all I could think of was Tank Girl when I saw them (the ears that is!)

The line up for The Moods, is as follows. They are a five piece band from Manchester, and the band was originally formed in early 2000. Since that time the line up changed a little, but has been the same since 2009, and consists of Mark Cunningham on vocals, Paul Holmes on drums and keyboards, Philip Horrocks on drums and keyboards,  Chris Barrett drums and finally Dave O'Rourke on bass. Once again they provided an eclectic range of music from reggae, dance, indie and beyond. They certainly had me tapping my feet and dancing around, and I wasn't alone either.

The gig went on until the wee small hours of the morning but well worth it. They managed to raise some money towards the cause and also raise the profile too. We really need to support our local communities.

You can find The Moods here on Twitter, Facebook and Reverb Nation.

Once more the majority of my photographs have been supplied by

 Trust A Fox Photography

Find him on

Time to say adieu again



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