Sunday, 10 February 2013

So it begins.....

Hello and come on in...

Today I would like to share a little more of the world my characters inhabit and also paint a picture for you of one of the main characters.

From the title you may have a picture in your mind's eye.

Let me now pull you in and experience the colourful world for yourselves.

The novel and the prophecy therein revolves around a number of characters. Alex (Alexandria ) is the main protagonist and the heroine of the series. The heroes are multiple and include three werewolves and a dragon rider! and his dragon. A magnificent beast of a dragon he is, and he is known as Talos.

Talos is BIG and by that I mean EPIC in size and a dragon amongst dragons. He stands a massive eight foot tall at the shoulder and his length is around twenty foot long. He has beautiful gold/mother of pearl swirling eyes. His scales are in many different shades of red, gold and amber, that reflect shimmering hues of fire.

His meeting with Alex becomes the hinge pin for the exploits that Alex finds herself in, as she becomes telepathically linked with Talos.

As the prophecy unfurls we get to know a great deal about Alex, and her many foibles.

The first chapter of my book will be going out to my Beta readers this week and a few author friends so expect a portion of this book and a look at the calibre of writing to expect in next week's Blog!

Meanwhile I have just downloaded a number of books by the very talented  Alexandria Szeman who is a prolific writer and a very talented one too.

I will be reading her novel The Kommandant's Mistress and reviewing this next week, I am looking forward to this.


A Synopsis of the book:

The rumours spread by the Camp's inmates, other Nazi
officers, and the Kommandant's own family insist that she was his
"mistress", but was she, voluntarily? Told from three different
perspectives - that of the formerly idealistic Kommandant, the young Jewish
inmate who captivates him, and the ostensibly objective historical biographies
of the protagonists - this novel examines one troubling moral question over and
over: if your staying alive was the only "good" during the War, if
your survival was your sole purpose in this horrific world of the Concentration
Camps - whether you were Nazi or Jewish - what, exactly, would you do to
survive?  Would you lie, cheat, steal,
kill, submit? 

Flashing back and forth through the narrators' memories as they
recall their time before, during, and after the War, and leading, inevitably,
to their ultimate, shocking confrontation, "Szeman's uncompromising
realism and superb use of stream-of-consciousness technique make [this novel] a
chilling study of evil, erotic obsession, and the will to survive"

Winner of the Kafka Prize for "best book of prose
fiction by an American woman" ('94) and chosen as one of the NEW YORK
TIMES BOOK REVIEW's "Top 100 Books of the Year" ('93), the tales told
by the Kommandant, his "mistress", and their "biographer"
will mesmerise and stun you, leaving you wondering, at the conclusion, which,
if any, is telling the complete truth about what happened between them.
(Originally published by HarperCollins '93, HarperPerennial '94, & Arcade 2000; formerly writing as "Sherri")

I truly look forward to reviewing this book.

Alexandria also has a Blog which is available here



Goodbye for now and hope to see you soon

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