Monday, 18 February 2013

Good Day to You

Well you beautiful people the first draft of the first chapter of my book has finally been dispatched to my beta readers and also to a couple of my author friends. So, just awaiting their critique and proof reading at this moment in time. As you may imagine I am understandably nervous too, but positive thoughts.

So a big shout out to The Orchard Book Club, Lisa Rumblelow, Rachel Brightey and Sheree for undertaking my beta reading, and also being so enthusiastic and supportive of myself.

Since sending out the initial draft I have already reworked my manuscript and improved and expanded this piece of work


One of the aspects of the genre of Steampunk as you may be aware involves the music as presented by numerous artists such as Thomas Dolby, Darcy James Argue, The Clockwork Cabaret to name but a few. But my absolute favourite by far is the group Abney Park.

Although I have never (as yet) seen Abney Park live their bio reveals that their stage shows are often  inclusive of clockwork guitars, flintlock bassists, belly dancers and Tesla powered keyboards. All of which I hope you agree sounds amazing.


They have also produced a number of books based upon the lyrics of their songs and the world that they have imagineered can be discovered in both written and artwork form, these are available in hard copy and to download at their website.

Although I haven't read any of these volumes as yet, as you can imagine they are on my "sort after" book list and I will be downloading them in the near future and ultimately reviewing here.

The first novel produced by "Captain" Robert Brown (Second Edition) is entitled THE WRATH OF FATE (Book #1 of The Airship Pirates Chronicles).

I noticed with interest they have also produced a beautifully illustrated and  detailed source book for this genre entitles Underneath the Lamplight. Which is available to download or in hard copy at their site. Definitely worth a visit in my eyes too.

Their new and upcoming novel Retrograde I believe will be available some time this year.


I would also like to recommend a number of exciting Blogs I currently subscribe to please visit and enjoy. These are very clever and artistic authors and Bloggers too.

Well Bye for now and will speak again soon


  1. Hi Scarlett, it's moi the kinky provocateur. I'm very intrigued by Dragon Queen and really look forward to reading your first chapter! Dragons and steampunk a-what's not to love!!!xxx

    1. Why thank you and I look forward to Tweeting with you in future too :) XX

  2. Really like the Abney Park song. Gotta listen to more of that. Thanks. I also like your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. awh Thanx so much Hap appreciate your support too

      New Blog going in today shortly keep you eyes peeled

  3. Fun post. Though I'm still not entirely sure how one forgets to put ones knickers on before going out for a date.

    1. Yes I know but I was young, excited and rushing too. Spotted the lack of undergarments just prior to ascending the steep steps of the bus!! My face matched my name - Scarlet!!


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