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Racine - A Sisterhood Story by Alison Clarke

Racine - A Sisterhood Story by Alison Clarke

    In Racine, the second book of The Sisterhood Stories, Alison Clarke, through magical realism, explores the power of story. Racine embarks on a journey to discover who she really is and unlock her heritage which spans back through all ages: past, present, and future.
    As she journeys to places both magical, real, and mystical she unlocks the stories of her ancestors to reveal her own destiny.
    Racine’s herstory unfolds, and she discovers that she is part of a great, sweeping mythical world that transcends time and space; and along the way, she is able to explore and deal with her experiences as a black child growing up in a white world, coming to understand that everything that has happened to her is part of a greater story, and one she has the power to narrate for herself.

The Blurb:

   In a world divided by fear, hate, and prejudice, Racine embarks on a journey to discover who she really is. After a life time of alienation and rejection because of the colour of her skin and her Black heritage, she discovers the ultimate truth of good
is wrapped up in the magic of the Story. Stories have the power to change the world, but first, the stories need unlocking.

In this thought-provoking, profoundly moving call-to-arms fantasy story, Alison Clarke tells the story of Racine's self-discovery and coming of age through her exploration of the 'Story' throughout time and ages. As Racine travels from the Library of Congress through time and space to lands both magical and real, she unlocks the mysteries of her own heritage and comes to understand that there are more things that join us than divide us. 

Winner of Canada's Diversity Magazine Award 'Writer Of The Year Award 2017' Alison Clarke writes inspirational, magical stories with a powerful message about being the change in the world we would like to see. For readers of all ages.


Alison Clarke is a writer/artist who also enjoys painting and drawing. She also experiences life as a spoken word artist.
Alison is the author of The Sisterhood, a young adult fantasy novel about Oppie, a sorceress’ daughter, and her best friend, Aurie, who is a dragon, and the journey they go on to save the universe. The Sisterhood is Book One of The Sisterhood Series, and is published by Little Bird Publishing House in London, England. Alison won the award 2016 Writer Of The Year by Diversity magazine for The Sisterhood. The second book in the series is Racine, about a young woman’s journey learning about her mystical beginnings on a trip to the Library Of Congress. This novel has already been nominated for Book Of The Year. This book is for children twelve years and up, as well as for adults. Books One and Two of The Sisterhood Series incorporate themes of the power of friendship, teamwork, and love.
Before Alison entered mainstream publishing, she was indie published with two picture books: The Adventures Of Eli The Elephant, and Eli Goes To The Moon. The second book she also illustrated.
Alison is very involved in the community, participating in events such as Black Arts Matter,
a festival focussing on the arts of black artists. In August, 2017, Alison was also part of Chapter.con, a book convention where she met fantasy authors from around the world.
She was also a panellist talking about the importance of diversity in young adult literature. Chapter.con was organized by the publisher of her Sisterhood Series, Little Bird Publishing House. For Alison, life is an interesting journey. Whether she is immersing herself in poetry, prose, or visual art, Alison is at home.

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