Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#WIPItUpWednesday My WIP due out this this month #HotRomance

WIP it up Wednesday My WIP due out this this month #HotRomance #DarkBDSM

Hello everyone, I am here for WIP It Up Wednesday with a little taste of my latest Work In Progress From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive

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It was only two weeks until Christmas and I was at a party at the BDSM club, Substation, that I frequented with my new Dom, Charles, and I was feeling down.

We had been seeing each other for a couple of months now, and I was uneasy about our relationship. Initially, it worked well, as he appeared to be very considerate and we sort of gelled, after playing at a local munch.

I was “under consideration”, as it is worded in the world of BDSM and the Lifestyle.
This meant that we weren’t committed to each other yet, and I wasn’t technically collared. Although, I did wear a collar when we played, or visited a club or munch, but there was no padlock, or key to it.
It was a play collar and others may have worn it before me. I wasn’t sure.

Yet, whilst under consideration a verbal agreement had been negotiated, so that neither of us would play, or have sex with others, and limits’ assured.

I had been looking for a Dom/sub relationship for some years, and I was no spring chicken. Maybe this would be my last chance to find my *one*.

Charles looks belied his nature, as he was baby-faced, some would, say almost pretty. With dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and clean shaven. Dimples appeared when he smiled. No blemishes, or pock marks marred his smooth complexion and he sported a natural looking golden tan, all year around..................................

....................................................... My Dom was sat in a nice comfy chair, and I, as usual was knelt alongside. I was wearing a black play collar, black short, leather skirt, and an underbust corset. My nipples had clamps with little silver bells on, attached to my very tender nipples. I, of course, wore no panties. This is par for the course, as a Dom generally like their submissives to be available to them, at all times.

My head was bowed, and I was mulling over the events of the previous weeks since we had met, and agreed to see if we were compatible.

Charles seemed very happy with the arrangement so far, and I could tell he was already anticipating collaring me, but I knew that the chances were slim and that I was more than likely to refuse his collar.

His previous partners had not been submissives, but, were slaves, and all had been on the slave register.

A slave is a very different kettle of fish to the role of submissive I might add, I had no intention of becoming anybody’s slave.

I was being treated more and more like a possession, with each subsequent play session. My limits were being pushed hard with each one.

I glanced up, and stood near the bar was a dour faced man. Handsome but in an understated way.
I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help checking him out.

He had dark hair, very neat except for a cowlick that seemed untameable. I couldn’t help but think of Superman.

He looked up and our eyes connected, it was akin to a lightning bolt hitting my body and I caught my breath. My pussy clenching in response.

The pre-order will be live some time this week. Please check out my author pages on both Amazon and Goodreads.

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