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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•`It's Live: Date Night by J F Holland ✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.#New #Release

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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•`It's Live: Date Night by J F Holland



Fourteen-years of marriage, two-children - and Dan and Lauren were now on the rocks.

Date Night, his mother-in-law suggested. Only problem was, Dan would have to wing it as he didn’t have a clue how to date his wife?

He wanted to ignite the spark back into their marriage, however, Lauren wasn’t as keen.

Lauren was devastated and confused by the sudden interest Dan was now showing her. Was he playing away from home? That would certainly account for the weird hours he kept ‘at work’.

Was Dan’s guilty conscience the reason he was now trying to get her into bed at every opportunity? Or was he just toying with her?

A new day was coming. Hopefully, Dan was ready for her? Because, by the end of the week - her marriage would either be back on track or over and heading for the Divorce Courts.

Adult Contemporary Romance, with profanity and adult sex scenes.

The first in the Dennison Property Story Series. Characters to relate to, with human failings, humour and chemistry. (Each book is a standalone read in its own right)

Two years, Kitty Phillips has worked for Blake Dennison as his PA. Two years, of hiding behind plain glasses, and frumpy clothes. She’s subdued her feisty nature for all that time, due to falling for, and attracting, the wrong men. She believed playing down her looks would keep her safe, safe from men that are only after one thing. 
Finally she’s ready to put a toe back in the dating pool, and disaster. Her first foray back and she walks in on Lance (a man she thought wanted her for herself) in a compromising position, with his own PA. She goes back to the office, and her temper breaks its bonds. She gives her boss her views on him, and men like him with both barrels.
Blake never mixes business with pleasure. But after kitty reveals the woman she’d been hiding, he’s all for breaking the rules. He pursues kitty with single minded intent. He wants to bed the woman he’s found hiding, in plain sight.  After all she’s threatening to leave his employment, he may as well enjoy her before she goes.
They both get more than they bargained for, once passion ignites. Kitty is feistier than Blake was expecting, and Blake is much more that Kitty ever believed possible. Have Kitty and Blake finally found The Only One for them? Or will underhanded dealings steal away their chance at forever?

The Only One can be found here:-

The second book in the Dennison Property Story Series. Characters to relate to with human failings, humour chemistry and profanity (Each book in the series, is a standalone read in its own right).

When Rob Phillips isn’t working hard, he’s playing hard. He’s spent most of his adult life with women who want only one thing from him? Luckily he’s always been more than happy to oblige. But once the sheets cool he’s gone, to never look back. He’s become jaded, and bored but can’t figure out why? He has it all, looks, money, and a job he loves that allows him to travel. What could he possibly be missing?
Alison Pope is a young widow with a daughter, and a new job she’s beginning to enjoy. She doesn’t do relationships, and hasn’t been tempted since her husband’s death. That is until she meets Rob Phillips at an art exhibition. Although Rob doesn't want to be there. He changes his mind after his sister introduces him to the beautiful, but lost Alison Pope. He's intrigued by her mix of sensual and vulnerable qualities, and wants to get to know her better.
After spending time with Rob, Alison’s shocked to realise that he’s much more than she believed a man could be. The only problem is, he wants the one thing from her that she’s incapable of giving him, or any man, intimacy.
Rob’s doesn’t understand why he can’t just walk away, a first for him. She is the complete opposite of every woman he’s ever slept with. So what is it about her that keeps drawing him back, to the point of obsession? The spark between them is undeniable, but with a dead husband, and a past she won’t disclose. Can Rob figure out what he’s missing, and find a way forward for them?
Alison desperately wants to give in to the chemistry, and Rob. But dare she trust him her past? After all there’s more than just her happiness on the line now. This Time if she gets it wrong, her daughter may have to live with the consequences too.

This Time can be found here:-

The third book in the Dennison Property Story Series. Characters to relate to with human failings. Book also contains erotic scenes, humour chemistry and profanity (Each book is a standalone read in its own right). 

Jeff Haneran is an ex-soldier trying to move forward as a civilian. He goes to work for an old friend after re-training to be an accountant. He’s always found comfort in the ability to work numbers, at least those he can make sense of. 

He has quite a few regrets in his life, but the biggest was letting Helen Orpington go. Sometimes doing the right thing, is the hardest pill to swallow. He's been playing the field ever since, and acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world; but looks can be deceiving. 

Helen has never gotten over Jeff, and is shocked to find him working at Dennison’s Property Services. She can’t forget how he hurt her, but she’s also never gotten over him. The only problem is, he’s now a player with a major reputation. Where’s the man gone that she use to know? Is he still in that deceptively cavalier shell, and if he is; does she want a second chance with her first love? 

There’s a lot of water gone under the bridge in the last five years, but there’s also quite a few secrets on both sides. 

This book can be purchased from various distributors here:-

My First book in the Bound Series, a Paranormal Shifter book.

Maya Rawlings was orphaned and knows nothing of her family history. She's spent her whole life feeling that there's something missing. All she wants is to belong and to have a family of her own, the only problem with that is she's not found a man she's attracted to. 

On the night of her 21st birthday, a strange mark appeared on the back of her hand, half a semi-circle within another. Then the nightmares began, scenes of fear, running for her life, death and destruction, all followed by the darkly erotic voice of a man offering her things she's always dreamed of. Is he real or is she finally losing her mind? 

Jaden Matthews has been on this earth for longer than he cares to remember. A loner who never settles in one place for too long. One night his life changes though as the mark appears on his hand that signifies his mate has been born. He now has 21 years to wait for her to mature and then the clock will start ticking. If he can't find and bind her to him before the last full moon sets on her 26th birthday, he'll not only lose his humanity, but also his immortality. 

The only problem is he doesn't know where to find her. Although he can talk to her in her dreams he has to be careful because she isn't aware that there are more than humans walking the earth. He's running out of time and patience, but he's getting closer. Can he use his skills to get her to agree to the binding, thus saving himself or will he forever be destined to walk alone as the animal he becomes? 

This book can be purchased here:-

Bound by The Moon is the 2nd Book in The Bound Series. Moon Sworn continues.

Jaden Matthews has now found, and fallen for Maya Rawlings, his mate. They need to perform the binding ceremony, but their plans are hitting a few snags. Namely the rogues', which are stalking Maya. 

If they don't complete the ceremony, Jaden will become the Jaguar he shifts into, for the rest of the animal's life span. No more immortality, or humanity, and no more Maya, and forever. 

Helena, Maya's mother, is back from the dead, and her cousin Lana, is also on the rogues' radar. The stakes have just gotten higher, it's no longer just Maya's life that is in danger. The battle has begun to keep Maya, and her family safe. 

More immortals have offered their help to eliminate the threat. The rogues' actions, and indiscriminate kills are also threatening discovery by humans. 

The game of cat-and-mouse has begun. Who will be the victor? 

Contains erotic scenes, profanity and gore.
This Book can be purchased here:-

Fire in The Moon, Book 3 in The Bound Series latest release

Balin Matthews has found his mate Lana Rawlings. Unfortunately, due to her past, and their unfortunate meeting in a lap bar, Lana is not best pleased with the mate fate has sent her.

Lara, Lana’s mother is back from the dead and against the pairing - so Balin is going to have to work extra hard to win over not just his mate, but also his future mother-in-law. A situation not helped when he has a Nymph, stalking, and determined to seduce him.

Things turn deadly when Maisie the black witch ups the stakes. Still pulling Davion, Lana's father’s strings, she hatches a plot to kidnap Balin to use as a bargaining chip.

Can Jaden and the other immortals reach him in time? Or will there be fire in the moon when the Phoenix let loose their inner talents?

Contains adult sex scenes, profanity and gore.

Blue Christmas, is a standalone holiday romance.
Divorced mother and romance writer, Lorie Foster, loves her job. She gets to work in slippers and be home for her son. The only problem is her books are no longer selling. 
'Sex sells,' her editor informed her, 'so spice up the sex scenes.' A seemingly easy fix, but for an inexperienced Lorie, not so much.

Dane Trevors is a bachelor, who's recently got out of a rough relationship. He's moved back home to be close to his sister Dara; Lorie's best friend. Dara introduces Dane to Lorie, and he's more than interested, he's captivated. The only problem is, Lorie thinks he's gay. To make matters worse she also needs to learn about sex, and he's been wrote out of the equation. He's going to try to help her out of her dilemma, but he's got to remember to keep his hands to himself. Surely that won't be a problem?

It's getting closer to Christmas, and the only thing Dane wants is Lorie. He has a surprise for her, but things don't go quite to plan. Lorie can forgive many things, but can she forgive his lies?

Can Dane sort out the mess he's unwittingly found himself in? Or is he set for a very Blue Christmas? 

Throw in a flatulent Bulldog pup, an ex-husband and a mother from hell, and you have the makings of a spoof. But this isn't a comedy, this is Lorie's life.

Blue Christmas is on Amazon

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