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EP review for Where Olympus Dwells by Agony In The Garden

EP review for Where Olympus Dwells by Agony In The Garden

I was recently introduced by a fellow author Jane Yates, to an amazing , multi-talented musician on twitter. That musician was Mack Perry of Agony In The Garden. After hearing some of his music I agreed to listen to and review his latest EP 

Where Olympus Dwells 

I was honoured to be able to do so. Those that follow me know my love of fine music , especially Independents or Indies.

First off, let me tell you a little about Mack and his roots. Mack is a musician that has multiple talents which include playing guitar, drums and vocals. This alongside his ability to compose and write lyrics makes him a veritable "one man band."

He cites numerous influyences inhis music the likes of  the Rolling Stones, Beatles, including blues artists.

BIO from Agony In The Garden website

Agony’s beginning echoes honor to those who would challenge the sun. Though our overture reflects the eternal dream the sleeper has awakened. As we bore witness to this paradox the logic is ill refute.

Lyrics that could only be written in the stones, they will echo through eternity and well beyond. Enter Agony’s coliseum, let it begin. Submerged in a rich sound filled musical background ranging from Blues to Metal, combining these multifaceted influences to create a wall of sound engulfing the listener at the event horizon and never letting go.

Mack Perry - Founder, Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, covering all instrumentation for compositional and recording purposes.

Agony’s music was introduced to the world in April of 2013, taking the music community by storm. Proving to be an unmovable force to be reckoned with. Fans worldwide are highly anticipating Agony‘s new EP release in the Spring of 2015.

Just two months after releasing the single Wayward One Mack was signed with Sunny Dragon Records/Studios. In February 2014 becoming an independent artist. Premiering Agony's first EP in April of 2015.

Agony’s music has received excellent reviews from tastemakers and critics the like.

Unlike any Alternative Metal, Rock you will ever hear, join Mack in the garden for a bit of Agony.

The premier of the EP Where Olympus Dwells took place on the 24th of April 2015 at 16:00 in EDT with  W4CY Radio and today is the release of the EP which is available to download and buy from Amazon 

There are four tracks on the EP these are :

Angels Fall

Let It Burn

Queen Of Hearts

and finally Where Olympus Dwells

Mack has unique vocal styling reminiscent of David Bowie at his peak in the 70's.

For those that feel that rock is a dead genre, this is plenty of spin on an old theme. With tracks that range from the Blues right on through, and up to Heavy Metal.

Mack Perry has been compared to Trent Reznor by, due to his "one man band" abilities.

These tracks are filled with such depth of emotion and soul. A particular favourite of mine is the final track on the EP Where Olympus Dwells, Let it burn coming a close second.

You can find Mack on twitter, and Agony In The Garden also has a twitter feed and a Facebook page 

There are also links to YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest and Myspace.

Please head over and check out the EP and buy it now.

Mack has also supplied the soundtrack RAIN to the awesome trailer for the book Garden by Jane Yates. I met Jane last year at Doncaster's Steampunk Rally. Where we were both performing book signing, dressed in our Steampunk finery. As some of you know my WIP is a Steampunk adventure and  Jane writes in this sub genre.

Book Description

Inspired by the classic novel The Secret Garden, Jane Yates introduces us to a steampunk world of bio-domes, robots and mysteries. Eleven-year-old Aberdeen is so used to being by herself that all she has to fill her thoughts are stories of mighty dragons and grand castles. But Aberdeen's world is soon thrown into disarray however; her parents murdered. 

Having no choice, Aberdeen is sent to live with her uncle back on Earth where her fascination into her new surroundings begin to take hold. It isn’t long before Aberdeen befriends three other children - Maisy, Peter and Lenard. 

Oh, and there’s Frank too, Peter’s robot dog, who completes this special circle of friendship. 

Garden is a journey of self-discovery, of trials and friendship. With adventure boundless, Jane Yates follows up her acclaimed Paradox Child trilogy with a new tale for young fans of steampunk and science fiction.

The book is available in paperback, kindle and a recent addition is the audible version from Amazon

Love n stuff




  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I am honored, humbled and speechless. I am left in beauteous agony. Thank you for that.

    1. As I said my absolute pleasure Mack

      Hope to see you perform some day in the UK



  2. It is magic Scalet, just re reading it all again. Thank you so much. hope to catch up with you again at some point. x x


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