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FREE with KindleUnlimited Bound for Passion:Erotic Love Stories plus NEWSUPDATES

BOUND for PASSION; Erotic Love Stories

This book is available to download FREE with KindleUnlimited

Top 100 book selling author of paranormal erotica on Amazon - 

I am so proud to be able to say this at last

For a new writer Ms Flame appears to have a good knowledge of her subject, and imparts this to her readers in a well paced and accessible way. The little asides, and flashes of humor give the narrative a lift, punctuating the rapid sexual action and adding a true and human sense of realism to her story lines.

For lovers of BDSM based erotica that is not too heavy or extreme these 3 stories give easy but intelligently written entertainment, with a variety of sexual action. I hope Ms Flame erotic writing skills will continue to develop; I suspect she is a writer to watch.

 Sizzling! 5* Review

This is three stories under one cover. They are all unique erotica, each more sizzling than the last. Vivienne’s was all about other worldly encounter. The second story, Sarah gets to live her darkest fantasy when she inadvertently spills the bean to her new lover, and finally, there’s a young woman’s journey into the land of BDSM. Lovers of Erotica will have a fun time.

"Warning sensations over load while reading this book!"  5* review

This is an amazing BDSM Romance!. Each story line in these stories are incredible! The characters are awesome! This collection of stories have such a wonderful UK flair to them :) .
Like the First story with Paul and Sarah they meet on the internet and the sparks IGNITE! One amazing weekend of BDSM lead to many more :). Paul and Sarah make such a awesome couple!.
Each story takes you on a BDSM journey like no other! Each and every story will have your girly parts tingling lol.
Scarlett Flame is a fantastic writer and you will find this book to be a 5-star plus book! I look forward to reading more works wrote by Scarlett Flame in the future!

I also have a short story appearing in a medley of stories with an eclectic set of genres, so something for everyone.

This year some of the wonderful authors featured at Look 4 Books have decided to put together a book of short stories, all the proceeds from this book will be going to the Alzheimer's Society, and the Autistic Society. This book will is available to buy from the Look 4 Books website, and Amazon 

Finally I am pleased to confirm I will be attending five book signing events in the UK next year, and will be participating in the five minute book slam event at SMUT Manchester 

Taking place at Bangkok Bar & Restaurant, 40 Princess St, Manchester, M1 6DD
on Saturday, 24th Oct 2015 from 10am to 6pm

The first will be in Leeds on Saturday the 5th of March from 10.00 am to 5 pm at the Leeds Marriott Hotel and hosted by Hourglass Events Their website is here.

Tickets are NOW on sale via this link

Tickets for the masquerade ball and the day time are now available to buy

Two weeks after will find me closer to home here with the Book Pimpers event at Aintree on Saturday 19th of March Details are here on Facebook and also check here

I will be attending Cardiff next September 17th 2016 hosted by

In 2017 ( yes I have got an event booked for then too!) I am going to be in Chester, Cheshire on the 8th Of April 

A good author friend of mine Isobelle Cate has a new book 

Here is her latest release

My Haven, My MidnightMainstream excerpt:

“Where are you?” Colin moved away from the group even as he opened his telepathic link with his men. He left the security room and made a beeline for the alleyway.
Keep Seth and the rest occupied.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.”
There was an angry growl. “I’m not Mackenzie. I haven’t been for a very long time.”
“Then why call me brother?” Colin knew he was goading Mackenzie. He could not help it. The need to know if his brother was still inside that Scatha shell was overpowering. He was desperate. He wanted his brother back. He wanted his fellow Cynn Cruor returned. Mack had always been a bit short tempered, ever since their parents died. Colin pushed the fire door and walked into the alley.
“Fuck you!”
Colin’s hand rested on his hip and he looked up at the sky framed by the buildings’ rooftops. Yup, his brother was still there. A humourless smile crossed Colin’s mouth. “That’s quite a unique name you’ve given me.” When he heard a moan in the background, Colin lowered his head, his eyes narrowing at the brick wall in front of him. “Where are you Mackenzie?”
“I’m not—”
“No matter what you think or do or say, you’re still brΓ thair to me.”
A painful moan.
“What the bloody hell did you do now?” Colin asked, his voice furious. He paced the alley.
“Always my fault, isn’t it?” Mackenzie accused. “I didn’t want to be a Scatha. You made it happen but it will always be my fault. Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that you’re to blame?”
Colin’s chest tightened with the guilt that never left him since Mackenzie’s transformation. Now was not the time or place to dwell on it. “Where is she? I swear to God if you hurt her—”
“I’m the worse Scatha there is. I’ve got a fucking bloody conscience! I hate it!” His brother snapped before muttering, “I don’t know why the fuck I’m doing this.”
Colin kept quiet, his empty hand curling. “Where are you?” He repeated. “Let her go. Leave her in a place where we can pick her up. I won’t chase after you tonight.”
“No. I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?” Colin blazed, pacing the narrow alley. He bluffed. “We know where the Scatha lair is.”
“I’m sure you do, but I’m not there.”
“We’re just running in circles, Mackenzie.”
“I’m here. At the Faesten.”
“What?” Colin stopped dead. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want the Scathas to know about her.” He sighed, resigned. “She needs the Cynn Cruors’ protection.”


“Mack nicked you.” He reached out. Amaryllis flinched at the soreness on the side of her throat.
“It’s not that bad,” she spoke softly, more aware of the fiery trail of his thumb against her skin. She turned her head slightly, her eyes never leaving his until she opened her mouth and sucked his thumb tasting the coppery taste of her blood on his skin.
Colin’s breath hissed.
As though she were in a trance, her right leg lifted, her knee slowly hitching up his waist. She moved her arms, planting her palms on the sides of his huge shoulders. Blood thundered in her ears, sound rushing around her like a bullet train. Her breath turned to quick pants. Colin angled his right leg underneath her to raise her left leg and widen the gap at the apex of her thighs. He moved his hips and Amaryllis sucked in her breath, closing her eyes when his erection brushed against her sweet spot. She felt her core coat her knickers with her liquid heat and her nipples bud against the cups of her bra. She lifted her legs further until she was straddling him, her thighs holding her sex tantalizingly above him. Her hands moved from the hard rug covered floor to glide against his shoulders, feeling the heat of his body underneath his clothes until her palms planted themselves on his chest. Their gazes locked, immobile while their bodies moved. Her body reacted in goosebumps, as Colin trailed his hand up her upper thigh before settling on her hip. His other hand moved further upwards and Amaryllis’ stomach tensed at the fire from his palm, her skin coming alive at his touch until his hand slowly made its way to cup her breast. She moaned and closed her eyes as his thumb rubbed her painfully hard nipple through her thin T-shirt, making it ache for his mouth. She hovered just an inch above his erection, her thighs straining, her body aching for the contact.
“Ride me,” he rasped. “Hard.”
Amaryllis did not need further prodding. Her sex was slick and wet inside her jeans and when she grazed her core against Colin’s arousal, he hissed. She closed her eyes, air leaving her in a moan. Her clit felt engorged against his hardness, and the more she rubbed, the more the ache grew.
“I…need,” she breathed.
In an instant, Colin unzipped her jeans and his hand dipped inside her panties.
“Oh God,” she whimpered when Colin’s finger found the centre of her arousal, swirling it lazily. She kept dry humping him, his length heating her opening. Then his finger slid inside her. She gazed down at him and saw that his eyes had more gold than green. Her breathing became erratic, soft sounds coming out of her as he finger-fucked her.
“Yes.” She closed her eyes when Colin placed two fingers inside her.
“You’re wet. I like that. I like wet pussy,” he murmured. “Makes me want to taste you and fuck you with my tongue.”
She moaned. His dirty words made her feel wanton. She lifted her hips and opened his fly. Dear Lord, he was not wearing anything! He bucked his hips and Amaryllis closed her hand around his thick hot shaft, the skin like velvet, the rod like steel. It was Colin’s turn to groan, his eyelids closing over his unusual eyes. Amaryllis firmly moved her hand up and down his erection before circling her palm over the head slick with pre-cum.
“Ancients!” Colin pressed himself against her hand. “Yes, Violet, give me that hand job.”
Amaryllis complied eagerly. The harder Colin finger-fucked her, the firmer her grip became, jerking him while her other hand went down to cup his balls. She fell beside him on the floor, each one heavily petting the other. Amaryllis licked her lips when she looked down at his cock’s glistening head.
“Sweet Jesus!” Colin growled.
Amaryllis’ eyes snapped back to his. Their gazes locked, refusing to let go while their hands pleasured each other. Colin kept his fingers inside her while his thumb teased her clit, then he moved his fingers in a come-hither action.
“Oh…” Amaryllis could feel her orgasm building, intense pleasure coiling tightly inside her pelvic area, the sensation rising towards her belly and her centre, her sex clenching against his digits. Colin moved faster inside her and she could feel the heat starting to burn her, delicious tremors making her clench her thighs. Her hips undulated against his hand while her hands kept up the pace on his granite hard shaft.
“That’s it,” Colin growled. “I’m going to fuck you soon enough. I will have my cock inside your pussy and I will ride you hard. Oh yeah, jerk me, baby. I love your hand on my cock. Make me come.”
They matched each stroke, every touch, every hard caress taking them higher.
“Yes!” Amaryllis felt her orgasm overpower her, catching her unawares at the last minute, her vagina clamping against Colin’s fingers. Two more strokes and she heard Colin growl, the warmth of his seed spurting and flowing against her hand. She continued her strokes until he became semi-flaccid. Her eyes, half lidded flared with lust when Colin placed his fingers inside his mouth.
“You taste good.” His tongue swiped between his fingers and Amaryllis felt an answering twitch on her clit. With mischief in her eyes, she slid her fingers along Colin’s cock, wet from his spurts. She watched his eyes flare gold again, tracking her fingers before they disappeared into her mouth. Amaryllis moaned in appreciation, the salty tang of his essence bursting on her tongue.
“So do you,” she said against her digits, sucking them as they went in and out of her mouth.
Colin chuckled, his eyes turning back to green. “You still can’t leave.”
Amaryllis felt as though she had been slapped. She shoved off him. “Damn you.”
Colin stood up and fixed himself. His smile did not reach his eyes. “I already am.”
He pivoted to the door. “Stay here,” he ordered again. “If you attempt to escape, I’ll put you on my knee and spank that sweet ass until it becomes pussy red.”
“Ugh!” Amaryllis gasped, anger making her blood boil. In a fit, she looked around and saw a glass vase by the side of the bed. She sprinted for it and hurled it like a cricket ball at Colin’s back before it shattered on the floor. She gasped, fear suddenly spiking her heart rate.
Oh shit.
Heart in her throat, Amaryllis stared wide eyed at him when he turned around. Instead of ranting, Colin laughed softly before closing the door.

Hope to see you soon




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