Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tastes like Animals - an up and coming, young, new band, to watch out for.....

In late September last year, in fact the 20th, it was a Friday, I watched a fantastic young band called Tastes Like Animals at a little advertised gig at Barca, in the Castlefield area of Manchester.

Unfortunately for all the artists on the bill that night very little advertising appears to have happened, as a resultant attendance was not only poor, it was dire!

I felt very privileged to watch them play though, such a waste of talent for them to play to such a small audience. On the plus side it was an amazing set and well worth the visit.


Tastes Like Animals came together after the demise of a band that had achieved all it was able to achieve. It was the drive, passion and taste for the stage of the two surviving members Phil (guitar/vocals) and John (drums) that brought Tastes Like Animals to life!

After a couple of jam sessions together with Phil at the helm on guitar and vocals they realised it was time to look for a bass player. Mostly through chance they were introduced to Matty (bass), who had been playing guitar and bass for a number of years and was looking for a band. Matty completed the feel and sound the band was always meant to be. The rest they say is history!

Roughly a year on and Tastes Like Animals are going from strength to strength. Currently recording songs at Project 9 Studios in Winnington with Andrew Spence as producer. Tastes Like Animals continue to venture out to bigger and better venues, honing their skills and sound on the stage!

You can also find Project 9 Studios on Facebook and Twitter

The band say their influences are Blues, 80's rock, funk, noise and good old rock'n'roll!

These include the Foo Fighters and Jack White.

You can find the band here on

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