Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Blog Hop today with Suzy Ayers


to my very good friend Suzy Ayers. Come on in Suzy and take a pew.

Let me tell you a little bit about Suzy and this series of books

Suzy Ayers writes across many genres and this is the second book in The Before World Series. She attempts to write characters with depth, many times with pain and heartache. The ELEMENTS – The Before World Series has already been written and she is working on producing the next book “The Sixth Element”.

She writes in a fashion where it may seem archaic (gasp), she writes everything by hand and has many notebooks. She never plans a story and yet somehow it unfolds: the plots, the characters and the happily ever after endings. She is a true romantic at heart so despite the pain and heartbreak through the series know that there is happiness for Sara.

Suzy has also written a plethora of other books and short stories this year. If you enjoy Erotic fiction or Contemporary Romance with some heat please click the author links below.

The first book is Sara’s Awakening ~ ELEMENTS –The Before World: Book 1 has been on the Amazon Bestseller’s List a couple times for metaphysical and visionary fantasy. Sara has visions through dreams and she only begins to learn about her powers in the first book. She also finds out what true love is in this romantic fantasy, but her feisty nature stirs up quite a lot of trouble. She also finds that the loss of her mother isn’t the only pain she will have to face.

Miranda’s Amulet Book Description:

Princess Sara Rosen must learn her role as Thomas’ wife and juggle being a new mother. Happy to be where she thinks she’s meant to be, believing she’s completed her destiny. However her fate and her dark dreams have barely begun.

Her powers have grown exponentially; as she uncovers a frightful new burden she must bear. Additionally, she questions Thomas’ fidelity and her own. Trusting no one and not even herself at times, she must protect a new secret and her family.

Continue on the journey with Sara and the Rosen family in this: sci-fi, futuristic, romantic fantasy… in the name of love, loss, and magic.

This book includes: Shapeshifters, visions, premonitions, magic, spells, poisons, Sorcerer’s, a Wizard, Witches, death, sexual situations, and is considered to be a book for adults 18+. This book contains 86,000 words.

Author links

Buy Links for Sara’s Awakening

Buy Links for Miranda’s Amulet

Sexy Holiday Bites is where you will first learn about Damien, Sara, and Thomas. It’s a free book of flash fiction that features voyeurism and (gasp) sex. Grab it and enjoy all the stories from these hot authors year round.


Further dates for Suzy's Blog Hop Tour

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Please go and visit Suzy and tell her Scarlett says hi


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