Sunday 24 March 2013

Tag! You're an Author and You're "IT"

You may know this game, but not played in quite this manner before. So, Tag you're the author who is now "IT". To play this game you have to share your Work in Progress (WIP) or it's a smacked bottom and straight to bed with no supper! Alexandria Szeman tagged me, and these are the rules

  • Give credit (including URL/link) to the person or Blog that caught you and who made you "IT" I was caught fair and square whilst running away.

  • Play by the rules - no pinching, kicking, spitting, Chinese burns, crying and definitely no tantrums! Which also means you must post the rules

  • You must answer 10 questions about your current WIP, no matter the genre, because possibly we may like to get to know each other a little better (to be honest it's only 9 because  as the 10th question is really only the next step)

  • List 5 other authors or Bloggers with their hiding places (URL/Links) so that they can be chased down and made "IT" so we can all go home now we've finished playing. Go in, eat supper, and check out THEIR books.

Q 1) What is the title (or working title) of you book
The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen)
Q 2) What genre(s) does your book fall under (or land near really!)  

Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Steampunk with werewolves, dragons and their riders

Q 3) What actors would you choose to play the characters in the film version of your book (should you ever, ever get that honour really)   

 OMG this was such a difficult one to answer really. So many gorgeous actors out there to play my werewolves and dragon riders too!! The heroine would be a good role for Rachelle Lefevre who played Victoria (the baddie vampire ) in Twilight. She looked good with mad red hair. The dragon rider would be a good role for Ian Somerhalder out of Vampire Diaries. The werewolves would be good roles for Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello from True Blood and finally Stephen Amell out of Arrow could play the main werewolf. OMG my mouth is watering at the mere thought of them all doing the sex scenes lol. Drooling really badly now. For the extras I think I would call upon lots of Steampunk enthusiasts (cheaper that way as they would already have the wardrobe!)

Q 4) What is the main outline for your book? (Alexandria calls it a pitch as a synopsis includes spoilers and I hate spoilers!) 

Alex is the heroine who is kidnapped from Earth by three werewolves. The werewolves are called Aston, Leon and Vanda. She then gets abducted by a Dragon Rider called Patros, and his Dragon Talos. The whole story revolves around a 200 year old prophecy.

Q 5) Will your book be Indie published, self published or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?  

Well I am still debating this as I have been approached by a Traditional Publisher who has promised no cost to myself and will promote the book and handle all the advertising for me too. But after hearing so may horror stories I may try to self publish. The jury is still out for that question. Hopefully it will be published this year sometime about June/July time.

Q 6) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 

A little over 6 months I would say. Although it has already changed a little following beta reading and feedback from fellow authors.

Q 7) What other books in this genre would you compare yours to?

That is a difficult one to answer as I haven't really read anything similar although there may be out there somewhere but I haven't come across them yet.

Q 8) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Strangely enough, dreams mostly! I have dreamt vast portions of this book. on awakening I wrote down details that I could remember as best I could. Keeping a notebook at the side of the bed. They were awesome dreams btw.

Q 9) What else about the book might pique the readers attention?

The book is told in the first person, from the heroine's point of view.

Q 10) Thank goodness!! Phew I've ran as fast as I can and these are the author's I've caught (and any who don't have a Blog of their own are welcome to have a sleepover at mine and post their answers here)

Now for my five victims... erm  five other authors who will tell you about their WIP 


Yeah All my victims are now lined up like little ducks
go ducks go


  1. Replies
    1. Ahh you love it really Francis Consider this a late birthday present :) Rebecca thought it was kind of funny too lol :) xx

  2. Sounds like a lot fun game. Hey, found you here :)
    Zhoniu's Art

    1. Thanx for the visit Zhoniiu and it will be lots of fun when published too

  3. :D fun game, nice questions, good answers.

    1. Thank you so much I enjoyed answering the questions too. This was a fun blog to complete. ;)
      Scarlett xX


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