Sunday, 13 November 2016

Stop the proposals for houses to be built on our GREENBELT!

Stop the proposals for houses to be built on our GREENBELT!

1000s of new homes are proposed on land between Higher Green Lane in Astley and Boothstown along with Pennington in Leigh, Mosley Common and Little Hulton.
The proposal, part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, is putting forward plans for 1000s of homes on GREENBELT in Mosley Common, Boothstown and Astley. 
We have already lost land to the various current developments and the building of more houses in the area will have a serious impact on local residents. The report has identified areas throughout Greater Manchester that could be build upon over the next 20 years.
Can these areas support that number of houses? The commute to Manchester or the M60 already takes 45minutes to an hour and we could see another 4000 cars in the area. The primary schools are also at full capacity and the local doctors are have to turn people away because they do not live close enough the surgeries. 
Consultation is currently open for people to object however it is not being publicised enough and the website is very difficult for people to work through - it's as if the decision has already been made! 
Petition by Natalie Mansell to oppose the building of houses on greenbelt land when there is already insufficient infrastructure to support existing housing.

If you want to post comments on these proposals - and we do need as many as possible to have any chance of changing them, you can post directly to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework portal or email:
or post to:
Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team
PO Box 532
Town Hall
M60 2LA

We do not have the infrastructure to support thousands of new homes in our area. We already have standing traffic every single morning on all the routes out of Astley towards Manchester. Visit at 8am and you will see all roads are gridlocked. We have no more capacity for new homes. All local schools are full. GPs are full. Greenbelt should stay as Greenbelt, we need to protect our precious green spaces. Astley (inl Higher Green) is one of the nicest areas to live in Wigan, coupled with its proximity to Manchester, keep Astley as it is with our open fields, canal and character.

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