Monday, 29 September 2014

Why Do I Write.....Blog Hop

I was recently tagged to write about "Why I write" by my friend Allison Christie, who I met via Twitter and YES, there are some real people on there.

Apparently, I am the reason Allison began to blog, which I have to say delighted and honoured me. Especially the thought  that I could be anyone's inspiration to do so.

So, I must say thank you to Allison for tagging me so that I may tell you a little more about why I write. 

You can find Allison's Blog here.

Basically, I have always written. Be it a diary, poems or stories. As a child I used to make a library from the books around me, ( my own and others ). I would make little library tickets and stick paper in to the books, writing down return dates on them. Producing my own little library in the process.

The first real hardback book I received was from my eldest brother and his wife, and it was Pinochio by Carlo Collodi. Added to this were other books over time. Heidi, Little Women, and numerous books by Enid Blyton such as The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair. My love of horses was reflected in the numerous books I acquired over the years too, such as Silver Brumbies of the South and of course Black Beauty.

Now I have hundreds of real books, and thousands on my kindle. I devour books, reading them in short shrift. I sometimes even amaze myself at how fast I can read. Not every book deserves to get read to the end though, I have stopped after a page, and sometimes after a few chapters. Life is too short to read something that does not capture my imagination. 

My love of books, and my need to write down the stories in my head, and those that I dream about, have led me to begin to write the novel I am currently working on, and my WIP ( work in progress ). This book is also the first book I began to write, and seems to becoming an epic. I used to write it in secret and hide it away in my bottom drawer in my bedroom. I felt guilty writing it, and thought that family and friends would laugh if they knew THAT I was writing. Especially, when they found out WHAT I was writing. You see my inspiration for starting the book was reading 50 Shades, with the thought that I could do that. Write a book like that, only mine wouldn't be as repetitive. I used to skip over the contract when it came up, and some of the sex scenes were quite repetitive too. But, it sold, despite all that repetition.

My WIP is The Prophecy Unfolds ( Dragon Queen ) which will be going for editing and to my beta readers very soon. So watch this space and it will be available for pre order via Amazon.

This is a paranormal romance, erotica, sci fi based on a Steampunk world.  An exciting story following the adventures of Alex after she is kidnapped and transported via portals to the world of Syros. Syros is inhabited by paranormal creatures such as dragons, werewolves, dragon riders and magicians amongst other mythical creatures. An epic tale of daring do and opression.

Meanwhile, with the help of my good friend John Dolan I began to blog. Short little posts initially, about the book. Then, as time went on I discovered that I could write about all the things that I love. This went on to include attending gigs by Indie bands, book reviews, event reviews and short stories. I was honoured to have a number of short stories written with myself as inspiration.I am also on the cover of a book called Scarlett too, YES that is my derriere that is out there in the ether on Amazon.

The short stories that I wrote, and published on my blog proved so popular that they became the basis for my first published book entitled Bound for Passion. The cover provided by the amazing artist Alan Hurley from Ireland, and the cover graphics were produced with the help of my good friend and fellow author Jonathon Fletcher.

An updated, edited, improved and (hopefully), typo free version of the book will be available shortly.

As time has gone on I believe that I have improved, and that has been conveyed to me by friends and fellow writers. So expect numerous books in the future.

At the end of the day I write because I can. 

I write because I love to write and to get the stories inside me down on paper.

 They come in many forms and genre too. Erotica, paranormal romance, sci fi, BDSM, and get this........children's stories! Although they won't be under my pen name of Scarlett ,so you may never know you are reading one of mine.

So now I have to nominate other writers to see what drives them to want to write.

Well I have some victims....oops other writers who are going to tell you their reasons for writing,
 they no particular order 

Charming Man author is first up and can be found at his webite and also on Twitter, Amazon, Smashwords, Facebook and Goodreads.

For those of you looking for something a little more arousing, Charming Man offers a written insight into the realms of sensual romance.

Exploring the thought provoking world of encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships and voyeurism, Charming Man attempts to reach the inner desire for erotic excitement that he believes lies within us all.

Although all works ultimately leave nothing to the imagination, each treads a slow and tortuous path, building slowly to prolong the feeling of anticipation.

Next up is

K D Forsam who is a book reviewer, Writer and author estraordinaire, she also loves to retweet others.

You can find her here on Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and her website. 

and finally my good friend and author D J Bowman- Smith is joining us 

She is on Twitter,  Facebook, Goodreads, and her website

Another addition to the Blog hop is Jason P Crawford

Jason P. Crawford was born in Louisiana in 1981. His writing career began in 2012, when he sat down for some "writing time" with his wife and sister-in-law. He has always been fascinated by the magic in the real world, leading him to focus most of his efforts on urban fantasy and science fiction.

In addition to publishing his own work, he has spent time as a freelance writer, preparing articles and ghost-writing for others. In addition to Chains of Prophecy, Jason has completed The Drifter, a story about gods walking in the world of men, and Cycles of Destruction: Earth, a science fiction novel which reveals the true history of the human race and the forces that shaped it. His life as a husband, father, and teacher (as well as hardcore gamer) have opened up and nurtured a wealth of imagination and given Jason a tendency to flights of fancy, and those flights give rise to his work.

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and his website

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post

You may just enjoy it 




  1. Brilliant I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading everybody else's reasons for writing

  2. Yeah me too Allison. Seems a number of us have scribbled for a long time.

    Think maybe it gets in to our blood and we can't stop once we start.


  3. Bravo!

    I think it's great that you expressed your reasons as to why you write. Writing is not always an art form that is embraced or understood by many.

    I write because it's my best way of communicating. I write because it keeps me sane, it is therapeutic, and it is a passion.

    I too had diaries. Several of them throughout my younger years. I see myself in those pages as fearless. So many unfiltered pages. Where as now, I seem to sit with Fear everytime I start a story. It limits me, of course. But I hope to overcome this.

    Keep writing luv!

  4. Hi Linjen

    Thanks so much for your comment, love that you think like me too. Writing is a passion for me also and you just have to keep on going, and writing what you love too



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