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My Guest - Alexandria Hingecliff in Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

My guest this week is Alexandria Hingecliff, the main character in my WIP (work in Progress) The Prophecy Unfolds ( Dragon Queen).......

I was tagged by my friend and fellow author Eric Gates in a little game called.......

Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

The Rules are simple...
…the taggee must write a post answering the same seven questions about their Main Character… then the taggee becomes the tagger and chooses five other authors… sort of like a chain letter with all the potential to become a global virus.

As I already have one published novel I could have chosen one of the three main characters in one of the three short stories therein, but instead, plumbed for Alexandria.

now meet my main character.

1. Tell us a bit about your main character? Is she fictional or a historic person?

Alexandria (Alex to her friends) Hingecliff is the main character in my WIP ( work in progress ). Alex is thirty-two years of age, and a native of Manchester, England (now there's a surprise!)  Alex is a fictional character who has decided to make a fresh start to her life by moving to Bangor,  North Wales. She has recently ended a long term relationship with her boyfriend Paul, and felt it would be a good career move.

Alex has long auburn hair, and sky blue eyes. She is a very driven person,  although her journey from here on in, will assist her to discover further inner strengths.

We meet her initially as she is travelling through the beautiful countryside of The Snowdonia National Park, amid the local forests. This is where she is kidnapped and taken to another world via portals that exist here. For Alex is the hinge pin to this world turning from a dystopian disaster and into a Utopian world.

2. When and where are the stories set?

The story is set in the present day and begins on Earth, quickly moving via a portal to the planet Syros. On Syros the adventure continues, taking Alex across this strange world as she  meets up with the other main protaganists in this exciting, supernatural adventure.

She is kidnapped as she journeys through the Snowdonian National Park, as she is heading over to Bangor. She is travelling there in  order to view accommodation, secured in anticipation of starting her new job. Although Syros encompasses the same time frame as Earth that is where the similarities end. The people that encompass this world dress in a style reminiscent of the late Victorian, early Edwardian era. It is also a Steampunk world, that is to say, the vast majority of the energy used to drive machinery there is provided by steam power.

3. What should we know about her?

We should know that Alex is a very determined and empathetic character. A caring individual who generally puts others needs before her own. She is also has submissive traits therefore is easily dominated by the men she meets on her adventures.

Evolving throughout this and the subsequent books in the series Dragon Queen, resulting in a much stronger and less easily manipulated woman, than initially portrayed.

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?

The females that inhabit this world have had problems with fertility leading to the population reducing over time. Alex is pivotal in reversing this situation, especially with regard to the werewolves and dragon riders, and in turn the dragons. Her arrival is the catalyst for change on the planet. Ultimately leading the way for this to become a Utopian world as opposed to a Dystopian one.

5. What is her personal goal?

Her personal goal was to kick start her career, and her life in general, after organising her move to North Wales. She felt that this move would help her escape from the rut she felt her life had fallen in to. After her capture, her goals reflect the changes she too undertakes and involves altering the course of the prophecy she is expected to fulfil. Now her goals involve the new family she acquires following her arrival on Syros, as she realises her fate is inescapable.

6. What are the titles of your novels, and can we read more about them?

My first published novel is a book of short erotica romance stories and is Bound for Passion Erotic Love Stories. It is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.comAmazon.ukBarnes and Noble as well as through book stores such as Waterstones.

The new book, and first in the series is scheduled to be published later on this year, in August/ September.  Work is still being done to produce the cover for this, although you may like the mock up my good friend, and fellow author Jonathan Fletcher produced for me before he knew the title. Made me giggle. It is actually called The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen) but Jon used the working title of Bottom for the mock up!

The jury is still out whether this will be used, or not. I would love some opinions as to what everyone thinks of this as a potential cover, so I would be grateful for any feedback in this matter.

7. When can we expect the next book to be published?

The first in the series of Dragon Queen is going to go for editing and proofreading very soon, once my beta readers have given their feedback and any changes implemented, I will publish. 

At this moment in time I will once again be Indie Publishing this. Although things could change as I was approached a while ago by a publishing house, for this forthcoming novel.

Following this, there is a planned sequel (at the request of readers) to Bound for Passion Erotic Love Stories, this should be available to read in time for Christmas 2014


Now for the good stuff where I get to choose my victims............errrr authors to tag 

Ist up is Shaun Allan my good friend and author of Sin and Dark Places on

2nd is another good friend and author of numerous genre Neil Winnington, author of  Bollywood Nights amongst other numerous titles here:

No 3 is Yet again a friend and fellow author D J Bowman-Smith, author of Shoken Wars and the Sophie Lyne Cat Detective series of book. Her Blog is here

4th up is Gareth S Young aka @SpartaGus on Twitter, writer, friend and blogger at  Most recent release Monster.

5th Last and not least I have tagged anther good mate and author Francis Potts, writer of multiple genres once again. His books include Tilly Lake's Road Trip and Ernestine and Walter. You can find my final victim here

I also have to thank my very good friend Eric Gates for tagging me in the first place......... you can check out Eric's Blogs and informations about his writing here

I will be back very soon with a review of 
The Doncaster Steampunk Rally I attended

Love to you all

see you soon



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