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Upcoming Book Launch and Blogger of the Year 2014 Skelat

Well what can I say? What a bumper end of last year, and start to the New Year I have had. My New Years Eve was made especially exciting by the news that I received at about 10 pm that evening, via Twitter and Skelat that I had won The Blogger of the Year 2014.

This is a fairly new event, as last year was the first year this event had appeared on the site. The Blogger of the Year 2013 was won by the auspicious writer and blogger Seumas Gallacher. Therefore, Seumas kindly handed the crown of blogging to myself, I suppose making me the Queen for a year. I was up against some extremely tough competition and this makes winning all the sweeter.

The top ten bloggers were;

Scarlett Flame

The final three, all ladies were, myself, Carol Hedges and Marie Gilbert.

I received a tweet informing me that I had been nominated by other bloggers and writers and, that as a result was in the top ten bloggers list. I was informed that voting would commence and then end again, count set to zero and that the top three of that list would make it to the final. The final three bloggers were all ladies and excellent bloggers in  their own rights. Therefore a Queen of Blogging was set to take over from the King of Bloggers. I am very proud that I was nominated, and thankful for all the help I received to this end. Especially from fellow writer and bloggers. I am also extremely thankful to EVERYONE that voted for me THANK YOU

Debut Novel

The other exciting event for myself was, that I have published my debut novel Bound for Passion as an Indie author on CreateSpace. This is now available to buy as both a Kindle download and as a paperback book via Amazon. I cannot tell you how much pleasure I got from seeing the proof of the actual book, and holding it in my hands.

The cover of the book is from a painting by an artist friend of mine that is based in Cork, Ireland. His name is Alan Hurley. I have had only fabulously positive comments about the cover and hope to use Alan again in future. The picture is also available to buy as a print from his gallery. Alan has some absolutely beautiful paintings please visit his page and choose some for yourself.

I have two signed prints gracing my living room walls, an original watercolour taken from my avi photograph on Twitter and this hangs in pride of place on my bedroom wall.

Alan also has a Blog here so please visit him here and see how his work progresses from an outline drawing to a full blown picture

The graphics were supplied by another good friend of mine, who is also an author Jon Fletcher who I did an interview for last year about my next book and a current WIP. Jon writes Science fiction and I believe I own ALL of his books. Check out Jon's blog and his author page to see more.

The debut novel is composed partially of stories that were published initially on my blog over the last six months or so, and a new story created especially for the book.

Description for the book

When Vivienne sits inconsolable in the hospital chapel, the last encounter she expects is a fervent entanglement with an otherworldly being, as passions increase she learns for the first time in her life the true meaning of out of this world. In the second, Sarah meets a new lover after telling him all her intimate fantasies in an internet chat room. And, the final story concerns the journey a young woman takes, as a Dominant offers to show her the ropes, in exchange for her submission via BDSM. Individually these stories are hot, but together they are sizzling

This is a short excerpt from The Stranger which is the first story in the book, read by myself, on audioboo

Links to:

This is the first review I received on

First 5* review

If you are into erotica – particularly BDSM – this collection of three novellas should be on your Christmas list.

Ms Flame’s debut publication has a fun and light touch to it: nothing nasty, but this is definitely an adult read!

and on

Another of my 5* reviews

For a new writer Ms Flame appears to have a good knowledge of her subject, and imparts this to her readers in a well paced and accessible way. The little asides, and flashes of humour give the narrative a lift, punctuating the rapid sexual action and adding a true and human sense of realism to her story lines.

For lovers of BDSM based erotica that is not too heavy or extreme these 3 stories give easy but intelligently written entertainment, with a variety of sexual action. I hope Ms Flame erotic writing skills will continue to develop; I suspect she is a writer to watch.


In celebration and to let the public know about my new book there are a series of blogs being hosted by a number of bloggers across the world

Here they are and the dates they will be hosted
There may be some additions to the list as time goes on

Commencing on 5th of February via John Satisfy

6th of February via Karena Marie

7th February via Shaun Allan 

8th February via Seumas Gallacher

9th of February via Suzy Ayers

10th of February via Taylor Fulks

11th of February via Casey Ryan

12th of February via Skelat

13th of February via Francis Potts

and finally but not least on Valentine's Day 

14th of February via AfterDark Online

The Book promotion is set to run alongside offers and promotions on Goodreads and Facebook

with 4 copies of the book available to win on Goodreads through their giveaway deal

I also have great pleasure in having The Orchard Book Club promoting my book launch details to follow

I will be interviewed on air by Casey Ryan of the Cutting Room Floor on the 2nd of March 2014

click on the link for details

Watch this space for updates to the launch

New story to be published on my blog very soon



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