Saturday, 26 October 2013

Voted one of the top ten Bloggers of 2014 on Skelat

I have had amazing news this week as I have been voted one of the top ten bloggers of 2014 ( yes I know it is only 2013), on the site Skelat and I am so excited and honoured by this news that I had to share it with you

I hope to receive some votes, although I am up against some stiff competition. Also, some of those in the running with me are also friends of mine, which makes this doubly difficult

This award is voted for by my own peers therefore other bloggers, making it a prestigious award indeed


the link for this is here
Blogger of the Year 2014

Vote now your Blogger of 2014!
 First round begins 1st Novemeber and ends on the 10th of December.
Round two then begins on the 12th and ends on New Years Day!

Entries are now CLOSED!
We can now reveal the top ten!

In no particular order:

Jonathon Fletcher
Carol Hedges
Dallas Dixon
Garrard Hayes
K.M. Francoeur
Christa Simpson
Carole Remy
Marie Gilbert
Claudia Burgoa
Scarlett Flame

Congratulations to our top ten! You have been the most voted for over 2013! 

2014 could be YOUR Year!

*The top ten bloggers will be randomly drawn on the First of November, the Semi-Final will begin on the 20th of November and end 1st January

What can you do now? Share this on your blog and meet the others, on November the first voting will open and you will have to secure as many votes as you can, to become Blogger of the Year 2014!

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