Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Barca Live and Drylive Gig review for 27th July Manchester 2013

I arrived at the BarCa on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Castlefield, Manchester. Eager to meet people and listen to the live music.

The event was organised by Mancunian Promotions  and called #OneDayOneLove Festival of Live Music. Mr Peeps was there to lend a hand.  It started at 2.15 and ran 'till late.

I could hear the music drawing me in, as I walked up by the side of the Bridgewater Canal. BarCa is adjacent to the Bridewater Canal, which runs through Castlefield. Ideally situated for live functions. It has canal side terrace, multiple bars and three private function rooms. The stunning Crystal room and balcony which is available to hire for private and corporate events looks fabulous
There is a purpose built stage and PA/DJ area outside. The outside bar was manned by barmen Steven and Tom, very friendly and helpful they were too.


Although I knew a number of people attending this event, they were in some respects virtual entities as I knew them through Twitter. This was my first opportunity to meet them in person.

First I met with Trust a fox, whose amazing photography brings alive these events through the camera lens. Who then introduced me to a number of Twitter and Manchester celebs. These were the inimitable Mr Peeps, slinkysharon, dazmanc, fruitbatwalton and the famous (probably a little infamous too!) Grumbling Gargoyle. These were all as fabulous as their Twitter persona suggested.

I got a bite to eat at the BarCa too, it was delicious. So good food as well as good music. Win, win I'd say.

I had met up with some of the band members of The Ruckus who were playing this event at a previous gig at Drylive earlier on in the year. They had kindly sent me a track to listen to prior to it's release called Palm of my Hand (which I loved btw!)  An utterly fantastic track.  I had some lovely pictures taken of myself with the boys too (sorry if I showed them to you I wouldn't be very anonymous now would I? And I would possibly have to send hit men out to sort you out!)


The line up the band is Greg Grieson lead singer, James (Jim) Carolan guitar, Darren Harper Bass guitar, Patrick Scully singer/songwriter/guitar and Jack Spencer drums. You can also find them here on YouTube.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Nidge from trust a fox for letting me have the pictures of The Ruckus above.

I stood watching The Ruckus perform alongside of Si, the singer from Puppet Rebellion and his girlfriend. Nice to see other bands supporting one another. The Ruckus are playing in Manchester next on the 7th September 2013 with Sptfyr at the Drylive.

On my arrival a band called Black Sonic Revolver were playing. Fab band, and they were having such a good time playing too, It was a real pleasure to watch them.

The Bands playing that day at BarCa were:



11 Bands in all
A Fantastic line up, for a fantastic day and night.

Nidge Sanders from trust a fox photography is an extremely talented, passionate and hard working freelance photographer based in Manchester. Nidge works with bands doing gig and promo work across the North West of England. He is also available for commercial photography BUT Doesn't do weddings LOL

If you want to listen to some of the music by these bands, listen to Mr Peeps podcast and also tune in to dazmanc at Salford City Radio 94.4fm.

Information for upcoming events is available on various blogs such as Ralph's Life and SquarePig

We need to support these amazing musicians and please attend these gigs. The ticket prices are very low, in comparison with the fantastic atmosphere and fantastic music you can experience by attending!

We also had some entertainment on the canal as we watched four fire engines arrive to offer assistance to a sinking canal cruiser. I love a man in uniform (ask anyone on Twitter!) and four crews worth, what can I say, were well worth the watch. I wasn't the only one ogling and they had a female firefighter there, that the lads were admiring too.

All in all, the bands were fabulous and entertained the crowds throughout the afternoon and evening. The only thing that marred the evening (and then not by much!) was the rain that began to fall.

I had another venue to visit in the evening so travelled over to Drylive on Oldham Street, in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. This is a music venue and club space with Live music.
The basement was refurbished in 2011 and features a new 25 watt Martin Audio system, industry
 sound equipment, new lighting rig and control system, staging and a creative promotion team.
DryLive boasts a range of music covering an eclectic mix of house to drum and base, indie and rock & roll.

The line up for the night was:

5 of Manchester's finest


The line up at DryLive was top notch and very different performances from the bands playing.

Great Reckoning recently released two songs on soundcloud.  The songs are Bleed For Your Life and Finally. Their line up is Josh Glen singer, Andrew Pendlebury lead guitarist, Matty Lyon rhythm guitar, Jordan Lawley drummer and Laiton Price bassist. The picture is of Great reckoning at the Cadence CafΓ© in Tyldesley, Manchester.


Blank Cheque, who describe themselves as a 2 piece acoustic band with a difference. They are brothers Tom and Josh Phillips from Stockport. A guitarist and a saxophone player. I have always loved the sound of a saxophone, so found these particularly interesting too.

The majority of these bands have both Twitter and Facebook pages. So check them out and like and follow them. Give them the love and support they deserve and need to succeed.

Above all try and attend these brilliant venues with their fabulous line ups of bands and musicians. Indie music is alive and kicking in the North West

Also a head up as to my next Blog post which will once again be a Guest Blog
Keep your eyes peeled, as I intend to publish it this week some time
  Bye for now



  1. Damn! I so wish I had been there! Good review hon :)

  2. Maybe we should come visit you in the US Thanks Hap

    Scarlett xXx

    1. Just re-read this one. I wish you would come! Looks like it'll be a long while before I can get over there! Dang it! Love ya hon!

  3. Awhhh Hap wish I could afford to visit America :) as soon as I have a career and some money (wish me luck)I will visit the US and make sure I come to see you too mwah xXx


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